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As October comes to an end, things are sloooowly starting to cool off here in Orange County. (Little tidbit about Southern California. The warmest part of summer doesn’t start until late August and carries on until November. So while most of you are looking all cozy in your fall sweaters and boots this month, I’m usually sweating my arse off in my hundredth reincarnation of J. Crew vintage cotton tanks, lightweight cargos -yep, these are still kickin’ – and flip flops.)

But! This week it cooled down to the high 60s – low 70s, and I’m full of joyous joyful joy. When I woke up this morning, I realized that, why, I think I needed some socks on my bare feet. Joy to the world!

Which leads me to my request. I need suggestions of delicious, warm, lovely teas to drink during chilly mornings.

As many of you know, I don’t drink caffeine. But I love (LOVE) everything about coffee. The aroma, the rich flavor….love it. Coffee + a splash of half and half + pinch of sugar = HELLO DELIGHTFUL. The problem is that we have one coffee pot, which D uses for his (very caffeinated) coffee in the morning. (I was using one of those Tassimo machines, but I’m not really a fan of the decaffeinated options.)  Also, as D will attest, I don’t drink a lot of my hot beverage in the morning. Maybe half a cup, tops, so brewing a new pot of decaf after D is finished seems kind of wasteful. (Plus, I want to drink my delicious hot beverage WITH my husband, not after he’s finished.)

This is all to say that I know the answer to my hot beverage woes! TEA. I can sip a lovely cup of tea in the morning and get my warm beverage fix without being wasteful OR drinking a little bit of D’s which makes act like a drill sergeant on speed.

I feel like I’ve been seeing lots of tea photos on Instagram lately, so I know you can help a lady out. Any teas that you just love? Decaffeinated and/or low caffeine is a must.


Freshly Picked Moccasin Giveaway!


We love Freshly Picked moccasins at the Whoorl household. We really love them. So much that Wita pretty much wears two pairs of shoes for 85% of the year. Freshly Picked moccasins in the fall and winter, and Saltwater Sandals in the spring and summer. Now, Wito has graduated from the leather mocs because he is, um, ginormous, but he wore the heck out of them all the way through toddlerhood as well.

Not only are the mocs super stylish, but they are so easy to slip on, YET don’t fall off easily. (Does this make you as crazy as it did me during the first year? I don’t know how many times I strolled around town, only to realize we lost a shoe about half a block back. Highly annoying.) Anyway, I love them. Especially the gold (which is the most gorgeous mix of silver and gold ever), although as you can see below, I branched out with some new colors for Fall. (I still always go for the gold. It goes with everything!)

I’m so pumped that Susan is offering one pair of moccasins (of the winner’s choice) to a lucky reader. Thanks, Susan! I’ve allowed up to 5 entries per person, so good luck. Giveaway ends this Friday!

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Random Saturday Ankle Boot Poll


Happy Saturday! Which color of these boots do you prefer the most?

I’m asking for a friend.


House Renovation Update #5 – More floors and walls + Laundry room


Although things are moving along and really exciting, I don’t have many updated photos for a blog post. However, look!

The great news is that the drywall is up, the new wood floor is in, new doors hung, window casing finished, and all of the walls have been putty-coated and primed! We originally weren’t going to putty coat all the walls, but ultimately decided on keeping everything consistent with the new and old walls, so that added an extra week. However, painting time starts very soon! Woohoo! We are going between Dunn Edwards White (DEW380) and Whisper (DEW340).

Another exciting addition that we’ve added to the list is redoing the sad, little laundry room off the kitchen. Here are some before shots.

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