Hello. I’ve Been Writing Lots of Stuff.


1. How cute is the above graphic by Style United? I loved that they used my handwriting, even if it’s wayyyyyy less cool than my husband’s.

2. Right on the tail of my bootie obsession (seriously, WHEN ARE THE MADEWELL BOOTS GOING TO GET HERE?) is my hat obsession. Here are 10 of my favorites.

3. Hey ladies who work from homestead! My entire work-at-home wardrobe is comprised of these 6 items. Well, minus things like my sexy undergarments. (They are not sexy.)

4. What should you wear when asking for a raise? Oh, let me tell you. (This assignment made me laugh because seriously? My asking for raise would most likely involve an email sent at 6am while in my pajamas. What in the hell do I know about this?)

5. 5 key accessories for your fall wardrobe. (Did we cover this already? Methinks maybe since it’s, um, winter.)

6. What about the 8 wardrobe essentials that everyone should have in their closet? It’s pretty much like I walked into my closet, made a list of the items, and typed that bad boy out.

7. Yet another installment of Save or Splurge – this time it’s on beauty tools.

8. Happy desk, happy workspace. (Kind of like “happy wife, happy life,” but my version doesn’t make sense nor rhyme. Awesome.) Tips on creating a cheerful workspace right here.

9. I had one too many beers and wrote this post about Kristen Stewart’s hair at the Twilight: Breaking Dawn premiere. (Seriously, Robert. Get your shit together. And Kristen? Your hair looked good, but SISTER, either hire or fire your stylist. Your ensembles are killing me slowly.)

10. Have you heard of Go Mighty? It’s just about the coolest concept ever, and I’m doing back flips that I’m one of the inaugural cast members. You can check out some of my life list goals here, and I’ll be updating my progress over the next 3 months. I’ve written a little bit about my goal of running a 10k here and here. (Life lists kind of rule. You totally need to sign up for this coolness.)

Holy hand cramp. It’s no wonder I haven’t packed a damn thing for our impending move. Better get cracking. After a quick trip to the desert for Camp Mighty, of course. Have a great weekend!


Baby Gap Snowflake Collection Exclusively at Gilt


Ho ho ho, cute and cozy baby lovers! Yesterday, Gilt.com exclusively launched Baby Gap’s Snowflake Collection. You can purchase the collection on Gilt.com before it’s available anywhere else, but you better hurry because it’s going fast. Click here to check out the adorable goods.


The Great Ankle Boot Search of 2012


To say I’ve been on quite a search for a new pair of ankle boots (aka “booties”) this season would be an understatement. (Although the word “booties” makes me snicker. I AM SO IMMATURE.)

Even though we are in the midst of house renovation crazy right now, I’ve taken on a good deal of new work lately, so I decided I would treat myself to a new pair with some birthday cash from relatives. Now, we all know that boots aren’t the most inexpensive shoes in the world, and this is no time for me to be frivolous, so I’ve been picky about finding the right ones. (Extra super duper neurotically picky, as you will soon see, but I’m determined to find a pair I truly love.)

Would you like to go on this extra super duper neurotically picky journey with me? Oh, you know you want to.

2012 Boot Criteria:

Flat or low heel
Taupe or grey suede
Ankle height

First, I started with the DV Juju boot.

These were okay, but the heel was a little higher than I originally wanted. However, the real deal breaker was the “weathering” effect on the toe and heel. It wasn’t my favorite.

Next pair? Sam Edelman Petty.

I tried both on, posted this shot asking for opinions on my Facebook page, and 94 comments later, I still wasn’t sold.

(You can really see the weathering effect on the Juju boots in the full-length mirror shot on the right. Looks like I dipped my toes in a pond.)

((p.s. – I don’t usually wear ankle boots with my workout clothes. So hot.))

I can’t put my finger on why I didn’t keep the Sam Edelman boots. I really liked them. Great color and great construction.

Boot Status:

Next pair on the hunt? Isabel Marant Jenny Boots.

You guys, these boots were perfection. So unique, so comfortable, so in looooove. However, the price point? SO NOT IN LOVE.

Ohhhh, they were really good, and I’d love to say that I returned them because I simply refused to pay such a large amount for a pair of boots that could have been procured from a dumpster dive, but that would be a lie. I returned them because they were a bit too small, and the size I need is impossible to find anywhere. (Size 38, friends! Any leads? I mean, not that I would buy them or anything…)


Next up? The J. Crew Aggie Suede Boot.

Refined style, good color, but once again, the heel height was borderline too high for my criteria. Also, I found that the sole seemed a bit hard. (I had thin socks on at the time, so there’s that.)


You guys, I was about to give up until I saw the Madewell Barnwood boots.

Love the color, love the heel. Could these be the one? I’m not sure if they go a little too Western, though. Will I feel an inclination to dosey doe? I purchased them with a 25% off promotion code, so the price is right. They are currently on the way, so we’ll see…


What boots are you loving this season? As always, I’m open to suggestions. (Many, many more boots for your enjoyment on my Pinterest board too. What did we do without Pinterest, people? Oh right, we actually accomplished things.)


Let’s Talk About Poop


The newest episode of Mama Said is hard-hitting, you all. Hard-hitting, premiere filmmaking up in this joint. Grab your toilet paper.