Little Black Submarines


My kids got a huge gold star yesterday.

I recently wrote about Wita’s usurping of the car stereo, which has been an interesting time for me. As the daughter of a musician, listening to sugary sweet, over-produced tracks is like a huge middle finger to what I was raised to appreciate.  My dad has played in bands since he was a teenager. Traveling the state when he was in high school and college, being dubbed the “soul man,” hell, even when corporate America snatched him up, he bought a recording studio in downtown Oklahoma City 25 years ago, and still owns it to this day. The man would sneak me into blues bars long before I should have been there. I remember those nights – barely being able to see through the thick cigarette smoke, guitar riffs giving me goosebumps, letting the lyrics sink in – I felt like I was the luckiest girl in the world. It was love at first listen. I mean, my first cassette tape (that I literally wore out) was Jimi Hendrix’s “Are You Experienced.” I distinctly remember having sleepovers and playing “Hey Joe” at full blast while my guest looked at me like I was loco. Can’t we just listen to Cyndi Lauper?

Once in awhile, a band hits the mainstream that stirs up those memories, and The Black Keys have been a favorite of mine for some time. Wito adores them, which isn’t a surprise because he enjoys “real rock and roll,” as he puts it. Yesterday, as we were driving home from school pickup, Wito asked for the track “Little Black Submarines.” You guys, mama fist pump alert. I’m sorry for the horrible quality, but I was just fumbling to hit the voice memo app on my phone in time to capture some of it. Although barely audible, even little Wita knew some lyrics. (Take note – although Wito is a born-and-raised Californian, he sings like he’s from Oklahoma. It’s in his GENES, man.)

Little Black Submarines

Take that, Fresh Beat Band.


Stella & Dot Favorites (+ Free Jewelry!)


Stella & Dot. Methinks you might know about this company…but have you heard of Courtney Ford? Yep, that’s her up there with the perfectly wavy chin-length bob. (Seriously, the hair is beyond Pinterest-worthy.)

So, Courtney is a working mama of two adorable little boys, Ian and Arthur, and lives in Boston. She emailed me a few weeks ago with a proposition to host an online “mystery hostess” trunk show, and I bit. I totally blame the hair. She sent me some gorgeous pieces to try, and I pretty much died. The end.

Look at these baubles, will ya?

Clockwise – Bahari Necklace (GET OUT this necklace is so perfect), Bryant Scarf in Poppy, and the Bianca Tassel Necklace.

Oh, but it doesn’t stop there. It seems my new hobby is to obsess over all of the beautiful trinkets that can’t be mine due to a little thing called a house renovation.

1. Queen of Hearts Charm Necklace
2. On the Mark Necklace
3. Demi Layering Necklace
4. Serenity Small Stone Drops
5. Emerson Bangle
6. Demi Earrings
7. Serenity Stone Drops
8. Vintage Studs
9. Chelsea Tech Wallet – Black Snake
10. Palamino Necklace
11. Devi Bangles — Gold
12. Bryant Park Scarf – Green

Those would all be warmly welcomed into the Whoorl closet, is all I’m sayin’.

You feel the need to buy something, don’t you?

I understand, my friend. Maybe this will help rationalize a purchase or two? Starting today, Courtney put together a mystery hostess trunk show that can be accessed here. (You have to click that link to be a part.) When you purchase an item, you will be entered to win free jewelry credits, as well as deep discounts on the items. Here’s the kicker – the more people that buy, the more jewelry credits you’ll receive if you are the winner. Cool? Cool. I’ll announce the winner early next week, after the trunk show ends Sunday night.

You’ll be automatically entered to win the free jewelry credits when you purchase from this link, but because I’m totally anal, let me know in the comments too. The trunk show will close this Sunday evening. And regardless if you purchase or not, I want to hear which piece you love the most. I think those green drop earrings sure would be lovely for a holiday party…

Good luck and good shopping!


House Renovation Update #6


1 here. 2 here. 3 here. 4 here. 5 here.

Man, I just can’t seem to get these renovation updates done on time, but here’s the latest! The floors are done, and we are in looooove. Ripping out the floor in the kitchen and dining area and re-framing was the best idea ever – now instead of that weird ridge, it’s a continuous floor throughout.

The color of the floors turned out exactly as we had hoped. So happy.

Hello, open and airy!

The painters arrive this morning and will start prepping and painting the entire house which should take the next week or two. (After creating a trillion custom whites, we went with Dunn Edwards “White.” Typical.) The kitchen will be installed shortly after, and then DRUMROLL, we will move in. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed because we are out of our current home by December 1st regardless. (I can’t believe we are moving in 3 weeks! ACK! Packing? What’s packing? Do you remember how efficient I was at packing for the last move?)

Also, here are some photos of the bedrooms – you know, just in case you were wondering what 40-year-old carpet looks like.

The master bedroom.

Wito’s room. (Such a great room.)

Wita’s room. (Her view ain’t too shabby, either. Also, perfect window for sneaking out? Noted.)

We also replaced the kids’ bathroom floor because, well, it was fairly new, but heinous. (Obviously, the walls and casing have yet to be painted.)

All in all, we are on schedule. D and I are off to pick out material for the formal living room fireplace this morning.

We’re thinking grey marble with white veining to complement the white Calacatta marble in the kitchen, and frankly, I can’t think of a better way to spend my anniversary.

(HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, D! 8 years, baby!)

I’ll try to post one more update before move-in, but we are almost there, you all. SO EXCITING.

Happy Monday!


What I Want For My Birthday


November 6th is going to be a great day for two reasons. #1 – it’s my birthday (38! PARTAAAYYY, you know, if by “partying,” you mean staying up late to watch the poll results), and #2 – Americans will have the chance to vote for the next president.

Now, I have very strong beliefs about this election, but I’m not here to push my political views in your face. My political views are mine, for reasons personal to me. Just like your political beliefs are personal to you. I don’t feel the need to scream my political views across various social media platforms, hoping to elicit fist pumps and inevitably, some eye rolls.

What matters most is that I have educated myself on the presidential platforms, have made an informed decision, and I AM GOING TO ACT ON IT. I am going to drive to my polling location, wait in line, and make my voice heard by voting. It’s very simple. We live in a democracy. You are absolutely entitled to your opinion in regard to who should be the next president, but you can’t stop there. You need to vote. You have to vote.

Because apathy? I can’t deal with it. I can’t stand it. It’s an absolute deal breaker for me.

Educate yourself. Make your voice heard. Vote on November 6th. Consider it your birthday present to me.