Short Hair Inspiration and Thoughts



I’m still stewing over the big chop, which really shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone since I don’t possess even a sliver of the “oh what the hell, just do it” gene in my body. Nope, I approach my hair decisions exactly like I approach every decision in my life — very methodically, looking at it from every perspective, and perhaps making a list or eight.

But hey! It seems you have plenty of questions and comments of your own regarding my hair, so I thought we could dive right in.

1. Why don’t you gradually transition to the pixie cut? Maybe cut a bob first?

Great question. The reason I am all or nothing about the cut is because I want to donate my hair to the Beautiful Lengths program, and you have to donate at least 8 continuous inches of hair. It’s as simple as that…if I go halfway, I can’t donate, and donation is a huge part of this.

2. A pixie can be a real shock to the system. Maybe keep it a bit longer than a true pixie?

I think you all had great advice about this – I am definitely thinking of a cut similar to most of the above photos — a little longer in the front and crown. A little more Ginnifer Goodwin, a little less Mia Farrow.

 3. You’ll need to use lots of product when it’s short. And it’s not truly “wash and go” – styling time is necessary.

Yes, I’ve heard this, and I am all ears for product recommendations. When it comes to shorter hairstyles, I have no clue, so bring it! As for doing it up, I willingly accept that I would be styling it in the morning, although I AM SO PUMPED that the styling time would decrease from about 45 minutes of blow-drying and styling to about 5. Wheeeeeeeeee.

4. You hated your hair when you cut it collarbone-length, remember?

I remember, but you know, my general displeasure regarding that haircut was less about the loss of length and more about feeling like the style itself was kind of boring on me. I just didn’t really see anything stylish or chic about it, and it felt very in-between to me. The short haircut seems like more of a definitive style to me, and not so mehhhhh.

5. Growing it out will be the biggest pain in the ass.

I’m sure it will be, and to be completely honest, this is a huge part of what’s holding me back. I really want a new look, and I’m psyched at the thought of having short hair, BUT I keep thinking about that day…whether it be in one or ten years, when I decide I don’t want short hair anymore and have to start the process of growing it out. It definitely seems daunting.

6. Most guys don’t like short hair.

You’re a douchebag. Well, my husband does, and he’s the only one that matters to me. (I also think many men would beg to differ with that statement.)

7. No more Pantene commercials for you.

TRUE THAT.  Sayonara, swishing.

8. It’s just hair. It will grow back. What’s the big deal?

You’re right. Yes, it will. I don’t know.

9. Please don’t cut your hair. It would be a shame. You will regret it. You will cry. You’ll look like a soccer mom. You seem like a long hair type. You are crazy. You’ll hate it. It’s too pretty to cut off. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Well, thank you for all of the really lovely things you’ve said about my hair. Let’s all hug it out. It’s just lately I feel like my hair has its own online persona or something. I’m over it.

Also, thank you for leaving this in the comment section.


I probably shouldn’t have laughed as hard as I did.


You rock. (I did notice that all of my very favorite people told me to go for it. Coincidence?)

11. Um, are you really going to do it?

I would say I’m 50/50 right now. One day, I am in full-on chop it off mode, and the next, I can’t imagine it. Not to mention that my daughter loves touching/holding/using my hair as her security blanket. (That might be the hardest part for me.) I showed her photos of shorter hair on Pinterest, and she looked at me wide-eyed and said, “No, mama. No.”

Speaking of security blankets, let’s talk about what this really boils down to. Confidence.

First, it was Sizzle who commented, “as someone who has had short hair for most of her grown life, you have to know that it’s 75% attitude, 15% face, and 10% styling.” Then I read this by Leandra of Man Repeller, who recently chopped her locks.

Everything is always about confidence, isn’t it? If you feel good, you will look good, and if you look good, because you feel good, you will rule the fucking world. There really is something to stepping away from your comfort zone and recognizing that wherever you settle feels somehow…better than where you’d previously kicked up your feet.

How spot on is that? So spot on. Do I possess the confidence? Yes. (I think so? We’ll see? Here, have another question mark!) I will say this…I am so intrigued by the thought of not being able to hide behind my hair. I can pretty much use it like a scarf these days.

I want to do it. I just need a gentle nudge…okay, maybe a friendly shove.

One thing that gets me excited is the thought that maybe, just maybe, there could be a way to benefit others, beyond donating my hair. While pinning/googling pixie cuts (can you imagine how much of that is going on right now?), I came across a great project from last year. What an awesome concept. I’m thinking some sort of charitable component could be really fantastic. Plus, once I make a commitment to helping others out, there’s no turning back, right? Let’s make this about more than just a haircut. (Even though, wahhhhh, I’m still scared. #getoveritwhoorl)

And that concludes Deep Follicular Thoughts by Whoorl™ for the day. Peace be with you and your hair.

photo credits, clockwise 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


Silky Blouse Obsession



I might be slightly obsessed with silky blouses. (Notice I call them “silky” blouses — I’m equal opportunity regarding pure silk blouses, and, you know, a little polyester here and there. Hey! It’s way cheaper and you can machine wash polyester, so the lack of breathability cancels itself out, methinks.)

Silky blouses are so pretty and feminine and would look really good with a potential pixie hair cut, don’t you think? Yep. Plus, you can wear them with just about anything. Dressed up, dressed down, with jeans, to meetings…listen, I’m here to enable you if you feel the need to buy a silk blouse soon, is all I’m sayin’.

Apparently I’m not the only one who’s into blouses because retailers have tons in stock, so I’ve started to use a new website called Sweet Relish for organizing my shopping obsessions. (Because you know what I need more of in my life? Lists. Lists and shopping. Yeah, right.) It’s a shopping site to help you find, bookmark, and save items that are the bee’s knees. Now, before Sweet Relish (man, a hotdog sounds really good right now), I was using a Firefox tab called “Shopping” where I would save links of items that I would consider purchasing. The problem was that I couldn’t really organize the links…unless I wanted to create more and more tabs and it was just too much. Sweet Relish keeps my lists of items organized by subject, which is huge.

Secondly, I love that all the items I save to my list link directly to where you can purchase them. This is something that drove me a bit bonkers while pinning or surfing around – I would see an item I really liked, but it had no source link of where to purchase. With Sweet Relish, you always know exactly where you can buy the item from, which is nice. (It’s also great if you are putting together a wishlist for friends and family, let’s say, for your little one’s birthday.)

Using it is super easy – you can install the Relish button into your toolbar and save your items directly from there. Piece o’ cake.


I really enjoy using this because it keeps my shopping wishlists very organized and separate from everything else out there. However, Sweet Relish also has a social aspect where you can follow other people’s lists, which I’m just starting to get into right now. For instance, I just started a workout list, then found Susan’s running list, which had some great ideas for mine. It’s like the land of shopping enablers. I like it.

Are you on Sweet Relish? If not, sign up (it’s free) and let’s follow each other! (I’m here.) Shopping Listmakers Unite!



Dishing on Downton – Episode 4



Are you kidding me? Julian Fellowes, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

We have lots of processing to do concerning this turn of events. Proceed with caution.

What do you all think? Were you surprised? Did you see this coming? Most importantly, do you want to shoot pompous Sir Phillip and Robert?

p.s. – Downstairs love quadrangle graphic below…you’re so very welcome.



Growing Out Your Hair – An Illustration



I just love this illustration I found on Pinterest. It’s a perfect guide, really.

image source via Kim Pertinent