Tis The Season for Scarves


big scarves

It’s Fall, people! FAALLLLLLL. Bust out the scarves, like this very minute.

I guess most of you have been enjoying the cooler weather for a bit, although, here in Southern California, our summer just gets going around September and October. Which means, I AM SO SICK OF WEARING SHORTS. However! This week brought a lovely blustery breeze (okay, whatever, it’s still 68 degrees outside), and I knew the time had come to incorporate a scarf into every single ensemble I own. Scarves are the bomb, they instantly dress up an otherwise ho-hum outfit, and I love them. Did I mention that I love scarves?

Here are some gorgeous, seasonless ones that I’ve been stalking on eBay. Um, I’ve been stalking lots of stuff there. I blame it on my dad as he’s the Ultimate Buyer of All The eBay Things. You might want to follow me to check out the rest of my shopping collections. (Seriously, I might have a problem. Lots of collections, people. Looking for jeans? Lipsticks? Hats? Books? Retro sneakers? Vintage lockets? LOOK NO FURTHER FOR I HAVE SCOURED THE CONFINES OF EBAY.)

The scarves featured above can all be found here. Do yourself a favor and pick one up. For my birthday next week. That would be so sweet of you.

My eBay Collections were curated as part of my collaboration with eBay.


We Interrupt These Sporadic Posts With a Tap Dance



Home Tour: Master Bedroom


The master bedroom of our home needed some MAJOR help. I mean, you guys, it was pretty dang sad when we purchased it. (Remember this little video I shot of the demolition? It was the last room of the video.)


Am I right? Ouch.

We are much happier with it post-renovation. (HUGE UNDERSTATEMENT.)


We purchased the canopy bed prior to owning this house, so it wouldn’t have been our #1 choice for this particular space, but we still love the bed itself. (Room and Board, yo!)



We loved and wanted to keep the original cantilevered closet doors, even though they were the biggest pain in the arse to prime and paint. However, I love how they retain the original feel of the room.


The closet space itself isn’t massive, so it forced me to do a little refreshing and updating to my wardrobe. Not a bad thing, people.


We also love this red chair that was compliments of Fashion for Home. Adds a nice pop of color to the room.


Happy dance. The kids rooms are up next!


Shopbop Friends and Family Starts Today!


shopbop friends and family code

You know things are on the up and up when I feel compelled to share a shopping post. Shopbop Friends and Family Event. It’s happening right now. Take 25% off your order with the code INTHEFAMILY25 now through Thursday, October 17th.The holidays are going to be here before you know it, you know…

Here are some of my current loves.

Good luck and good shopping!