Dapper Duds


We are Oklahoma bound tomorrow morning, as D’s sister is getting married this weekend. One thing that always gets me excited about weddings is dressing Wito. Sure, dressing little Wita is fun, but girls are SO. MUCH. EASIER when it comes to getting dressed. Little girls have millions of dresses to choose from, so I find the real challenge is dressing the young man in your life.

Here’s what Wito will be sporting this weekend. I can’t wait to see my little man looking as dapper as ever.

Navy Blazer, Nordstrom (On sale right now!)
Striped Bow Tie, Sharp Dressed Little Man on Etsy
White Oxford Shirt, The Children’s Place (I got Wito’s at H&M for 10 bucks last year.)
Sperry Suede Bucks, Endless
Plaque Belt, J. Crew
Seersucker Pants, J. Crew (Got these for 30% the sale price last week. Score.)


How To Burn 1,000 Calories While Wii Boxing


You guys. Wito has taken Wii Boxing to an entirely new level.

If you choose to watch this clip, please take note of a few details.

1. The level of spastic boxing increases at every round. If you prefer a 5-second spaz summary, please check out the 1:30 mark. (But then you would miss the insightful commentary, such as “I’LL PUNCH HIM DOWN I’LL PUNCH HIM DOWN,” as well as his victory dance at the end. Your choice.)

2. I enjoy how he spends half the match staring at, well, I have no idea. Channeling some sort of boxing demigod?

3. Wito can do this for 30-45 minutes at a time. I have no idea how he can sustain that level of energy. (Oh, yeah! He’s five.)

After finishing the match, he sat down next to me and said, “Phew! That boxing is a better workout than your Pilates!”

It’s a close one, but I think he might be right.


Odds and Ends


1. Operation Peony Lim is in full effect over here. My hair is approaching chest level, and I keep looking at photos of her for inspiration. photo credit: Citizen Couture

2. Speaking of hair, have you checked out Hair Thursday lately? Go ahead, take a look. TADA! Hair Thursday is no longer its own website – it’s now over here. Ah, the gang is back together again. Hugs.

3. I was mentioned in Forbes. How cool is that?

4. Hawaii, Hawaii, Hawaii. I may never stop talking about it. I’m all about beach vacation packing essentials (for you) and tips and tricks for traveling by plane (for the little ones) here. I also included more pics from our first day in Maui.

5. I don’t know whether I should be proud or embarrassed, but this week was the first week in a long time that I worked out every day. 3 days of pilates and 3 days of running. IN A ROW. Hot damn! Which totally led me to write about the most popular workout DVDs for ladies over here. Have you tried any of them?

6. I guest posted at Gilt’s Little Inspirations blog this week about no frills, no fuss summer makeup for moms. It’s the perfect quick makeup routine for those of us with little time on our hands!

7. I just ordered some tees from Everlane. Have you heard of them? Here’s the deal. You know those $50 tees you see around (or buy)? Well, they cost about $6 to make – the rest is mark-up. Everlane cuts out the middle man and produces the same soft, high-quality tees for 15 DOLLARS. Oh yes, baby. You need to check them out. Can’t wait to get mine.

8. Don’t forget to enter my giveaway for the most super awesome vacuum ever. It runs through next Tuesday.

9. Any plans for the extended weekend? We’re hanging out around here – going to a couple open houses, a barbecue at my cousin’s house on Sunday, and a beach day with the Howertons on Monday. Can’t wait to just chill out before our trip home to Oklahoma next week. (10 days! Sister-in-law’s wedding! My 20th high school reunion! YIKES.) I hope you all have a perfectly relaxing and super fun weekend.


Yes, I am writing a post about a vacuum cleaner.


What? You mean you don’t vacuum your house in a dress and heels? DOMESTIC GODDESS STATUS REVOKED!

Let’s talk about the newest love of my life. Yes, it’s a vacuum cleaner, and although some of you might think that a little awkward, if you’ve been around here for awhile, you know I love me some clean floors. I am a Vacuuming Expert, a Sweeping Expert… basically, if you need to someone to come over and rid you of all the dust bunnies on your floor, I’m your girl.

Remember how excruciating it was for me to leave those Cheerios on my kitchen floor for this experiment? I shudder at the thought.

Here’s the deal. I’m not going to name names, but D and I plunked down a LOT of cash for a very popular vacuum cleaner a few years ago, and although that very popular vacuum cleaner was very loved during the first few months, it quickly became the bane of our existence. It was horrible. It wouldn’t suck up 50% of what was on the floor, and we were totally baffled. I can’t tell you how many times we would look at each other and say, “maybe we’re doing it wrong.” Doing it wrong? It’s a VACUUM CLEANER, not a highly scientific projectile rocket launcher. Yet we would try and try and then visit the the manufacturer-approved repair facility who would replace a random part, only to see no significant improvement when we returned home. Let me be completely frank, our housekeeper wouldn’t even use it. She instead lugged a 50-pound monster from 1979 around the house instead of utilizing the Fancy New Vacuum.

The vacuum was highly annoying, to say the least. Especially to a lady who quite enjoys vacuuming her floors. So when Oreck contacted me about sending me the new Oreck Magnesium Vacuum Combo, I kind of flipped out like a freak of nature. YES, ORECK. PLEASE SEND ME THE VACUUM. P.S. – I LOVE YOU.

You guys. YOU GUYS. I’m trying so hard not to be all cringeworthy vacuum cleaner fan girl, but I love it so much. It sucks up everything. Everything! You can use it on all types of floors and rugs! It lies virtually flat, so you can vacuum allllllll the way underneath chairs and other furniture! AND! It weighs 7 pounds. I am totally serious when I tell you than I can hold the vacuum cleaner above my head with one hand.

Now, of course, it retails for $600, so it better be a damn good vacuum cleaner, right? It is worth every penny though, and I would gladly spend my cash on this bad boy. (Immediately followed by setting the former Fancy Vacuum Cleaner aflame while performing some Wiccan dance routines in my driveway.) Don’t forget that the combo includes the Ultimate Handheld Vac, a powerful, portable and lightweight handheld vacuum. If your current handheld vacuum is a little lackluster (let’s say it sucks up Cheerios, but the second you turn it off, the Cheerios fall right out of the nozzle onto the floor…you know what I’m talking about…), you will love this awesome little vac.

Drumroll, please. Oreck is giving away one Magnesium Vacuum Combo to a lucky Whoorl reader. Awesomeness. There are a few ways to enter.

1. The first (and mandatory) entry is to head over to Oreck, check out the vacuum, and leave a comment on this post about one thing you learned about the Magnesium.

If you’d like some extra chances to win, here are some more options. Please leave me a separate comment for each that you do so you get full opportunities to win!

2. Follow @oreck on Twitter.

3. Like Oreck on Facebook.

4. Sign up for Oreck’s email list by clicking on the orange “Sign up for Email” in the top navigation bar on the right at Oreck’s website.

The giveaway winner must be a resident of the 48 contiguous states. Sorry, Hawaii and Alaska. You know I love you guys, though.

Entries will be accepted until next Tuesday, May 29th at 6 p.m. PST. I’ll announce the winner the following day. Good luck, everyone!

Oreck kindly provided me with the Magnesium Vacuum Combo. Oreck Corporation provided the prize for the sweepstakes but is not the sponsor of the sweepstakes.