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100 rules of dinner

photo credit: Dinner: A Love Story

1. Jenny from Dinner: A Love Story pretty much rocked my ever-loving socks off when I bought her book last year, and she’s done it again with her 100 Rules of Dinner. You guys, if you click one link in the post, let it be this one. BRILLIANT.  (Some of my favorites: #28 – The best way to get the conversation going at the table is by saying “Which kid got in trouble at school today?”, # 30 – The best way to prevent tearing when chopping an onion is to wear contact lenses. (SO TRUE), and #43 – Without some crunch (nuts, celery, snap peas, radishes), salads can only reach half their potential.)

Jenny’s husband Andy contributed 50 of the 100 rules, and I’m pretty sure #54 -” You very rarely feel worse about yourself after cooking dinner,” and #87 – “If you care about what other people thing about you and your parenting abilities, it is important that your kids only ask for their water ‘on the rocks’ at home” are two of the greatest ever.

2. It’s spring, which means HELLO, SPRING CLEANING. (My favorite! No, really. I love it.) BuzzFeed has a great article entitled 52 Totally Feasible Ways To Organize Your Entire Home. Organizational porn, my friends. Organizational porn.

3. Oh! And speaking of organizational porn, let’s veer into actual house cleaning. Have you see this Spring Cleaning in One Day guide?

4. Kristen and I have a few more Mama Said videos up this month. The mom uniform one, the exercise routine one, and the school lunch dread one. (Also, remind me never to film in that spot again – we look like beige cyborgs blending into the background.)

5. Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere posted a link to theSkimm this week, and I’ve already become a fan. In their words, “theSkimm is the daily newsletter that simplifies the headlines for the educated professional who knows enough to know she needs more.” It is exactly what I need for staying up-to-date on current events.

6. Wito’s homework assignment this week is to write about his very favorite vacation spot. Now, the boy has been to some fun places – Cabo San Lucas, Hawaii, San Francisco, Mammoth, Chicago, and Boston, to name a few – but when I asked him his favorite place, without missing a beat, he said “Oklahoma.” I have to admit I got a little choked up because I know his love of Oklahoma stems from the unconditional love and adoration he receives from all of his family there. That’s why this post hit such a huge chord for me, even down to the title.

Happy Friday, hot mamas and papas. We’re off to Palm Springs for the Easter holiday, and I am really looking forward to working on my (non-existent) tan. While eating Easter candy, of course.


My Love for Neutral Shoes


Last week, I briefly mentioned my love for neutral shoes, and thought I might elaborate a little bit.

Why I adore neutral shoes:

1. They go with any outfit. Brights! Whites! Patterns! Denim! Skirts! I especially love wearing neutral/tan shoes with a black ensemble.

2. They elongate legs. Even though I’m on the tall side of average (5’7″), my legs are not long, (no) thanks to my freakishly long torso. Skin-colored shoes give the illusion of added length to your legs by continuing the same shade all the way down to your toes. Super dark shoes such as black cut that line off, visually shortening the legs. Here, let me show you. Both the nude and black pumps are pointy-toed and the same heel height.

black vs. nude shoes

Origami Dress by J. Crew

3. Many styles, especially those with ankle-straps, look more flattering. Once again, if you don’t have mile-long legs, a strap right across the front of your ankle cuts the leg in a not-so-flattering way. If you love the look of shoes with ankle straps, but don’t want that visual separation, stick with skin-colored shades.

4. Summer + neutral sandals + tanned feet + coral pedicure = Perfection (I’m on a personal mission to tan these ridiculously pale feet of mine this summer. Look out.)

5. Overall, neutral shades are fresh and unexpected. Although I still love black (and bright!) shoes, wearing a neutral color with an ensemble keeps things sophisticated, yet different.

Here are some of my favorite neutral/tan shoes right now.


Lip Syncer Supreme



Wita is a lip syncing fool these days. In the car or on the couch, grasping her Disney microphone or just a wooden spoon or thumb, the girl gets after it. Unfortunately, no one ever sees it because I can’t catch her in the act on film. So elusive, that one. (Aha! Until now! Kind of.)

Last Sunday, D tried to be all incognito burrito and secretly film her. Except for the minor issue involving him using the reverse mirror thing on the iPhone, so instead of his phone being tucked away and unnoticed, Wita could see herself in the phone. (D failed Incognito Burrito school.) As you will see, she was quite enamored with herself.

I feel the need to show you this video, even though she only had a few power ballad blazes of glory. However, let me point out a few things first.

Wita’s second favorite thing to do is act like a baby, but instead of talking in baby talk or pretending to be rocked or drink a bottle, she likes to stick her tongue out like this, and bust out the Moro reflex. You guys, it’s just about the most ridiculous and hilarious thing I’ve ever seen. I mean, WHO DOES THAT? This whole thing came about a few months ago when we had a few babies over to the house. Wita is obsessed with babies, and I guess was extremely observant of the natural rooting and Moro reflexes. Now, whenever she feels the need to act like a baby, she buries her chin her neck, slightly sticks her tongue out, bends her arms back towards her shoulders, and generally looks helpless.

I only tell you this because she busts her signature baby move in the video. It’s kind of awesome.

Other notables:

1. Yes, we listen to the Glee Soundtrack on occasion. (Possibly everyday.)

2. I had no idea I was going to be part of the background, so please enjoy my preparation of tacos while wearing my KU ballcap. Rock chalk!

3. Wita really hits her power ballad stride at the 1:20 mark, immediately followed by her intense “baby” moment.

4. I truly apologize for the chewed up pretzels in her mouth, but it was lunchtime.



If Pantene Ruled The World…



If Pantene ruled the world, it would be a place “where women would always shine, smile, feel and look their best.” Well, in the meantime, while planning for total world domination, Pantene has come up with its own set of fun, upbeat “rules” on the Pantene Facebook page.

(Which, quick aside here, but have you seen the really pretty how-to illustrations they’ve been promoting? The side bun, the sleek pony, etc…I’m always a sucker for beauty illustrations.)

Over the next few months, Pantene will be posting their stylized “Pantene Rules” on Facebook and Twitter, and the first few are shown above.

So, here’s the deal. What would your rule be?  Tell Pantene what rule you think should be shouted from the rooftops, and you could win a fab prize pack of Pantene products in return. Me? I think mine would be, “If Pantene ruled, monthly blow outs and bang trims would be mandatory and free of charge.” Yep, I could get down with that.

Got a good one? Leave it here or in the comments. A prize pack could be on its way to you!