The Mouthy Twos


One of the best parts of blogging for the past eight (OMG EIGHT) years is accessing my archives for a little walk down memory lane. And truly, thank god for my archives because my memory ain’t so great, y’all. Truth, I’ve forgotten actual chapters of my life from my college days and my twenties…can’t remember names, can’t remember places, can’t remember faces. (And no, I didn’t partake in los druggos…)

Short term memory? Stellar. (Seriously, quiz me!) Long term memory? Piss poor.

Archive surfing has been very eye-opening in regards to my kids, especially when delving into certain “developmental” periods. “Was Wito like this? He could not have been like this, right?” These are questions I’ve been asking myself a lot lately, so I figured it was time to do some research.

Turns out, the same time period for Wito included a bit of this.


And a little bit of this.


The thing about Wito, though, is that he has never been sassy. Dramatic? Yes. Possessed with the ability to feel things VERY deeply? Um, yeah. (Fantastic example here.) Sassy? Not so much.

Wita, on the other hand, is a little sassafras. She’s got that cool demeanor, doesn’t show her cards to many, and possesses a bit of a smart mouth. Now, this shouldn’t be surprising…I mean, she’s the second born AND a girl. What should I expect? Lately, though. LATELY. She’s killing me with her little quips.

Well, here. Just take a look at a little snippet of yesterday.

Do you have one of these? It’s a good thing she’s cute.


How To Really Keep Your Updo All Day Long



You can use all the bobby pins you want, but if you want your updo to truly last all day, it’s what you do to your hair BEFORE you put it up that matters. Check out my tried and true tips at Style United.


Double Duty Beauty with Marie Osmond


Here’s the segment on double duty beauty products that aired last month on Marie, if you are interested!

(It’s hard to keep a straight face when I’m referred to as a “beauty expert.” Let’s go with beauty enthusiast next time, okie dokie?)


Ankle Boots Galore



I pretty much left you hanging after posting about the Great Ankle Boot Search of 2012. Sorry ’bout that.

Turns out – I DID find the perfect boots. When in New York last month, I just happened to stroll by Isabel Marant’s boutique in Soho. (Meaning I googled her store, mapped out the best walking directions from the hotel, and carved out a portion of one evening to make it over there. All before I even left California, ahem.) I walked into the boutique, requested my size in the Jenny boot, and was told they were sold out. This didn’t surprise me because the boot was impossible to find in that particular color and size (see previous post), so I accepted defeat. The associate sauntered into the back to grab a black pair for me to try on for size, and when she returned she was holding the taupe suede ones. She had found one last pair of the boots. “IT’S A SIGN! IT’S A SIIIIIIIGN!,” I yelled. (In my head, at least.)

And that was that. I bought ’em, and I love ’em. Yes, they were well above the price I wanted to spend, but I pooled together my holiday cash and pulled the trigger. And let’s just talk about ROI for a second. I’ve worn these boots almost every day since. With skinny jeans, rolled up boyfriend jeans, J. Crew Minnie pants, long accordion pleat skirts, you name it. And I love them. I LOVE THEM, WORLD!

Anyway, Jenny boots by Isabel Marant. Best boots ever.

Above are all the boots I tried in an attempt to find the perfect ones.

From the top middle, clockwise:

Sam Edelman Petty

DV Juju Boot ON SALE

Madewell Biker Boot

Hudson Rosse Boot

J Crew Aggie Boot ON SALE

Jeffrey Campbell Youngers Boot

Madewell Barnwood Boot

If you have any questions about any of those boots, let me know. I’d be happy to give you my opinion, and a few are on sale right now.