A Late Summer Break…



We’ve got a few more weeks before school starts, so I’m going to make the most of it with the family. See you all in September!

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Featured in Better Homes and Gardens…


john wooden interiors

Y’all, D did it again! He has a beautiful feature in Better Homes and Gardens this month. So proud of him!

You can check out the article here and more of his projects here.

(Totally unrelated, but the concealer search? I’m on it like Donkey Kong. I’m in Oklahoma this week, but will compile my thoughts for you guys next week. Thanks for all of your awesome recs.)


Best Undereye Concealer: The Search is On


best undereye concealer

I have long sung the praises of Clinique Airbrush Concealer. I first noticed it on one of Lisa Eldridge’s videos, and immediately bought it. I figured it had to be the best, I mean, Miss Eldridge can do no wrong, right? I’ve used it for years, and I love it, I really do…it’s just that I was relatively well rested during those few years and now I’m…not. You guys, I look like a mess. (I CURSE YOU, INSOMNIA.)

While the Clinique concealer has been a loyal, trusty companion, it’s time to pull out the big guns for the time being. So, I’ve been doing some research (surprise, surprise) on some bestsellers and also put a call out on the Whoorl Facebook page last week. (We like to talk about makeup. Lots.)

Here’s what I’ve found so far.

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer, $33 – A front runner from the Facebook convo, but I noticed many negative reviews on Sephora. What gives? Here are some comments from my FB lady friends:

“In exhaustive research on dark circle concealing, most people recommend either Laura Mercier or Bobbi Brown’s concealer kit, which I really like and get at Sephora.”

“Two words. Bobbie Brown.”

“I love Bobbi Brown.”

“I have pretty dark circles so I use the corrector first and layer the creamy concealer on top. I set my whole face with her powder so just use that on my under eye area too. I say “set my whole face” like I wear makeup but most days lately I’m lucky if I get concealer on. Her BB cream if fantastic though too.”

“I also use Bobbi Brown, but not the kit. I use the corrector and then the concealer and then I set it withe Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder…”

NARS Concealer, $28 – I’m a NARS junkie, so I am hopeful this concealer could be great. I like that it’s a liquid – obviously easy to blend. Some comments:

“NARS has a stellar one.”

“I’m a huge fan of the NARS concealer. I am pretty hopeless when it comes to applying makeup and it’s so easy to use.”

“Nars’ newest concealer (Radiant Creamy Concealer) is pretty great.”

Benefit Boing, $20 or Erase Paste, $26 – I already have this in my arsenal, but haven’t been using it lately. Maybe I should bust it out again? I sure seemed to love it in 2010.

“I use a combo of Benefit products: Stay Don’t Stray and Boing. (I use) Fingers all the way.” (ME TOO. Have no time for concealer brushes!)

“I love Benefit’s “Erase Paste”, it can be a bit dry, but I put it on over my foundation and then blend it out and it works great. I’ve got light skin with olive tones but some wicked undereye circles and have found it to be the very best at covering. And a little goes a long way.”

“Another vote for benefit’s erase paste. i have fair skin and dark circles–works really well for me and i love the texture. very easy to blend with your finger, i never use the spatula provided, total PITA.”

Clinique Airbrush Concealer, $19.50 – Mah baby, but we need to take a break.

Amazing Concealer, $42 – I used this concealer back in the day when there were only a few shades. Goodness, this stuff is POTENT, but it really does the job. My only beef was that the color didn’t match well, however, now that they’ve introduced tons of new shades to the line, could this be the one for me?

Josie Maran Creamy Concealer Crayon, $20 – Now, no one mentioned this new product, but I have high hopes for this one. First off, I love Josie Maran, and secondly, a concealer pencil? COULD LIFE GET ANY EASIER?! Just draw right over those dark circles! (Please let this one be the one please let this one be the one.)

Laura Mercier Secret Camoflauge, $32 – I have a feeling this is too solid to blend well. Comments have been varied:

“I use the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage and love it. It is very easily blendable, doesn’t dry, and I like that I can adjust the colour to the season (and how much sun I’ve had). That said, I use mine more to cover my mild rosacea redness than dark undereye circles.”

“I used Secret Concealer for years, but it became too dry. I was constantly blending it with eye cream.”

