Odds and Ends



1. I am over the moon with our home photos shot by Jessie Webster. Full home tour coming in July, finally!

2. I just caved and bought Ballet Beautiful thanks to Roxanna and Rebecca. I’ll let you know how it goes. (Great list of the best workout videos here. Good stuff on the Whoorl Facebook page, peeps.)

3. Want to drink all of these over the Fourth.

4. Bored with your long hair? Look no further than Rachel’s post!

5. Ingenious way to cover dark circles and undereye puffiness.

6. Bam. 10 easy ways to refresh your look.

7. 5 things you should consider before cutting a pixie. Considering how long I hemmed and hawed over it, I’m an expert. Also, 4 ways to control your hair during the dog days of summer. Ugh, sweat.

Happy weekend!


1 Summer Scarf, 4 Ways



Here ye, here ye, I do declare this to be the summer of the scarf. I bought myself some cute cotton scarves from Madewell a a few weeks ago and have been wearing them all the livelong day. (Madewell must have sold out of the one pictured. It’s a cutie.)

Here are my four favorite ways.


The Big Bow. This one is easy enough. Just roll the scarf up and tie into a bow. (Remember, right over left and then left over right makes the prettiest ones.) After you tie, just fan out the bow parts to create a large bow.


The Head Wrap. Pull your hair up into a messy updo or tucked-under ponytail. Fold your scarf into a triangle and tuck the ends under. Start at the nape of your neck and pull the scarf upward, covering most of your ears, and then tie into a knot on the top of your head. Tuck the ends under, and voilá, sexy European beachy vibe.


The Top Knot. Once again, easy breezy. Roll up your scarf, wrap around the base of your top knot, and tie the ends. Adds a fun pop of color to an otherwise predictable updo.


The Boy Scout. I saw this look on a Madewell employee a few weeks ago and fell in love. It’s one of those styles that makes you wonder…do I like it? Is it too boy scout/country western? Who cares! It’s fab.

Will you be busting out the scarves this summer?


Let Me Enable You A Teensy Bit More This Week


I know, I know. My professional title should be “Shopping Enabler,” but this one is too good to not mention.

shopbop 25 off sale

Um, if you need me, you’ll know where to find me.



June Favorites


june faves

clockwise, from top left

Print Silk Kaftan Maxi – Dream boho maxi for a beach bonfire with bearded men.

Mimosa Bandeau Maillot – I stare at this maillot for ridiculously long periods of time. Could it be any prettier?

Eyelet Peasant Top – New arrival at J. Crew, and it comes in several colors.

Roller Heels – Oh, these are cute. (And they also have a nude shade. Be still my beating heart.)

Roberta Roller Rabbit Casa Embroidered Kurta – Piperlime has this kurta in tons of colors and patterns. So perfect for the beach or pool.

Audrina Maxi Dress – Love the pale pink, as well as the heather grey color.

Ribbons Blouse – I’ve professed my love for Emerson Fry many times, and her newest silk blouses don’t disappoint. This one has tiny motorbikes and planes on it.

ASOS T-Shirt Dress – This dress and the above maxi dress are perfect summer staples.

Leith Roll Sleeve Muscle Tee – PERFECT SUMMER TEE ALERT. Trust me when I say that this tee is the bee’s knees.

Gav d’Orsay Flats with Ankle Strap – Again with the nude straps. Longer-looking legs, ladies!

Ava Tortie Shades – Tortoise shades will always and forever be my favorite. Amen.

Chevron Stripe Knit Maxi Dress – Might be noticing a pattern here. What is up with me and the pink cotton knit dresses?