Odds and Ends



1. Well, that’s about the most clever washi tape idea ever.

2. So you know I have a major girl crush on Lisa Eldridge. Well, she’s recently published a bunch of videos on finding your perfect foundation. They are brilliant. Check them out here.

3. Here are a couple of my Style United posts from this month. 4 easy hair cheats when you are in a rush. 3 hairstyles to take you from the plane to dinner.

4. I obviously love ASOS midi dresses, but did you know they sell adorable midi skirts as well? Like this one in navy. Or this striped one. A punchy orange. Even a floral print! (I foresee another review post coming soon….)

That’s a wrap for this week, folks. My oldest and bestest friend is in town, and the laptop is going to hibernate for a bit this weekend. We spent the morning looking through old photos, and the laughter could be heard for blocks. (Man, I had some hairstyles.)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

photo credit: Jentertaining.com


My Top 5 Celebrity Crushes


If you didn’t catch our Mad Med recap on Monday, I pretty much admitted to finding distant, brooding jerkwads completely attractive. I think my eloquent phrase was, “I like assholes.” (Seriously, it’s a miracle I married such a nice gentleman.)

Well, as you will see in this week’s Mama Said video, I am sticking with my theme. Here are our (completely opposite) celebrity crushes.

hot celebrity men

Click here to see the video at Babble.


Christening the Le Creuset with Pork Ragu


braised pork ragu

For last year’s birthday, I received a Le Creuset 5 1/2-quart French Oven. Except that it wasn’t an actual French oven, but an image of said oven printed on a small piece of paper and hand-delivered by my kids. I very much appreciated this gesture because we were knee deep in the kitchen renovation at the time, and D knew that I would need to weigh the pros and cons of every. single. color. available. to. me. (So many colors! Go Go Gadget Decision-Maker!)

With the renovation and the move, I honestly forgot about my present-to-be until a few weeks ago when we were traveling to Palm Springs for Easter. We noticed a Le Creuset outlet in Cabazon while driving home, so on the windiest day ever, we armed the kids with Auntie Anne’s pretzels (all little hands need to be preoccupied so they do NOT touch the merchandise), and dropped in for a bit. Well, that Caribbean blue shade was speaking my language, so we pulled the trigger.

Best part? The store was having a Easter holiday promotion, giving you the chance to choose a plastic egg from a bowl containing an additional discount. Since I don’t consider myself the luckiest, I had Wita choose for me, and man, did she deliver. An extra 30% off! I think we ended up paying $160.

She’s a beauty, right?

le creuset caribbean

I decided to christen her with the Braised Pork Ragu with Pappardelle recipe from Dinner: A Love Story.

Um, yeah, it was good. (Even Wito ate it. I’m still blinking my eyes in amazement.)

So, tell me, what else should I be making in this gorgeous piece of cookware?


The Draper Report – Mad Men Season Premiere



I must admit, Kristen and I have felt a teensy weensy void in our hearts since commencing our Dishing on Downton hiatus. (I’m still pissed about Dan Stevens. Jerkwad.)

Luckily, Downton Abbey isn’t our only television obsession. Yes, you guessed it, we love all things Mad Men, and will be filming our weekly episode recaps directly after the show in my living room every Sunday night while our children slumber. That, my friends, is some serious dedication.

Without further ado, I give you The Draper Report.

p.s. – My camera cut off hence the abrupt end. Even the camera knew we shouldn’t be talking about this episode for 11 minutes.