Happy Birthday, Whoorlita!


Wita is two years old today! I promise I say that with great enthusiasm! I’m not a sentimental mess! I’M NOT.

I’m telling you…this little gal is just the bee’s knees. The perfect mix of tomboy and girly girl, you can always count on Wita to be running at full speed with scraped elbows and shins while wearing a dress that SHE carefully picked out that morning.

Sometimes her fashion choices are a hit…

And sometimes, they are a bit, ahem, questionable.

(She shares my love for accessories, what can I say?)

However, it’s not just my sartorial assistance that is unwelcome; nope, pretty much anything I try to help her with (eating, walking down stairs, drawing, getting in and out of the car, playing with toys, etc.) is frowned upon. No thanks! No help is needed over here! Wita can manage. As she loves to exclaim on an hourly basis, “I DID IT!! BA MAHSHALF.”

And she certainly does.

She’s got a stride that could rival the most confident of grown women.

She loves hanging with her brother and the “big kids.”

Although she finally graduated to her own fancy vehicle in Oklahoma this summer.

(In true Wita fashion, she was totally pissed that it didn’t drive as fast as the boys’ cars.)

I recently re-read last year’s birthday post, and the adjectives I used to describe Wita still stand.

Curious. Deft. Fearless. People watcher. Feisty. Independent. Water baby. Physically strong. Determined. Quick on the draw.

However, over this past year, I’ve watched an entirely new set of traits emerge.

This little girl has a heart so full of love that it regularly stops me in my tracks.

A never-ending supply of affection. As a family member or friend of Wita, you can expect at least 20 hugs and kisses throughout the day.

An abundance of silliness and nonstop chatter.

And an empathetic spirit that far exceeds her two years.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl! It’s been a beautiful year, and I can’t wait to see what’s around the corner.


My Ultimate Running Playlist


Here’s the thing – I’ve spent years trying to perfect my running playlist. For me, music is everything while I’m running. Without it, I would not be able to run more than 3 blocks, and it’s insane how a particular song can take me from out of breath and miserable to completely focused and intense within seconds. How does it do that? Praise be to music, is all I have to say.

However, the music I listen to while running is completely opposite of what I listen to on a daily basis around the house. Some people choose to listen to their favorite artists’ more upbeat tracks, but for me, I need something completely different. Songs that take me to another place, mentally. (Let’s just say a little less Andrew Bird and Phoenix, and a bit more Jay-Z and Daft Punk. Possibly some gunshots and booty commentary as well…)

I’ve created my playlist on Spotify and it’s right here. And if you’re anything like me, be sure to put the playlist on shuffle because the next song always needs to be a surprise. Keeps you on your toes.

If you don’t use Spotify (um, why not? It’s the greatest!), here’s the playlist.


Get Serious About Skincare


I told you what Wito said to me on my 37th birthday last year, didn’t I? About my face crack? Love that kid, but talk about a DOWNER.

I couldn’t have cared less about skincare in my twenties, but man, things are different now. Here’s the third episode of my show, covering all things skin. Honestly, I wanted to lock my guest, Dr. Dina Strachan, in a room for hours while I interrogated her. She had so much information – how to treat aging skin, combat puffy eyes, how and when to wear sunscreen and what types, getting facials…plus she talked about retinoids, which I just started using myself this month.

If you are into skincare, I highly recommend checking this episode out!


La Plates Giveaway


I can’t believe it’s been almost 4 years since I did my last giveaway for La Plates. How can this be? You all need these plates in your lives, I tell ya.

So, my (very high) opinion of the company and their products hasn’t changed, but to reiterate, I adore La Plates melamine plates for many reasons.

1. They are absolutely lovely.

2. They are made in the USA.

3. They are dishwasher-safe. (Holla!)

4. They are BPA-free.


Each of my kids has their own personalized plate, and recently we received a set of 8 plates + a matching platter which could not be more perfect for al fresco summer dining. To not have to worry about plates breaking or getting chipped is fantastic. Add the fact that the plates are completely stylish and not just dinky old paper plates? Greatest thing ever.

See what I mean? Perfect.

The lovely Lara from La Plates has generously offered to give 8 monogrammed plates + a matching platter to a lucky whoorl reader just in time for summer. And you wouldn’t believe how many designs and monograms you can choose from – we ended up choosing the gray mosiac pattern with an orange monogram for ours, but the options are truly limitless.

Now if you just can’t wait and must get in on this action right away, Lara has a great deal on the set here. And if plates aren’t your thing, La Plates creates all sorts of monogrammed accessories – bags, totes, iPhone covers, placements, acrylic trays, necklaces, keychains – it’s like a one-stop chic monogram mecca.

To enter, like La Plates on Facebook and then leave a comment here before Wednesday, June 27th at 6pm PST. Good luck!