A Fresh Cut for Spring


shoulder length hair with bangs

Awwww yeahhh, heavy hair be gone. Although not pixified, I do feel like a new lady.

You see, to make a long (hair) story short, about a year and a half ago, I decided to grow my hair out like this lovely woman. The idea was born during the Pantene commercial shoot, when it was brought to my attention by the director that my hair wasn’t optimal for shooting because it had layers in it. Talk about a crying in your beer kind of moment. I mean, how should you respond to that? Um, thank you for that information, sir? I apologize for not being a professional hair model, sir?

In a perfect world, hair would be all one length for the hair waterfall and swishy scenes, but hey, we made it happen, with layers and all. (The CHALLENGES that must be surmounted, people.)

At that point, my hair had its fair share of layers and sideswept bangs, but I decided to go all in and pull a Crystal Gayle. No layers, no bangs, nada. You all, I thought this was a grand idea. What could go wrong? Long, shiny, healthy hair! It would be amazing, folks! I’d be living in a Pantene commercial every single day! I’m swishing…don’t you see me swishing over here? Layers are so out, don’t you know?

So I grew, and trimmed, and grew, and trimmed until all of my hair was virtually one length. And you know what? It certainly wasn’t amazing. It was a curtain – a heavy curtain, at that – just weighing me down, figuratively and literally. And the no bangs thing? Ugh. Hated not having my “veil” on a daily basis. Bangs + Sarah = TLF

Moral of the story? One-length hair isn’t always the bee’s knees. The hair itself might be “pretty,” but it’s a hard look to pull off. Hair needs to be able to move and be freeeeeee, I say!

I think I’m back on track.


My head feels 5 pounds lighter, for reals.


Yep, I was a sister wife.


Happiness. Oh, and you might be wondering…has the pixie been laid to rest? Never say never, but it’s certainly on the back burner for the time being. I’m thinking this summer is going to be full of beachy waves, head scarves, and bangs. God bless bangs.


Odds and Ends



1. Someone PLEASE get me one of those ice cream cones.

2. Everlane silk blouse with band collar. Do it. I promise you’ll love it. (And if silk isn’t your thing, Everlane tees are the bee’s knees. I know – I own, uh, 5. Only $15!)

3. I read about Teux Deux last week via Erin, and I want to make out with it. If you’re a to-do list freak and on your computer/iPhone a lot, you simply must. BEST THING EVAH.

4. Oh, hello, I’ve eaten kale every day this week. Still looking for the perfect salad concoction, but I certainly love it wilted with a touch of olive oil and sea salt. Especially on top of this. Any kale salad favorites?

5. A ginormous list of beauty sources at The Beauty Department.

6. If you live out west, you may have experienced the heaven on earth also known as creamy tomatillo dressing from Cafe Rio. Here’s the dupe. Ridiculously pumped about this situation.

7. You’ve probably seen/read about the Dove Beauty Sketches, but have you seen the male parody? Hilarious.

8. Inspired by Mandana from The Rachel Zoe Project, I cut my hair yesterday. No, I didn’t chop it into a pixie…just added some sorely missed bangs and took about 4-5 inches off the bottom, as I was starting to look a little sister wifey. I have a lot to say about this…coming soon. And speaking of hair, here are a few articles I wrote for P&G Beauty this week. 5 Steps to Perfect Hair Prep4 Outdoor-Friendly Hair Styles.

9. At Babble, I wrote about my family’s favorite snack ever, No-Bake Energy Balls. (Hehe, balls.) Also, I’m still really into slathering my face and body with pantry items.

10. Haha, did you see this Jimmy Kimmel piece on Coachella? It is beyond awesome.

11. Christina Hendricks can do no wrong. Also liking Jennifer Lawrence’s new cut. Fresh cuts are everywhere, my friends!

12. Finally, because I was put on this earth to help you rationalize shopping purchases, 25% off everything at J. Crew right now with the code SPRINGBEST. You can thank me later.

Happy weekend to you and you and you!

photo credit (sans graphics): Dash and Bella


I’m Down With Upscale Resale (+ Giveaway!)



Wita has a pretty fab wardrobe, and I say that without being all look-at-me-and-my-awesome-taste because, well, the majority of her closet is filled with hand-me-downs. Yep, adorable hand-me-downs are responsible for about 60% of what Wita wears on a daily basis. In fact, Wita’s wearing at least one hand-me-down in each of the above photos.

I love me some hand-me-downs, but I realize not everyone is in the position to receive them. The next best thing? Resale.

I’ve become more and more interested in resale over the years, mainly because it’s insane how quickly kids grow out of their clothes. From the mouth of Sharon Schneider (CUTE PIXIE ALERT), “I love organic, well-made clothes, but as a mom who tries to avoid conspicuous consumption and who wants to raise my kids to be socially responsible, I have often lamented the cost and waste of baby clothes.”

Sing it, sista. So Sharon and her sister Sandra started Moxie Jean.

Moxie Jean makes it easy for busy moms to buy and sell high quality, like-new kids’ clothes any time. Founded by moms, Moxie Jean takes pride in offering only immaculate clothing that moms will be truly thrilled to receive–and back it up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Moxie Jean makes it quick and easy to grab everything needed to dress kids from birth to size 8, from play time to Sunday supper and even special occasions like weddings and holidays. Every order includes a free, postage-paid Moxie Jean Mailer Bag to send in the clothes your kids have outgrown and receive credit toward the next size up, or those interested in selling clothes can request a free bag through the website.

I checked it out myself, and first off, can I just say THANK YOU MOXIE JEAN for building a website that is clean and easy to navigate. I’ve seen some real doozies in regards to resale websites – something to the effect of MySpace vomiting on Craigslist. Not good, my friends. This one is so clean and lovely and just, yes. Secondly, good stuff. I’m especially found of the Designer Room. In fact, I found this pretty Isabel Garreton party dress for Wita there.


Now, someone invite us to a party!

Since this venture is relatively new, the inventory is growing every day, and that’s where you can help out. If you have lovely hand-me-downs, send them to Moxie! You’ll receive your choice of cash, store credit or a donation to patients at Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. To get started, request a large pre-paid mailer bag — it’s fast, easy, and it’s completely free. Learn more here.

And because the ladies of Moxie Jean are fabulous, they are offering 25% off and free shipping on purchases over $50, good through May 31, 2013. The code is Whoorl25. Thanks, Moxie Jean!

Also, they are giving away a $50 credit to the website. Go get yourself some cute baby clothes pronto! To enter, see details below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!



Adele by Wita



Hey! Let’s just make this a toddler lip sync blog or something!

I feel compelled to update you on Wita’s journey to becoming The World’s Premier Lip Syncer. She’s been working hard – adding some intensity to her routines, and taking her show on the road. For instance, Monday morning at a fabric warehouse in Fountain Valley, California. You can’t control when the magic happens, people. While daddy was looking for a few new fabrics, “Set Fire To The Rain” by Adele started playing through the sound system, and the rest is history.

I do enjoy how she stops mid-lyric to finish up her Lego creation, only to jump right back in. That’s dedication to her craft, people.