Au Revoir!


Monday morning, I’m leaving California on a little adventure. First stop, New Jersey, where I will get the chance to film my very own talk show at CafeMom Studios. Totally crazy, but super exciting crazy. We’re filming ten episodes devoted to all the things I love to chat about – beauty, style, parenting, travel, fitness, organization, taking care of yourself, and we have some really fantastic guests lined up. I’m really excited. And nervous. But mostly excited. No, maybe nervous.

From New Jersey, I’ll be flying straight to Miami for Mom 2.0. I can’t wait! I’m speaking on a panel entitled, What Happens Now? Moving from ‘Mom Blogger’ to ‘Mom Who Blogs’: How to Transition Your Site, Brand & Focus with four lovely ladies. I’m nervous about that as well, but the New Jersey nerves are overriding the Miami nerves for the time being. I suspect that will change in about a week. Any chance I might see you there?

From Miami, I’ll be flying back to California for just a few days before our family takes off on a short vacation to Honolulu.

(Deep breath.)

(Can you imagine the sheer multitude of lists cluttering my desk right now? It’s uncanny, really.)

All in all, I’m beyond thrilled for the next few weeks, but I have to admit, up until now, 3-4 days away from my kids has been my max, and this first 7-day stint is going to be tough. I’m sure my jam-packed schedule will make the week fly by, and I really, really hope it feels the same way to my kids. I know a lot of you travel for longer periods than that (how do you do it?), but ugghhhhhh, I feel like it’s a long time for me to be away. The busy preparation of the past few weeks has kept my mind off leaving the kiddos, but that achy pang in the pit of my stomach has officially made itself known over the past day or two. Blergh.

Posting will be light over here for the next few weeks, but I’m sure I’ll be around my usual haunts, Instagram (whoorl) and my Facebook page. And speaking of my Facebook page, the recent conversations over there indicate to me that you all have varied opinions regarding Fifty Shades of Grey right now. All I can say is, seriously, STOP WITH THE INNER GODDESS TALK, MISS ANA. I can’t deal. (Also, I really hope my neighbor on the plane doesn’t peek at my Kindle because he/she will surely think I’m a porny porn peep.)

Wishing you a great few weeks! Talk soon. (Or as one freaky dude would say, “Laters, baby.”)


Blogger Beauty Secrets


33 of my favorite bloggers’ beauty tips right here.



Working the Runway


Bel Bambini recently opened a new store in Newport Beach, and we had the chance to preview the store during a fun party for local bloggers.

Besides attending the party, Wito and Wita were invited to model some of Bel Bambini’s clothes in a fashion show. I knew it was going to be a super relaxed atmosphere, so I agreed. Wito would love it, and Wita…well, we just crossed our fingers when it came to Wita. She’s 22 months old, people. You just kind of hope for the best, right?

To sum things up, here were the kids’ attitudes in regards to the show.

This is going to be fun. I’m happy to be here, mom!

This is bullshit.

Oh, Wita. God love her.

However, once she started to check things out, she changed her tune. Here she is checking out the fashion show platform.

Just a tad suspicious.

It was time to get the kids dressed. I walked over to the dressing area and received both kids’ outfits. I had to do a double-take when I surveyed Wita’s outfit. Not only was it white, but was made by CHRISTIAN DIOR. Two things I would probably never put on messy little Wita, but there she stood, drooling in a pristine white outfit that cost more than her mother’s. Hold me. I told D to please make sure that she didn’t dirty herself while I got Wito dressed. To him, I guess that was code for “give Wita food.”

Or “let Wita rub her tush all over the stair carpeting.”

Wito’s shirt was adorable. (Ben Sherman.)

After the kids were ready, they hung out for a bit of storytelling.

On with the show! Beautiful India.

Dapper Kembe.

Kristen and I taking a break from discussing how we are going to make Wito’s and India’s arranged marriage seem “okay” and “cool” to them.

(Because really, you guys? Are they not the cutest couple or what? Arranged marriages aren’t that horrible, right?)


When it was time for my kids to make their appearance, Wito stood on the platform with a sweet smile.

And Wita?

Well, she did some dancing. The kind of dancing that would be appropriate during, let’s say, a 1920’s vaudeville act.

I little bit of the action was filmed for this video. Check it out around the 4:34 mark.

Good times, people. Good times.


Odds and Ends


This week’s Odds and Ends post is focusing less on tips and tricks and more on “things that make you go hmmm.”

1. “You have got to be yourself. That’s all there is to it.” Rachel soooo hit the nail on the head with this post.

2. You’ve got to be yourself, which leads directly to Getting Over My Fear of Being Judged. I’m personally working very hard on this one right now.

3. Okay, this letter is just plain loco. Like crazy hilarious loco.

4. An Open Letter to Circle of Moms: Adoptive Families are Not Controversial. Yet another great piece by Kristen – and while we’re on the subject, these kind of Top 25 contests drive me insane. Like I said in the comments section of her post, I just don’t understand how bloggers don’t see right through this kind of crap. As Kristen states, these sites are all about exploiting bloggers through flattery.

5. Hearing about Tennessee coach Pat Summit’s resignation due to early-onset dementia saddens me more than I can say. Not only because I’ve been a huge college sports fan my whole life, but what Coach Summit has done for the University of Tennessee, young athletes, women coaches and working moms alike…it just breaks my heart that she is dealing with such a horrible disease. Katie Granju wrote a really touching post about Coach Summit here.

6. Not another Mommy War. Interesting post by Joanne regarding the whole Hilary Rosen/Ann Romney controversy.

Wishing everyone a great weekend!