Odds and Ends


1. Drumroll, please! The winner of a fabulous pair of Salt Optics frames is #40, Jenna.

Congratulations, Jenna! You will be rocking some frames very shortly.

2. Last night, I attended the launch of Wendy Bellissimo’s new line of clothing and accessories for children.

I die. The end. (I also stood next to Sharon Osbourne at the bar. AUZAY!)

Wendy is selling her line exclusively on Gilt Baby & Kids, and it started this morning. Click here to see the adorableness. Right now. You won’t be sorry.

3. You guys, I have created the ultimate running playlist. I’m patting myself on the back over here – it’s only taken, oh, about 4 years to do it, but it’s awesome. That post is coming next week.

4. I posted this photo on Instagram last week and got lots of inquiries about this blouse.

I got it from (duh) J. Crew, and it just so happens be on sale + an additional 30% off. You’re welcome.

5. I want to do a summer makeup tutorial for you all. After many fruitless attempts, I think I’ve perfected a natural, dewy look! (It’s the look I’m wearing in the above photo.) That’s coming soon as well.

6. The second episode of The Sarah James Show is live. This one makes me laugh because I pretty much forced my guest to put her hair in a top knot in front of the camera sight unseen. She totally did it on the first try, and for that she is a rock star. This episode talks about my favorite hair products for getting out the door quickly, masking dirty hair, tips for hair while working out, and fun accessories to spice up your look.

7. Is eyeliner not your friend? I did an Eyeliner 101 piece for Beauty and the Beat, and it spotlights the 6 most commonly used eyeliners, as well as my favorite YouTube tutorials on how to apply all of them. Sayonara, raccoon eyes!

8. I am still eating the chocolate sheet cake. How do I stop? I’m thinking of pulling a Miranda and dumping it in the trash while covering it in dish soap. Please tell me to cease and desist.


A Good Weekend


We had a goooood weekend, which is exactly what this girl needed.

Reading books at Barnes and Noble is a good way to spend a Friday afternoon.

Looking at this sweet face always makes me feel good.

Wearing jaunty mustaches around the house is quite a good time.

Date night is VERY good.

Gin + Cucumbers = Goodness

Father’s Day at our favorite park was beyond good.

Sheet cake is good. (Until you eat 5 pieces in 24 hours, in which case, not so good.)

Watching Wita go to town on a corn cob (for breakfast!) was hilariously good.

Peonies from D to start off my Monday morning because “I’m a great wife and mother.” Um, very good. (Methinks someone must have read my post last week…)

All in all, good stuff.

Thanks again for your comments in regards to last week’s post. As I mentioned in the comment thread, I’m so lucky to have such smart, supportive readers.


Can You Have it All?


This week has been rough. I’m feeling a little overextended. A little out of it. A little homesick. A little lost. Definitely not on top of things like my usual self. (Sorry I didn’t realize you had a school schedule change today, Wito! I swear I wrote it down somewhere….)

This always happens when I return home from Oklahoma. In Oklahoma, family takes precedence. Grandparents, parents, sisters, brothers, cousins…time with them is paramount. Swimming, barbecues, sitting around and actually TALKING to one another. I’m pretty good at putting everything else on hold because it’s my family. Family is the trump card.

The minute I step off the plane in California, things change. We have our little family, but not much of an extended one. Careers take precedence. We want to buy our dream house someday. We need to do more, more, more. Work, work, work. Save, save, save. I have so much shit on my plate that even the most mundane requests from my children make me feel like I might explode. I’m lucky, though. We have a nanny that helps three days a week. My kids call me her name, though. It stings.

Our little family takes the hit, it seems.

We don’t have that family anchor to pull us back down and say, “Hey. What matters most?” Basically, to keep us from a complete tailspin. I always joke with D that “I’m an island.” Don’t need anyone! Perfectly fine being the world’s greatest taskmaster! Who needs family and friends around? Pshaw.

It’s just hard, you know?

I want my family to be a constant presence in our life.

But I want to live in California.

I want my kids to feel like I’m there for them every minute of the day.

But I want to work.

I want to be able to put my blog/online endeavors on the back burner once in awhile.

But I want the opportunities and new experiences that this blog is giving to me.

I want to never complain about my life. To be completely cognizant of how lucky/blessed/whatever you call it I am.

But from the looks of this post, I can’t.

I want it all. Can you have it all?

Thanks for visiting Complaints City! We’ll return to posts about lip gloss and accessories very soon. And I promise not to have a nervous breakdown.


It’s Time to Accessorize


Okay, peeps. Here’s episode one of The Sarah James Show! It’s about accessories, which you all know are near and dear to my heart. Nicole Feliciano from MomTrends.com joined me for the episode, and she was full of great tips.

(I can’t watch myself on camera. CAN’T DO IT. I hope you all enjoy it, though.)