Apple Pie Crescents


I recently shot a short video for ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas. I demonstrate a super easy recipe called Apple Pie Crescents, although by the look on my face in the screenshot on ABC Family’s website, I could have been the subject of a serial killer documentary.


Would you like to visit my basement for some apple pie?

Murder or not, these are slap-your-mama good.


Odds and Ends


1. Have you seen this video circulating on Facebook? You guys, it is so true. Southern California FREAKS OUT when temperatures dip below 60. And I say this as a person who moved here from Chicago ten years ago – so I KNOW cold temperatures. It’s just that when you live in a place with year-round perfect weather, your body acclimates and temperatures in the high 40s/low 50s feel sub arctic. Dude! I had to turn on my car seat heater every day this week for fear of my ass developing hypothermia.

It was 55 degrees outside. Sad, but true.

2. Speaking of California, we pretty much say all of these things. (Freeways and In-N-Out forevah.)

3. This man is the greatest husband ever.

4. I think this is an accurate visual on how to respond to holiday greetings.

5. A great read from a woman who wasn’t vaccinated as a child.


6. I made a super quick trip (12 hours!) to San Francisco on Monday to see a physician, but I made sure to visit Tartine Bakery. (I totally cheated on my gluten and sugar free diet, but it had to happen.) I also FINALLY got to meet Tracy from Shutterbean, who is one of my very favorite bloggers. It was a whirlwind of a day, but I was back in my warm bed by 9:30pm. This year has been a uphill battle in regards to my health, but I’m determined to make 2014 a happy, healthy year. Fist bump.

Happy weekend to you. 12 sleeps until Christmas!


Paper Culture Holiday Cards xoxo


For the third year in a row (well, maybe not in a row because we didn’t do a card last year…moving to the new house and all), we are using our favorite card company, Paper Culture, for our holiday cards. I’ve waxed poetic about my love for Paper Culture before, and the love still runs deep. (Here are our past designs. LOOK HOW WEE MY CHILDREN ARE)

In a nutshell, fantastic designs, lovely eco-friendly card stock (they just introduced double and triple thick card options!), they mail for you, and dude, a tree is planted with every order. Bam! Good stuff.

Also, right now? They are offering 20% off all holiday cards + free shipping through December 12th. Get on that business!


And if you’ve already ordered cards, might I suggest the new Memory Game, ornaments and coasters?


They all make awesome personalized stocking stuffers and/or hostess gifts. Just a thought…

We can’t wait to see this year’s finished product. Coming soon!


How Has Your Mom Style Evolved?


I’ve noticed in the past year or so that my clothing options have really opened up – I actually enjoy wearing nice blouses, dresses, and shoes again because I’m 82% sure my children will not ruin them. I have to admit, it’s nice to be completely out of the nursing/spit up/sandbox phase of motherhood, and back to dressing for ME. In this Mama Said video, Kristen and I discuss how our mom style has evolved over the years. What about you? Have you noticed a shift or are you still in the baby barracks?