Home Tour: Entry and Family Room


Next up, the entry and family room! The family room is probably the most used since it’s just an extension of our kitchen in our great room. I love being able to cook while the kids play nearby.

whoorl home renovation

whoorl home renovation

whoorl home renovation

Here’s a before shot.

whoorl home renovation

We didn’t have to do much to this room – just a fresh coat of paint (Dunn Edwards White), and we refinished the floors.

whoorl home renovation

whoorl home renovation

whoorl home renovation

whoorl home renovation

whoorl home renovation

If you have any questions about the furnishings, please feel free to ask. Most are vintage, but a few were new purchases. (The rug is from West Elm and our sofa is from Ikea.) Also, the hanging light fixture was made by Southern Lights Electric. Adam is awesome if you are looking for a custom-made fixture!

Thanks to Jessie Webster for the lovely photos.


Home Tour: Kitchen and Dining Room


It’s home tour time. Cue trumpet fanfare!

First up, the kitchen and dining room. Here’s the kitchen when we bought the house and after the renovation.

(psst – all of the previous nitty gritty renovation posts can be found here.)

whoorl kitchen remodel

Our new island is totally the command center of the house. (All kitchen appliances and fixture choices can be found here.)

whoorl kitchen remodel

And check out the dining room transformation. Sayonara, nasty wood paneling!

whoorl dining room remodel

Although, it’s funny – we thought we were done with this part of this house until we decided, well, we weren’t. We made a few more changes since photographing the house, namely, adding another window in the dining room.

dining room window

I’m telling you, that window is a game changer. The morning light is beyond. LOVE.

As for the other window in the dining room, we changed that as well. (Please take a look at that before photo. Not only were we dealing with the wood paneling, but the previous tenants purposely installed a carpet strip into the wall. WHAT THE WHUT.)

whoorl dining room remodel

Did I mention that the lovely and talented Jessie Webster shot these beautiful photos of our space? Here are some of my favorites.

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Odds and Ends (Mind+Body Edition)



1. I’m headed to acupuncture this morning with all of your positive, encouraging comments in the back of my mind. (Thank you for those!) I’m ready to nip this month-long of bout of insomnia in the bud, as well as some other issues. Will report back.

2. Have you all tried guided meditations? Two that I really enjoy are by Belleruth Naparstek and these free ones from the Mindful Awareness Research Center at UCLA. You definitely need to find a voice that works for you!

3. I’ve found that I’m really good at researching and buying supplements, but never actually taking them. It’s ridiculous, actually. Right now, I’m taking a multi-vitamin, a co-enzyme B complex, probiotics, and vitamin D. What supplements do you take on a daily basis? I love chatting about supplements.

4. Need to be honest – I haven’t tried Ballet Beautiful yet. Going to do it this weekend. In the meantime, do you all have any recommendations for good yoga videos to do at home? I found a teacher I really love in my area, but unfortunately her class in smack dab in the middle of the day and it’s just not working with my schedule. Ultimate sad face. I saw this DVD and this DVD by Rodney Yee and they look intriguing…would love your input. (Also, YouTube videos would be great too.)

Wow, lots of questions for you all today. Thanks in advance and have a great weekend!

photo credit: leuk interieur advies


Spanx Totally Freak Me Out


Kristen and I asked for feedback on what subject matter we should address in our Mama Said videos, and, well, the tribe spoke. Spanx, it is, my friends.

I find Spanx to be panic-inducing. You?