Sayonara Butterfly Tattoo: Part Three


Part one here. Part two here.

Haven’t written about the good ol’ tattoo in awhile, so I thought I would give you an update. Photos and all the good stuff (including an absolutely raunchy blister) over at Beauty and the Beat.

(FYI – I also finished the laser hair removal on my underarms and bikini. My only question is whhhyyyyy did I wait 30-something years to have it done? It is the GREATEST THING EVER.)


Oh, I’m doing it all, alright.


Hello! Guess what time I woke up today? 4:30am! So awesome, right? *death stare*

I woke up to little Wita crying and moaning. She didn’t feel warm, so we got up and took a little bath while the rest of the west coast slept. I guess you could say I was feeling a bit tired, considering I spent most of the night booby-trapping my house since D was out of town. A few hours later, I got the kids ready for school, dropped them off, and headed right back home because I had a myriad of posts that needed to be finished before 3pm school pickup.

The phone rang at 11:30am. It was Wita’s school. She had suddenly spiked a 102-degree fever and needed to be picked up immediately. I ran out the door as fast as I could, and when I got there, the poor little girl was passed out on a cot with a damp washcloth on her head while 20 toddlers sang songs and galloped around the room. I slowly and quietly roused her awake, picked up her sweaty body covered with goosebumps, and gently carried her to the car.

I was mentally planning how I could get her to the doctor in the afternoon, yet still pick up Wito when school dismissed. Pretty much impossible, and considering D was out of town, I figured the best thing to do was to pull Wito out of school early. (These are times when it’s painfully clear that not living by family is miserable.) We drove to his school, I carried Wita’s hot, limp body into the administrative office, signed him out, and was told I could find him outside at recess. Of course, I was having trouble finding him amidst the entire student body. Wita was sobbing in my ear, literally slipping out of my arms due to the combination of very hot weather and her feverish sweat.

I pulled my unwashed, tangled hair out of my face and kept looking for Wito. I hoped no one noticed I was wearing the same pants that I wore at yesterday’s pickup.

I finally found him (practicing his hula hoop skills), explained the situation, and we set off.

At 12:30pm, I walked into my dirty house with a very sick child, a very hyper child, multiple deadlines looming, and a husband in another state. A work day that should have been easy and quiet and productive had punched me right in the face.

This is all to say that I find it very humorous to be featured TODAY in a series entitled, “I Don’t Know How She Does It” at one of my favorite blogs, What Would Gywneth Do. Raluca wrote some really lovely things about me, and her words truly made me smile. Especially on a day like today.

I’m happy to say that Wita is resting comfortably, D will be home in a few hours, and I’m drinking a beer. I also brushed my hair.

Here’s to doing it all, mamas. And here’s to having it all.


Hair Inspiration for Little Girls


I’ve posted hundreds of photos of hair inspiration over the years, but I’ve never really done a roundup of hairstyles for the younger set. Now, as you can see above, I’m a huge proponent of the toddler bob. Nothing could be cuter! (I know, I know…I’m a little biased.) Regardless of length, though, little girls’ hair is just so dang darling, even when it’s full of stubborn tangles. The perfect sun-kissed highlights, the delicate little wisps, the tousled ringlets…believe me, I said my fair share of ooohs and ahhhs this weekend while putting together this photo compilation. I hope you all enjoy!


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Driving Miss Dictator


My car stereo has been usurped by my daughter. The days of a few little ditties by The Black Keys or Andrew Bird with a Backyardigans single thrown in for good measure are over. Done. Finito.

It’s fully Nickelodeon up in here with Wita at the helm. Now, I have always fancied myself a fair mother when it comes to allocating music in my car. Everyone should get a little of what they want. I’m down with that. However, lately? Playing ANYTHING targeted to age 18 and over is not happening.

It’s just…Wita, man. She is so stubborn. And loud. And DRAMATIC. If she doesn’t get what she wants in terms of music (or anything else, for the matter), she will sob (and scream) uncontrollably the entire car ride. Not a single solitary soul wants to deal with that, let me tell you. So like a shithead, I totally give in to her dramatics. Because it’s 8:05am in the morning. And I want to drive to school in peace and harmony. Is that too much to ask?

So, Wito and I comply with her demands. Bitterly, on my part.

The current song du jour? Two songs, actually. “Here We Go” and “Reach for the Sky” by The Fresh Beat Band. Oh yes, mothers and fathers. The Fresh Beat Band. I’m not sure it could get any worse. If you have children, surely you have heard some of these songs…I mean, they only play every 24 seconds on Nick Jr! (By the way, did any of you read the post by Anthony Bordain about the Nick Jr shows a few years back? It is absolutely hilarious. He tackles The Fresh Beat Band in the post – “Not to be too cruel–but one of the “kids” in this bunch looks like a 32 year old masquerading as a teen. The lead “singer” (meaning, I gather, he moves his lips obligingly when called upon to do so) has the dead eyes of a man at the end of his string.” HahahahaaHAAAAAA. So true.)

But here’s the thing. She can’t just listen to the tracks once. NO. She has to listen to them on repeat for the entirety of the car ride. Oh, and in case you didn’t know, my children are attending schools by the new house, yet we’re living at the old house, so that means schlepping them across town while enjoying the musical stylings of folks named Kiki and Twist.

So. I ran some calculations last night. You know, just for fun.

Morning school drive until dropoff: 36:00

“Here We Go” – 1:54

“Reach for the Sky” – 1:56

Total track time – 3:50

If my calculations are correct, I am being subjected to approximately 9 rousing renditions of each song. 18 Fresh Beat Band songs before 9am on weekday morning, people.

And you wonder why posting has been light over here this week.