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I have this little list…okay, it’s a big list. A huge list. A COLOSSAL LIST of post ideas inspired by your comments on previous posts. Have you ever asked me a question or had a post suggestion, and I responded with an enthusiastic thumbs up? “Yes! That’s a great idea! I’ll get right on it, yes sirree bob.”

Was that question/suggestion and response interchange over 6 months ago? Probably!

You all know I love my lists, but what I love even more is when I can cross items off my list. It’s time to get cracking. However, many of the topics could be much more easily addressed in a video format opposed to a lengthy blog post. So! I’m toying with the idea of some quick videos for some of the subject matter.

Most of the topics are focused on beauty and style, but I’m open to other subjects. I’ve got a good head start, but anything you care to add to the list? (Or feel the need to remind me since I might have absentmindedly skipped over it the first time? Uh, sorry about that.) Let me know!


How To Use Feedly


how to use feedly

As many of you know, Google Reader is finito as of July 1, 2013. Sadness! You all know how much I adored the next button, right?

When presented with a conundrum like this, you can choose two different routes. Remain in complete denial until POOF, your RSS feeder has completely disappeared, taking with it all of those precious saved posts and general bloggy bits of goodness OR you can prepare yourself before you wreck yo self. I’m sure it’s no surprise that I, Sarah, Queen of the List-Making and Type A-ness, chose the latter.

So! I asked around and the two RSS readers I heard about the most were Feedly and Bloglovin. I ultimately chose to use Feedly as my RSS reader because I really love the simple, clean interface, and frankly, the term “bloglovin” bugs me. Priorities, people.

Now that I feel relatively confident with how Feedly works, I’m here to get you all set straight, if need be.

First, let me start off by saying that my first visit to Feedly wasn’t so great. After importing my feeds from Google Reader (to import your google reader feeds over to feedly, simply login to feedly using your google account), I do believe it looked a bit like this.

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Happy Mother’s Day Giveaway


tea collection

Happy Day-After-Mother’s Day! Did you have a good one? Mine was just swell.

I feel like today is the perfect day for a giveaway of one of my favorite mama/kiddo brands, Tea Collection. I’ve written about them before, and the love is still strong, folks.

Tea’s motto is “globally-inspired children’s clothes for little citizens of the world,” and it’s totally evident in their clothing. Every season usually revolves around visits to a certain country, and although some of their items are a bit too pattern-y (is that a word?) for me personally, they always have a good grouping of simple, colorful pieces that are perfect for my family.

Now, my son is pretty open to letting me choose his clothing. I mean, he couldn’t care less…just give him a tee and shorts and he’s good.

Take a look.

tea collection

These pieces are what I’m drawn to time and time again. Great colors, simple patterns (such as stripes) and shoe brands that are tried and true. Wito is wearing the Coastal Stripe Tee, the Patch Pocket Shorts, and the Old Skool Vans. We also are huge fans of the Colorblock Explorer Tees.

Wita, on the other hand, is a little more opinionated (read: a complete pain in the rump) when it comes to her daily outfits. It’s very important the SHE picks everything out, and that’s when Tea comes in very handy. You see, most of their items can be mix-and-matched, so when presented with, let’s say, six tops and six bottoms, any choice she makes will end up looking cute and not at all like a hobo. See where I’m going here? Cute? Yes. Hobo? No.

Now, my other plan of attack involves rompers. It’s much harder to fall into the hobo trap when you’re dealing with a one-piece that involves shorts. See, Wita! It’s not just a dress needing an extra pair of leggings or tights! It has built-in pants! Shut the closet door! WE’RE DONE HERE.

Also, rompers. I mean, how cute is a romper? I want to wear a romper. I realize this is probably not the best idea.

tea collection

Wita is wearing the Umuzi Print Romper, and my all-time favorite shoes that I’ve written about again and again, Saltwater Sandals. (Yes! Tea carries Saltwaters. Bravo!)

tea collection

And how’s that dress for the cutest stripe color combo evah? (Moccasins by Freshly Picked.)

(p.s. – Tea carries women’s clothing too. I’m particularly fond of this colorblock shift dress and this striped maxi dress.)

So! My lovely and amazing friends at Tea are offering a $150 gift card to one lucky reader, and I’m giving you ample ways to enter. The giveaway ends on Monday, May 20th at 12:00am PST, and I’ll email the winner the following day. Good luck, you all!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tea Collection provided me a gift card which I used to purchase the clothes featured in the photos. Thanks so much to Tea for the fabulous duds!


Odds and Ends



1. Think about it: Would you worship Don Draper if he resembled, say, Buddy Hackett? No. You would accost him and say, “Listen buddy [or Buddy], you are simply not handsome enough to be this dreary.” – Simon Doonan. Oh, how I love Simon Doonan, and this article.

2. Yoga. YOGA. First off, you all, the comments on the yoga post were ridiculously awesome. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such thoughtful, encouraging comments.

So! I went to my first class on Wednesday. It was a beginner-level “yoga blend” class – pretty slow-paced, holding poses, etc. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it, even though I was craning my neck the entire time to see if I was doing the poses correctly. (Paraghasana, whut?) Like I expected, it wasn’t an intense, heart-pounding session, but I’ll say this much…I was quite sore the next morning. Quite sore, indeed, and mama likes herself some sore muscles. Heading back to class #2 today! Will report back soon.

3. My love for Lisa Eldridge will never cease. Have you seen the Pinterest board filled with ladies rocking her makeup looks? Good stuff.

4. My love for Tracy from Shutterbean will also never cease. She was just named one Time’s Top 50 websites of 2013. Um, NO BIGGIE.

5. I was just introduced to Lissa Rankin and her message about mind over medicine. Listen, I’m not one to sit through a 1-hour video on my laptop, but I was transfixed by this interview. Maybe it’s due to my past career in the medical industry for almost a decade (calling on OBGYNS just like her in Chicago) or maybe it’s because I’m trying to fully believe in mind over matter, but regardless, I know that I am going to devour her new book.

6. I would feel remiss if I didn’t mention this week’s punk theme at the Met Gala. What do you think about Anne Hathaway going platinum? (Loved the style, didn’t love the color on her.) Or Nicole Richie’s faux grey hair? (WTF.)  I think this was my favorite look.

7. Oh! Would you do me the biggest favor in the world and let me know if you’ve had trouble accessing my site – specifically, if you’ve experienced a blank white screen this week? Even better…feel free to type into your browser and see if my site loads. If it doesn’t, by any chance are you using Chrome? I’m in the midst of a little redesign and I’ve been informed numerous times by readers that the site is all wonk-a-donk. Halp! And thank you!

The weekend is calling my name. Hope you all have a great one!

photo credit: death of a stylist