Somebody’s Got To Do It


Can Fall 2012 beauty trends and motherhood coexist? Check out my assessment here.


Eight Things


1. House update! We are officially homeowners, you guys! I AM HOMEOWNER, HEAR ME ROAR. We got the keys yesterday afternoon, and the demo crew showed up bright and early this morning. This is going on right this very minute.

(I am a crazy picture-taking woman when it comes to the house. You guys are going to be SO SICK of this renovation before I’m through. I even shot a fascinating 2-minute video of someone tearing down a ginormous wall made of cork board in one of the bedrooms this morning. Who wants to see that? Hello? Anyone?)

Goodbye cork board walls, 40-year-old carpet, wood paneling and built-ins! I’m getting reeeallllly excited over here.

2. I have quite a few articles posting this month elsewhere because, let’s face it, the renovation isn’t paying for itself. I’d love if you would check some out – especially over at my new job, Women & Co. Women & Co covers all things money- how we spend, save, share, donate and manage. Obviously, this was a perfect time for me to jump on board, considering we have made many financial changes in the past few months in preparation for buying a home. Anyway, I’ll be covering the beauty, fashion, and lifestyle angle, if you are interested.

My first two articles are Hair Products: When to Save and When to Splurge and New Tips on Buying Makeup: When to Save and When to Splurge. I hope you find them helpful, and I would love to hear any suggestions for future articles.

3. Elsewhere at Babble, I am sharing the Ultimate Fall and Fashion List via Neiman Marcus (a girl can dream, right?) and the 5 Staples in My Closet for Fall (none of them are new, well, except for the Kate Spade pumps that I scored on eBay).

4. Okay, enough shameless blog post promotion, have you guys seen this pompon tutorial? Tiny pompons with a fork? IS IT NOT THE COOLEST THING EVER?

5. I’m halfway through Gone Girl right now. I keep hearing about The Plot Twist, and I’m dying to know what happens. Can’t read fast enough. Have you read? Did you like? It seems everyone loved it except for my mother. Lini did not like it one bit, no sirree bob.

6. On the other end of the book spectrum, have you read Sh*tty Mom? I have never laughed so hard in my life. “Does the boy whose mom has the Cake Doodle app on her iPhone even know he has a penis?” (Totally out of context, I know, but to those who have read the “Don’t Let Your Kid Become a PDA-hole” chapter, that statement had me howling with laughter.)

7. We stopped for awhile, but we’re back to visiting the library every week.

Although, let’s be honest, Wita just goes to rent DVDs. “Mama, want shine times!” (Signing Times.) Man, that Rachel Coleman has now worked her way into both of my children’s hearts.

8. Okay, I’m off to take some more photos. I think the bathroom floor will be torn out pretty soon. RIVETING.


Kitchen Inspiration


Here’s the thing about escrow. It’s so involved, right? So involved, in fact, that you kind of stop thinking about the house itself and focus on the specifics of closing escrow. Then, as you approach closing (tomorrow, woohooo!), you pretty much have a panic attack because oh my goodness, it’s our HOUSE. We are HOMEOWNERS. We are totally (fiscally) responsible for a home, and all the ups and downs that come with it. I think I’m having a little anxiety right this very minute. Excuse me for a second.

I woke up this morning and D informed me that the demo crew is showing up at 8am on Monday morning. You guys, it’s on. Although the majority of our home renovations will be cosmetic (floors, walls, removing some funky fresh wood paneling), we are doing a complete overhaul on the kitchen. Totally starting from scratch, so I thought I would share my current kitchen inspirations.

Hello, I’m Sarah. I like white kitchens.

All photos and corresponding credits can be found at my Pinterest home board.




Wito started first grade today. Well, he started his true first day of 1st grade in July, but with our impending move, we changed school districts, and now he’s starting his SECOND first day of 1st grade today at the new school. Crikey. As you can imagine, mama didn’t get much sleep last night. That’s the great thing about moms, though – we worry enough so our kids don’t have to.

I don’t think I’ve written about it before, but Wito has never been called his given name. We bestowed a completely random nickname to him while pregnant (not Wito, thank goodness), and although we never expected it, the nickname just stuck. Soon after his birth, we started receiving items monogrammed with the nickname, and we quickly realized it would be around for awhile, even though the nickname itself is not a derivative of Anders nor has any similarities. Fast forward 6 years, and the child has never been called his given name by family members, friends, or teachers. In fact, I don’t think he was aware of his given name until last year.

I have to be honest. I’m not sure how I feel about this. I obviously named him Anders for a reason. I love that name, and it makes me a little bummed to know that it might never be used. So when we found out about the house and knew we would be attending a completely new school district, I brought up the discussion of starting new with his given name. It was the perfect time, really…I mean, he didn’t know anyone at the school and it could be the perfect fresh start, right? Wrong.

As you can imagine, it’s not that easy. My child has been known solely by his nickname his entire life. What kind of mom would I be to pluck my child out of the school with all of his friends and comforts, place him in a new school with complete strangers, AND expect him to change his name? Witness Protection Program, anyone? It’s complicated, peeps.

Wito and I have had discussions about this situation over the past month, and bottom line, he prefers to be called his nickname. I don’t blame him…it’s his identity. It’s him. He will always be able to change it as he matures down the road, as the nickname does have a childish quality, but that should be up to him.

So when his lovely teacher approached this morning to introduce herself to the boy she assumed was “Anders” from the roster, I let her know that he prefers to be called his nickname. And like I always do, I grabbed his slip and put those two increasingly familiar quotation marks next to his name.

What do you think about nicknames? Do you use one for yourself or your children? Do you have any regrets? I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter.