Odds and Ends



1. Have I shown you all my new shoe closet? Wait…I don’t have a shoe closet. Oh well, I can still dream of this one.

2. Swimming! Who swims out there? I’m off the running for the next 6-8 weeks while I go to physical therapy for my back/tailbone issues, and I’m looking into some swim lessons. (And begging Kristen to join me. Come on, girl, it would be FUN. Maybe.) We started this discussion yesterday on the Facebook page (join us, good times!), but where can I find a good one-piece swimsuit for my lessons? Also, will I need a swim cap? Goggles? What if I snort water up my nose and loudly choke/gag/barf in front of the instructor? The questions, they burn.

3. Speaking of Kristen, did you read her hilarious post on bringing the holidays down a notch? It’s a must. In the meantime, I’ll be working on my Easter egg tree.

4. I love these photos of a young Martha Stewart during her modeling days.

5. I’m making these adorable leather hair ties in the very near future.

6. This is a fantastic Pinterest board for makeup dupes. It led me to this post, which made me cry with happiness.

7. Morgan from The 818 just got her eyebrows tattooed, and I’m fascinated. (Although facial tattoos and permanent makeup do differ, which she explains.)

Happy weekend to you. We have absolutely nothing planned, and I LIKE IT.


March Favorites


whoorl march favorites

I think we just might need to make this a regular occurrence. Let’s talk about what I’m loving this month.


Foley Corinna Lady Tote – I have forever loved the mid-city totes from Foley Corinna, and this one has the best color scheme. Someone needs to buy this.

Madewell Drifter Shades – Those peachy-pink frames are the cutest ever.

Joie Menton Sandal – I’m obsessed with neutral shoes. Tan, gold, pale blush, subtle animal prints, I love them all. You can wear with anything, and hint hint, skin-colored shoes make your legs look miles longer. (And this gal needs all the help she can get!)

Vintage Short-Sleeve Pajama Set – This will be mine soon. Can’t decide between the navy or white, though.

Pour La Victoire Shanna Lace Up Sandals – You guys, I audibly gasped when I saw this pair in the cognac shade. SO GORGEOUS. Also, like I mentioned above, legs for miles. And miles and miles with those 4-inch heels….

Juxtapose Dress – I’m attending a wedding in Cabo San Lucas in May, and this is a top contender.


Factory Stripe Pocket Dress – This dress has the exact same shape of a Madewell dress I bought a year or two ago, and it’s the easiest thing to wear ever. Love the little polka dots.

Striped Breton – Bought these tees in blue and grey. (FYI to those of you new to Boden. Sizing runs smaller than Gap, J. Crew, Madewell, what have you. Size up one size from your usual.)

Factory Scoopneck Button-Sleeve Tee – I now own these tees from J. Crew ($32.50) and Factory ($19.50). The shape is almost identical, but the difference is in the weight of the tee. The Factory ones are much thinner than the J. Crew counterpart, however, I think it’s worth the savings.

Gap Suede Fringe Moccasins in Gold – I guess I’m not the only one who fell in love with these shoes. Sell out city.

Gap 1969 Camo Always Skinny Skimmer Jeans – This is my little personal shopping victory for March. Remember the Elizabeth and Paige camo skinnies I wanted last month? Well, these are just as cute and 1/3 of the price. SCORE. Oh, if you are interested in these, be sure to try on several pairs of the same size…they definitely vary and it might take trying a few to find the perfect fit. (Pair #3 for me.)

J. Crew Featherweight French Terry Sweatshirt in Marine – Soooo soft, and so cute paired with the camo skimmers and gold moccasins.


J.Crew Indigo Floral Popover – I had high hopes for this blouse, but the combination of the fabric weight (thick indigo cotton), smocking, and pattern made it a bit too Laura Ingalls Wilder for me.


ASOS dresses (#1 and #2 from this post) – First off, I loved the comments on the dresses (Dress #1 – “You are totally an Amish sister wife on her way to church!” and Dress #2 – ranging from “it’s adorable” to “mehhhhh”), so I ultimately decided to keep #3.

Alright, ladies. That’s my March roundup. If you have any specific questions about the items, let me know in the comments!


The Swatch Board at Sephora


To all my fellow beauty junkies, I just found the coolest little gem on Sephora’s website for color swatching. You know those times when you can’t get to the retail store, but really really want to check out a lipstick, eyeshadow or nail polish? You’ll love this.

Take some of NARS most popular lipsticks, for example.

nars lipstick swatch

At The Swatch Board, you can view cosmetics on light, medium, and dark skin. Hello, brilliant! (This takes me back to my Makeup Alley days long before I used the internet for blogging…in fact, I just looked at my profile and I’ve been a member for 10 years. Ah, the memories…)

Here’s another swatch family for the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette.

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Odds and Ends


1. I can’t stop watching this video of Marina Abramovic and her past performance art collaborator and lover, Ulay. You can read more about her here, but this video was shot during the performance piece “The Artist is Present” at MoMA in 2010. This was her most popular performance piece – a 736-hour and 30-minute static, silent piece, in which she sat immobile in the museum’s atrium, while spectators were invited to take turns sitting opposite her.

Marina and Ulay had a quite an intense love affair that started in the 70s (a younger photo here), and when they decided to end it in the late 80s, they each walked the Great Wall of China from opposite ends, met for one last hug in the middle, and went their separate ways.

Around 25 years later at her 2010 MoMA show, Ulay arrived without her knowing and, well, you’ll see. Although apparently they had seen each other a few times over the past 25 years, this is some powerful stuff. (Um, what is this fluid-like substance coming out of mah eyes right now??)

2. Again with the family photos, I really like these shots of Laura’s family. Easy, casual, and totally at home. A true representation of day-to-day life. (Although I’ve seen lovely photos of color-coordinated families in fields, that just isn’t our family’s vibe, you know? We don’t hang out in fields. Itchy chiggers and stuff.)

3. You know, it’s not until I leave Southern California and travel east that I’m reminded that humidity is THE WORST hair offender ever. (My California hair? Great. My rest-of-the-country hair? Fuh-rizzy.) Here’s a good post on dealing with humidity.

4. Best post ever on success and attitude. I’m a believer.

5. You guys, Google Reader is finito as of this summer. Can we all cry together? You remember how much I love the ‘next’ button, right? So sad about this.

6. It’s no wonder the little spaces between my fingers are so dry and I hum with nervous energy. I have air hands! (Thanks to Shutterbean for the link.)

In other news, guess who arrives today? My parents! I AM SO SO SO EXCITED, NO REALLY CAN’T YOU TELL? jumping up and down jumping up and down

Hope you all have a happy weekend!