Seven Things


1. I want to dress like those illustrations. image via Paper Fashion

2. The first thing I read this morning was this. Um, kind of a bummer, right? I need to get my hands on the actual study, but runners, what do you think?

3. The house is almost finished – we ended up postponing the move for a week, though. We decided it would be smart to let the house off-gas for a good number of days before moving in. Next Friday it is!

4. Have you seen The Golden Door of Happiness? I am so in love.

5. Good thing we aren’t moving tomorrow since I still have tons of packing to do. Hey, you know a fantastic way to procrastinate? Fly across the country! Yep, I leave for New York early Monday morning, so I best be getting things wrapped up around here in the next two days.

6. You guys, the Great Bootie Search of 2012 rages on. I’m putting together another post featuring four (FOUR) more pairs that I tried. Did I find the perfect one? You will soon see. OH, THE SHOE SUSPENSE.

7. Hey, if you are looking to splurge on gifts for the lady in your life, please let me help you with that. I’m down with spending other people’s money.

Happy weekend!


Ebooks I’m Loving Right Now


1. From Your Freezer To Your Family: Slow Cooker Freezer Recipes

I don’t even know where to begin with this eCookbook because I love it so much. It’s like the perfect trifecta of slow cooker love, organization, and healthy meals. Now, if one of those three descriptors interests you, put this on your list, however, if two or more are your thing? BUY IT RIGHT NOW. You won’t be sorry.

Stephanie Brandt Cornais, from Mama and Baby Love, is a huge proponent of eating fresh, local, and organic, which she talks about in the book, but it’s her love of organization that won me over. Here’s the deal – we all have those weeks when it’s virtually impossible to devote time to making fresh meals in the evening, which is one of the reasons I love my slow cooker so much. Stephanie’s book has tons of really delicious slow cooker recipes, and she groups them together so you can prepare and freeze several meals on the same day.

Essentially, it works like this. Stephanie provides grocery lists for three meals, like so.

You buy your ingredients, prepare all three meals at the same time, put them in freezer bags, and store away. BOOM. Three great meals ready to go when you are. Just pop one in the slow cooker in the morning, and you’re good to go for dinner that night. Genius. Genius, I say!

You don’t have to prepare three at once, but when I’ve got a busy week coming up, that method is a godsend. Plus, Stephanie’s recipes are 95% grain-free, gluten-free and dairy-free. I could go on and on, but you can check out the eCookbook here, which has a list of all the recipes and more information. Best $9.99 you’ll spend, mark my words.

2. A Hip Handmade Holiday

I’ve made my love for Susan known, and her new Craft Pack venture is so cool. First up? A digital craft book (150+ page interactive PDF) with 18 projects, 9 instructional videos and over 100 printable gift tags, stickers, labels, stencils, and patterns. This holiday craft eBook is a gem, whether you are a crafting master or minor.

The book is broken up into sections: Gifts for Gents, Gifts for Ladies, Gifts for Four-Legged Friends, Gifts to Treasure, Gifts for the Home and Gifts In a Hurry, and each craft has short cuts for quicker crafting (awwww yeahhhh), as well as ideas on how to give each craft a personal touch.

I am totally making those gorgeous keychains, mark my words. You can purchase and download the craft book here.

3. 30 Braids in 30 Days

Remember when I posted 30 Days of Gorgeous Updos by Christina of Hair Romance? Love that book. Well, Christina is at it again with a new eBook totally dedicated to braids, called (you guessed it) 30 Braids in 30 Days. Ladies, everything you could possibly need to know about braiding is in this book. EVERYTHING. Braiding basics, how to prep you hair for braiding, and most importantly, full written instructions AND step-by-step picture tutorials. (Need the photo tutorials, thankyouverymuch.) Christina is my #1 gal for hair inspiration. If braids aren’t your thing, at least check out her great blog.

So! Great food, great crafts, and great hair. I think I’ve covered all the bases for today. Now, back to packing.


Dude. Cyber Monday This.


Hello! How was your extended holiday weekend? Mine was filled with packing and a spewing child. Sounds like an incredibly awesome weekend, right? (Although, can we talk about Wita’s term for vomiting? CHIN SPILLING. I ask you…does it get any cuter than that? “Mama, my chin keeps spilling.” Stop it.)

When I wasn’t mopping up vomit, I was packing up the house, and let me just tell you, NO ONE can compete with my organizational purges. By 10am on Saturday morning, I had packed my rather roomy wagon to the brim with the kids’ toys, and off to Goodwill they went. Now, the only problem with my intense purging is that I sometimes go a bit overboard, and this time was no different. You guys, I got rid of 95% of my kids toys. Poof. Gone. (Hey! Makes this year’s Christmas all the more exciting!)

Saturday night, I taught the kids how fun it is to play with a tennis ball. They weren’t buying it.

Next purge? My closet. I’m putting a few items up at Whoorl’s Closet this week…take a look if you feel so inclined.

Off to pack some more…kitchen appliances are being installed at the new house as I type this. WE MOVE IN FIVE DAYS.


House Renovation Update #7 – Today’s a Big Day


The kitchen cabinets and island are being installed today. And the marble backsplash. AND MY LAUNDRY ROOM SHOE CUBBIES, PINCH ME FOR I AM DREAMING. (The cabinetmaker was quite tickled that out of all of this wonderfulness, I was near happy tears over some damn shoe cubbies. The shoe cubbies that will reside right next to our new ochre Dutch door, which will now be referred to as The Golden Door of Happiness. I told D I might move into the laundry room permanently.)

In other news, we move next week. Uhhhhhhhhh. Yep. It seems I kind of forgot about that slightly important part due to all of the renovation excitement. Anyway, it’s time for us to start cranking around here, which means one of two things.

1. I am going to disappear for the next week or two.


2. I am going to procrastinate to the fullest extent, thus blogging every single day.

Nope, I can’t procrastinate. Don’t let me procrastinate! Maybe some light posting on Facebook? Yes, I think that would suffice.

Wishing everyone a very happy Thanksgiving holiday (we will be eating Chinese food while surrounded by boxes), and please feel free to send some packing/renovation-staying-on-schedule vibes.


Edited to add – SHOE CUBBIES.

It’s the little things, folks.