“LOVE this concealer. love that you can blend the two colors to make it just right for either under eye or blemish concealing. I always use my finger too, because i feel like the warmth of my skin makes the concealer a better consistency.”

“I used to love secret concealer but I found it to cake and dry some.”

“I feel like LM secret camo is more for blemishes and kind of dry.”

“I will say I do NOT like Secret Camouflage, and do not find it easy to blend especially under the eyes. If you like Laura Mercier, they have an under eye concealer, called Under Eye Perfector.”

YSL Touche Eclat, $40 – I’ve wanted to try this for years, but always wondered if the formula was similar to Clinique since they are both in click applicators. Mixed reviews as an undereye concealer.

“I used to love secret concealer but I found it to cake and dry some. Now I’m loving this – I put on with brush and then wait a few min before I blend with my fingers. Best I have found and my dark circles are epic.”

“The YSL Touche Eclat is a fantastic highlighter, but is not actually a concealer, so sadly it won’t help any more than your Clinique airbrush (my personal favorite light-reflective concealer).”

MAC Select Cover Up, $18 – Love me some MAC, and these comments sound promising:

“M.A.C. Select Cover Up is the only thing that can hide my raccoon eyes. It’s heavier, and dries quickly so you have to work fast but I love it. And I only use my fingers.”

“I’ve tried many but I always come back to MAC Select Cover Up. It’s creamy, blendable and stays on stubbornly.”

Cle de Peau Concealer, $70 – One of my best friends swears by this, and she’s usually right on when it comes to skincare and makeup. Hey, I’ll pay the price tag for results! (Although, SEVENTY DOLLARS?)

“Cle de Peau…hands down the best! Yes, it is expensive BUT it lasts forever!!!”

“Yep, definitely Cle de Peau.”

“If you have an extra arm and leg to spend, you won’t be disappointed with Cle de Peau.”

Other notable mentions:

Kat Von D

Laura Mercier Secret Concealer – the pot version

T. LeClerc Correcting Fluid Pen

I’m headed to Sephora very soon with the hopes of finding my next companion. Will report back. In the meantime, have I missed any major contenders?


Cruising Down Pacific Coast Highway


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cruising pacific coast highway

all photos by my dapper husband. check out his instagram, yo!

Okay, so, Orange County is known for many things…Disneyland, the beaches, Balboa Island frozen bananas (“There’s always money in the banana stand!”), and the original Real Housewives, to name a few…but one of my very favorites is the almost-daily drive I make on Pacific Coast Highway from Newport Beach to Laguna Beach. As you can see from the above photos, it’s a mighty stretch of road, my friends. (Also, my husband took most of those shots while DRIVING HIS CAR. I am not proud to admit that, but man, he gets some good ones.) I’m telling you, the glorious Pacific and Catalina Island on the horizon will always make a day better.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel the need to get the heck out of my house with the kiddos, yet don’t really want to hang out in public. Or, you know, um, interact with people. Does that make sense? (It’s haaaaard to brush your hair and look presentable some/most days, folks.) So we’ve made a little adventure out of cruising down PCH while scanning for tall ships and belting out Bruno Mars.

Of course, inevitably, the kids want snacks, and I think you all probably know what my stance is on Food Stuffs being consumed in my car. Anal fixation in the hizzouse! You know, I used to be much more lenient until Wita introduced my backseat to a doughnut with sprinkles…I’m still cleaning that up.

Our favorite road snack? Almonds, baby. Easy to eat, easy for crumb-o-phobes, and pretty much delicious.

Wita is quite the fan of the Toasted Coconut flavor. And the Wasabi ones. (Those are sooooo good.) Okay, Honey Roasted is up there too. Here she is ready to embark on an adventure.

blue diamond almonds whoorl

Don’t let that look fool you. She’ll cut you if you try to snag one. Also, how much do you love the banged up knees? So good.

We’ve put back our fair share of almonds on these adventures, is all I’m sayin’.

What about you? What are some of your easy, go-to adventures? Are you an occasional anti-social adventurer as well?

This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds. Get Your Good Going with Blue Diamond Almonds and pin for a chance to win a $500 gift card in their “Greetings from California” sweepstakes!