Palm Springs Forever (Unless it’s 112 degrees. I’m out.)


This happens to me every summer. The family trips, the barbecues, the long days by the pool…blogging? What’s blogging? I don’t need a blog! I can just plant a garden, grow some tomatoes, and perfect my pasta sauce! Or play tennis with the kids! Or make homemade popsicles! Or read a book in the shade while the kids nap….but sitting at my desk and typing on my laptop? Nope. Not so much right now. (Although, I’ll be back tomorrow kicked into medium high gear, I swear. We need to talk about shopping.)

Palm Springs was a blast. We had some friends stay with us for the first few days, and it was the perfect Fourth of July. We had intended to come back home on Friday, but decided to stay a little longer until D’s job came a callin’ this morning. Womp womp woooomp.…who needs ’em? We can live off the land, people! In teepees! JOIN ME.

I did learn one thing about Palm Springs this time around, though. 100 degrees is easy. I can do 100 degrees, no problemo. Just give me a margarita and a pool float and I’m good. However, 112 degrees? The pool ain’t cutting it anymore, and mama needs to get back to the beach pronto. (Luckily, it didn’t hit 112 until yesterday…just in time for us to leave!)

All in all, a damn good time. What excursions are you taking this summer? More importantly, who wants to join my teepee cult?


It’s Desert Time


Unlike the majority of the country, I am craving heat this week. Dry desert heat, to be exact. So we are bidding adieu to breezy temps in the 70s and heading into 100+ for the next few days. I can’t wait to relax on a raft with a cold beer in my hand…truly counting the minutes.

Happy Fourth of July to you all!