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Happy Monday to you and you and you.

Alright, I found a place where we can stay up-to-date/share/inspire/etc in regards to our fitness goals. Thanks for some really great website suggestions last week – I decided to start our online fitness group at Fitocracy. It has a really streamlined, clean interface (which I love), a good app, a great social aspect, but most importantly, it’s simple. Some of the websites I checked out were way too robust for me, and I was totally drowning in the options.

I’ve set up a private group which can only be accessed by invite. If you want to join, click here and set up your account/username. (It’s free.) I should be able to see that you came from this website, so once you’re set up, I’ll send an invite to join the group. Cool? Cool. It’s called Fit Bits. (cue trumpet fanfare)

From what I’ve seen so far, Fitocracy a really cool website – you can totally keep track of all of your workouts (utilizing points), browse people’s specific workouts for inspiration, and compete in online challenges. Probably lots more, but I’m just getting the hang of it. Oh, my username is whoorl. Hope to see you all there!


House Renovation Update #4 – Our Kitchen Choices


Since we’re still in the drywall/floor finish/boring phase, I thought I would answer Katy’s question from last week’s post.

I read a lot of home remodel blogs and love hearing about all the details on the process, would be interested in learning specifics on what choices you make – such as what countertops/backsplash options you considered and what you end up choosing, paint colors, appliance choices, love any and all details!

Well, Katy, we’ve made most the decisions for the kitchen, so here goes!

Kitchen countertopsCaesarstone in Blizzard. First and foremost, we chose Caeserstone for its looks and durability. I’ve been known to be a little bit of a klutz in the kitchen (whatever…pots and pans are slippery), and that combined with our crazy kids led us to purchase a material that was durable, BUT still had a modern and clean finish. D has used Caesarstone for many of his clients, and it has always been well received.

Backsplash – White marble. Now in a perfect world, I would have white marble countertops, but considering the above-mentioned facts, marble countertops are a no-no for us. But I just loooooove the look of white Calacatta marble, so we decided to use a slab for our backsplash. We found a beautiful piece with a really bold gray vein, and we are super excited about it. It really is a piece of art.

Cabinetry – D uses a great cabinetry company on his client projects, and I’m so pumped that they will be custom-making our white kitchen cabinets and island. The cabinets will be simple and slab-front – no raised panels. We will also have some open shelving. We haven’t bought the hardware for the cabinetry yet, but are leaning towards linear, chrome handles like the one shown in the image.

Paint colors – We haven’t started swatching yet, but the entire house will be painted white. We have a lot of art and accessories in bold colors, so we want the house to be as clean and simple of a canvas as possible.

Appliances – Well, after reading your glowing reviews, we went with Bosch for our dishwasher, cooktop, and oven. Plus, it didn’t hurt that they are doing a 15% rebate for 3 or more appliances right now. Sold! As for the refrigerator, we really wanted a built-in with panels, but it wasn’t in the budget. Instead, we went with a stainless, freestanding Viking because it was the only one that had the looks, measurements, and trim kit that we wanted. We had heard mixed reviews on Viking refrigerators, but it turns out that the Viking built-ins are the ones to look out for, trouble-wise. The freestanding units are actually made by Kitchen Aid, and are great. (Fingers crossed.)

We are also using an Elica built-in range hood, a Lenova zero radius stainless steel sink, and the Grohe pull-out faucet pictured above. Most of these choices were based on D’s experience with the products and companies.

Hmmm…I think that’s all of it for now. Let me know if you have any other questions. Have a great weekend, everyone!




1. This post is a bit of a Whoorl-other-places onslaught today, so feel free to skip. To those of you who stick around, BFF. FOR EVAH AND EVAH.

2. I’m selling some jeans over at Whoorl’s Closet. Check ’em out, and email me if you are interested! Proceeds go to the Whoorl Kitchen Renovation Fund.

3. Andrea from For the Love Of is doing a great series called “In Anticipation of Fall,” and she featured my fall favorites this week. Thanks for having me, Andrea!

4. I have a new Save or Splurge article up at Women & Co. This time it’s all about skincare. (Hint: lose the expensive eye creams, ladies.)

5. Since we are still in drywall/floor finishing mania at the new house, I thought I would put together a collage of what products we are using for our kitchen for tomorrow’s renovation post. (Unless you want to see more photos of drywall. And wood planks. No? Okie dokie.) In the meantime, a little hardwood floor porn for you?

6. Oh! 8 best beauty apps that are free. (Do any of you use the Pose app? I’ve been on for awhile, but really want to start pos(t)ing again. Tell me what your username is so I can follow you! Mine is whoorl.)

Happy Thursday!


5-minute Arm/Full Body Workout with Erica Ziel


You’ve heard me sing the praises of my trainer, Erica Ziel, many times. Love the gal – I’ve never experienced an “easy” workout with her in two years, and she always keeps me on my toes. The best part about training with her is that you can’t pull the “busy mom” card because she is a mom to 3 kiddos herself, and always makes time to eat well and take care of her body. (p.s. – she had a baby less than a year ago. Just look at her and tell me that’s not some serious motivation!)

I am not a gal who was blessed with long, willowy arms and legs. And finally, after 37 years of wishing my limbs would magically become a mile long, I’m over it. I want to focus on working with what I have, and keep my body looking toned and healthy. I asked Erica to put together a short workout focusing on the arms, and in true Erica form, she upped the ante and covered all the bases. Not only will you feel this workout in your arms and shoulders, you’ll feel it in your quads, abs, and glutes. Hurts so good, peeps.


(By the way, your comments totally pumped me up for the October fitness challenge. I’m trying to find a website where we can all follow each other’s progress in a group setting. Stay tuned!)