Happy Halloween


Happy Halloween from Super Mario and Princess Peach!

(These photos were taken at Camp Spooky a few weeks ago at Knotts Berry Farm, which was a blast. Considering I hadn’t been to Knott’s in over 25 years, I was really, really surprised at how much fun we had. So much so that this gal might even buy annual passes for next year. Thanks for inviting us, Knotts!)

We’ve got a big day ahead of us – parades at both of the kids’ schools this morning, followed by a Halloween feast at Wita’s school (for which I’m making macaroni and cheese at 6:30am), followed by trick-or-treating in our new neighborhood. Rumor has it it’s quite the street for Halloween, so we figured what better time to go door-to-door and introduce ourselves to our new neighbors. Can’t wait to meet everyone!

Wishing everyone a safe and fun Halloween!


10 Things


1. Above are two favorite pins from last week. One made me nod and one made me laugh, but truer words were never spoken. (Although, I just finished writing a post for Women & Co in an attempt to disprove #2. We’ll see.)

2. Things are really looking good at the house. I have a feeling Friday’s update will be a great one!

3. You guys. The tea recommendations are awesome. I’m going to sit down and make a list of all the potential greatness. Rooibos teas? Total game changer.

4. Speaking of tea, have you all heard of the company Honest Tea? D drinks some of their organic bottled teas, but I’m really excited about the line of juice pouches that they just reformulated for kids. We aren’t much of juice drinking family – it’s pretty much just water and milk for the kids over here, but I have been in some situations lately (namely soccer games) when it was my responsibility to bring snacks for the group, and you all, I just can’t be the mom who brings mini water bottles to the kids after they’ve been chugging water throughout the entire game. I remember that mom growing up – the one with carrot sticks – that mom soooo sucked.

If the kids are looking for fun snacks and juice post-game, that’s what they are going to get. This season, I’ve been doing individual packs of Trader Joe’s Kettle Corn (the kettle corn only contains four ingredients – popcorn, sunflower oil, sugar, and salt), and the Honest Tea team sent some juice pouches to try out. They were a total hit with all parties involved.  The juices are organic, contain no GMOs or HFCS, and the company just eliminated the organic cane sugar and replaced it with additional fruit juice, dropping the sugar amount to 9 grams. Plus, they taste good – not cloyingly sweet. Thank you, Honest Tea. You just made my life so much easier. You can check out all the flavors here. (I kind of want to mix vodka with the Tropical Tango Punch for a weekend cocktail. Is that weird?)

5. The Fitocracy group! Such a great group of girls. It’s the perfect place for us to keep track of our workouts, share tips and video links to great exercises, and most importantly, support each other. I just finished Week 7 of Run10K, and man, it wasn’t the most fun I’ve ever experienced. Running on a treadmill for over an hour is brutal, but I know my group has got my back. If you are serious about exercising, please join us. However, I do have one requirement for the group. If you’ve spent any time on exercise websites like Fitocracy, you probably know there are some sketchy half-naked peeps around. I will only approve you to join our private group if you have added your profile photo and put a sentence or two about yourself in the “About Me” section. It’s only fair that we know a little about you! If you are in, please join here, follow me (username is whoorl), and I’ll add you to the group. Also, if you have previously joined and haven’t received an invite to the group, please leave your username in the comments. (Also, like I mentioned, be sure that your information is filled out so I can add you.)

6. Sticking with the running topic, we got into a little discussion about Garmin watches at the Facebook page. Do you use a Garmin? They seem so great, but I plan to use the Runkeeper App on my iPhone instead, mainly because I will need my iPhone to listen to my Spotify playlist while running outdoors. So! I need advice on ways to run with my iPhone. I’m not a fan of armbands, but recently heard about the Spibelt? Has anyone used this? Pros? Cons? Does it bounce? Any other recommendations for running with an iPhone?

7. One more fitness thought, and I promise I’m done. I know some of you subscribe to the “Lululemon is over-priced and over-hyped” way of thinking, but I have got to tell you, there is just no comparison for me in regards to durability and style. No comparison, and trust me, I have tried everything under the sun, just wishing and hoping that something less expensive would be as cute and most importantly, as functional and durable because I didn’t want to be that girl. The Lululemon addict girl. Well, I am here to tell you that after years of wearing the heck out of my stuff, my Lululemon items are still kicking and still adorable, and I LOVE THEM, AMERICA. Do you hear me? I am addicted to Lululemon and I will proudly yell from the rooftops! I LOVE YOU, LULULEMON.

I am also prepared to show you why no short in the world is as fantastic as their Turbo Run short. (Not that weird pattern, though. I prefer the all black ones, although did any of you see the pretty plum color that sold out in less than a week? I really wanted that color.) In fact, I might just have to post a photo comparison of three different brands. Which would mean I would actually have to photograph myself in running shorts on this here blog. THAT is scary, but I’ll dig in and do it for the team. (Also, I have no affiliation to Lululemon. Just a deep obsession.)

8. Speaking of obsessions, you all know I’m obsessed with beards, right? People think I love November because it’s my birthday and Thanksgiving, but no, it’s due to a little thing called Movember. Men donning facial hair all month long for a great cause. I can hardly wait. In the meantime, I’ve got a beard porn Pinterest board going on, and it’s pretty much the best thing ever.

9. If you haven’t noticed the 13,450,000 pins on Pinterest the last few weeks, it’s pumpkin season. Remember these pumpkin brownies from the days of yore? I’m totally making them this week, but let me just say, if you want a quicker pumpkin treat, the Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Bread and Muffin Mix is so damn good. I bought it on a whim last week, and we made the muffins this weekend. SO DAMN GOOD.

10. If you made it this far, you truly deserve a medal. I commend you, lovely person. But wait, one more thing! The winner of the Freshly Picked moccasin giveaway is #516, Rachel S. Congratulations, Rachel! Okay, I’m done. Run! Before I think of something else!




I had this forever long, trivial “10 Things” post set to publish, but that’s just not where my mind is today. I am so sad and sickened and in shock over what happened in New York yesterday. It’s my absolute worst fear. So many of us rely on caregivers to watch over our little ones – I just can’t fathom what the Krim family must be going through right now. My thoughts and prayers are with them.


Mama Said


I’m really really excited about a new video series that Kristen Howerton and I are doing for Babble.

First off, it’s Kristen. How can you not love her? Seriously. Secondly, it’s just us. In my house, hanging out. No over-the-top production. No cue cards. No hair and makeup. (Although, okay, I wouldn’t mind a little bit of that action.) Just us chatting about things like date night, screen time for our kids, our absolutely CUCKOO menstrual cycles, and poop. I mean, who doesn’t want to talk about poop? I love talking about poop! LET’S TALK ABOUT POOP.

We’ll be posting new videos every week, and here are the first two.

Date Night – Are you making date night a regular thing in your relationship? We aren’t because we are soooooo lame. And tired.

Has Your Period Changed Post-Childbirth? – Wow, we could have talked about this forever. What is going with my menstrual cycle post-kids? It’s horrible. Same with Kristen…have you noticed a major change too?

I hope you enjoy the videos – we’re having a blast making them.