The Little Things


Hey! Today’s my birthday, peeps! 39. THIRTY NINE.

Sunday night, the Pacific Edge Hotel in Laguna treated us to a night’s stay and the use of one of their private beach bungalows on Monday. We told Wito that we were playing hooky for the day, which of course, he told his teacher upon returning, even though I BEGGED HIM NOT TO 5,000 TIMES. Gah, the kid can not keep a secret.


It was a good, good day, and quite a great start to our anniversary/birthday week, I must say. That totally rhymed.

Even though I’m beyond thrilled to say goodbye to 38, I am still grateful for my experiences over the last year, good or not-so-good. But I’m really happy that the last few days of 38 were all about this.

This little quote that hung on the bungalow’s wall was quite fitting, methinks.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to buy myself a birthday dress.


Home Tour: Whoorlito’s Room


The kids’ rooms are last in the tour because they are definitely the ones in most flux. In fact, we added larger beds for both kids after we had the house photographed by Jessie. So you can check out both setups! Here’s Wito’s lair.

The room when we bought the house. Hello, hodge podge.


And after we got our hands on it!

whoorl home tour

Paint is Dunn Edwards White, wood units and duvet by Ikea, wool loop pillow by Jonathan Adler

I personally think Wito has the best room in the house due to the enormous window overlooking the backyard.

whoorl home tour

Parsons Desk by West Elm

It is super light and bright, yet totally private. I have a feeling he is going to love growing up in this room.

whoorl home tour

When we decided it was time for a bigger bed, we chose this one from West Elm and it’s perfect in the space.


Duvet and throw pillows by Ikea. Gold crosshatch pillowcases by West Elm. Rug by West Elm. (Which we’ve had for 4 years and still looks great!)

When I’m working at home during the day while the kids are in school, I always find myself gravitating to this room. It’s definitely a happy place.


Beards Forever



The beard trend is really blossoming, folks, and I’m not complaining one bit. (Have you seen my Beard Porn Pinterest board lately?) In fact, I’m hoping the cooler weather will encourage more handsome men to add a nice amount of hair to their faces.

Did I ever tell you how my beard fetish enthusiasm began? Well, The Doobie Brothers were on constant rotation at my house as a young child, and well, Michael McDonald.

It’s true. It’s his fault. (The first time I watched this video, I thought a cardigan was draping Michael’s shoulders, and I thought, “how preppy of him!” Alas, a towel.)

In a sick twist of fate, my husband is unable to grow a full beard. I view this as a big, fat middle finger from the universe. It’s a good thing he’s really cute.

What are your thoughts on beards? Like? love? Absolutely despise?