It’s Cold


This is so funny. And so ridiculously true.

(You all would be appalled at how much I’ve whined about the weather this week. I even caught myself saying, “I just can’t live like this much longer” last night.)

((Make fun all you want, but it’s downright unacceptable beach weather. UNACCEPTABLE.))

(((Good thing it will be back in the 70s later this week.)))


Quick Thoughts on the Golden Globes



1. Rachel Weisz, you were Old Hollywood perfection last night. Well, at least from the mid-thigh up.


Wasn’t really a fan of the bottom of this dress, but I’m boring, so there you go.

2. Mandy Patinkin, you were robbed. ROBBED, I SAY! You deserved that award, sir. (I also enjoy your beard.)


3. Whoah! Lady Mary cut her hair! Big fan. This will be the haircut I grow my pixie into if and when the time comes. Love it.  (The pixie. I have lots to say in regards to your comments on chopping the mane, but that’s a different post. Coming soon!)

Oh! Speaking of Downton Abbey, Kristen and I have BIG feelings about Season 3…so much, in fact, that we are filming our thoughts about every episode. You can find our video on Episode 1 here, and here are our thoughts on Episode 2.

Who was your fave from the Globes? Are you watching Downton Abbey and feel the need to talk about it like yours truly?

Happy Monday, folks.

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Anne Hathaway’s Pixie


While we’re on the subject of hair, can I express just how badly I want Anne Hathaway’s pixie cut? I’ve been thinking about this long and hard, and here are my thoughts on the matter.

Reasons why I should go for Anne Hathaway’s pixie cut.

1. It is something completely unexpected for me.

2. It would be a breeze to style. Can you imagine how much time I would save?

3. I could have my own Audrey Tatou moment in time.

4. It’s very rare to see a pixie cut where I live. I mean, it’s ORANGE COUNTY, the land of double process and hair extensions.

5. D is totally on board.

Reasons why I should not go for Anne Hathaway’s pixie cut.

1. I don’t look like Anne Hathaway.

Unfortunately, I think we have a winner, folks.

Thoughts? Would you ever cut a pixie?


Red Carpets are Coming! Red Carpets are Coming!


I love red carpet hair, but I hate creating red carpet hair. If you’re looking for some easy ways to fancify your tresses for an upcoming event, look no further than my Lazy Girl’s Guide to Red Carpet Hair. If I can do it, you can do it. Fist bump.