Merry Christmas!




Odds and Ends



1. How true is that illustration? I’m pretty much in the boat right now. Gah. photo credit: Doghouse Diaries

2. Simon Beck man walks around in the snow all day to create these gorgeous designs.

3. This beautiful tribute to the late Nelson Mandela at the Woolworths South Africa store was performed by the Soweto Gospel Choir. The tears, man!

4. I’m all about coconut oil. Here are 7 great uses.

5. The tragedy of first position. Absolutely hilarious.

6. An easy way to plan your overall style.

7. Once again, lots of tears.

8. This is a great read, and something I’m thinking about a lot right now. (You know, when I’m not checking my iPhone at a stoplight.)

Counting the minutes until my kids’ holiday programs today – Wita has been unnaturally tight-lipped about her performance, and we narrowly escaped a holiday outfit disaster with Wito last night. Because OF COURSE it’s natural to assume your son will still fit into his holiday oxford shirt from two years ago. (Um, yeah, we spent some time at the mall last night. Along with the rest of America.) Then it’s time to pack for our trip to Oklahoma on Sunday for the holidays. I’ll be taking it easy next week, so I wish you a very happy holiday!


What’s In My Bag


This post is sponsored by Ricola. RIIIIIIIICOLAAAAAAAAA.

Let’s take a look in my bag, shall we? (While writing this post, I thought I remembered doing something similar, and look! 2005, y’all. 8 YEARS AGO. Look at that phone! Hahaaaaa.)


As you can see, my uber minimalist days of yore have disappeared, although I still try to keep things relatively tidy. Is it ridiculous that I have a paper calendar, a miniature notepad, AND a pack of post-it notes? Hell no! I am a List Maker, remember? However it might be ridiculous that I carry with me SEVEN lip products…hey, it’s winter and I need to keep my lips moisturized, peeps. Oh, and speaking of old man winter, Ricola, the leading manufacturer of soothing herb drops from Switzerland, has added a new product to its line of herb drops, Extra Strength, for powerful cough relief, which I am sure to keep in my bag at all times during the cooler months. (Go ahead and count ’em – 7 commas in that sentence.)

Thanks to the lovely herbal drop makers, it’s giveaway time! The winner of this giveaway will receive a $100 VISA gift card and a Ricola Soothing Relief Kit! Awww yeahhhhh. Leave a comment telling me how you “winterize” your bag before Friday, December 20th, and you’ll be entered to win! Thanks, Ricola!


In Love With Lip Balm Pencils


Once in a blue moon, a product comes along that just steals my jaded heart. Naturally, I felt the need to make a video about it. (I was very excited in the video, hence the ridiculously flushed cheeks. Excitement + sheer fuchsia blush = Hobo Clown. Sorry about that.)

The product? Well, there are two. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain and Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm. (Chubby stick? Really? I mean, the name delights my 14-year-old boy sense of humor and all, but I can’t believe that name made it all the way down the pipeline.)

Here are the colors I spoke about it in the video, plus a few more that I’ve bought since filming. I CAN’T STOP.


Have you tried these lip stain pencils? They are the balm. (Haha, get it? The BALM? Gah, I crack myself up.)