A Splendid Affair



I had such a great night at my Splendid shindig last week that I thought I might share some photos. First off, the ladies (and gent) from the store were the best. (Can I get a part-time job?)


Um, also. Doughnuts, people. Sidecar Doughnuts.



(Doughnuts that I didn’t even get to try because I was too busy being little miss hostess, but never fear, I paid a little visit to Sidecar the following day…)

Drybar also hosted a little braid bar action for the guests, so we were properly coiffed before night’s end.


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Whoorlito Turns 7!



You guys, Wito turned seven yesterday.  (Which you might have witnessed via my Instagram account.) I just felt the need to post about this milestone because many of you commented about remembering the day he was born and watching him grow via this blog. It’s crazy to me that he’s seven, but even crazier that so many of you have been with us the whole way. This month, my blog turns eight years old, which frankly, is cray cray. Thanks to all of you who’ve supported and given advice and virtual high-fived and been the coolest of the cool for the past eight years. I hope to blog for eight more.

Man, Wito slays me. Saturday night, on the eve of his birthday, he called me to his room and said, “Mom, look! Even the clouds know I’m turning seven tomorrow!”


The fact that we was lying in his bed, gazing at the clouds out his window did me in. My goodness, I love that kid. Happy Birthday, Wito.

(Also, my advice for you? Rent a shave ice truck for your upcoming birthday party. I did on the recommendation of a neighbor, and it was a huge hit. I may have experienced a Mom of the Year moment. It was fleeting, but there….)