Look! I heeded your advice!


Here’s another segment I shot for Yahoo’s The Thread about fashion and beauty etiquette from the 20s through the 50s.

The REAL reason I want to show you this is that I totally took your advice during my No Shopping Challenge weak moment in January. (Thank you!) The majority of you all told me to suck it up and find something in my closet for this segment, and I did. Everything I’m wearing in this video (down to the accessories) is at least 2 years old.

Okay, the REAL REAL reason I am showing you this is so I can divert your attention away from what I’m about to tell you. Um, if you didn’t happen to see on Twitter or Instagram, I failed the challenge a few weeks ago. And it wasn’t just one thing, it was SEVERAL things at J. Crew. D should not have left me in there alone! I have no willpower!


Anyway, video. Forgive me.


My Pantene Commercial: Behind the Scenes (Part Two)


Part One here.

I woke up the morning of the shoot around 5:00am. Actually, I think it would be more accurate to say that I got out of bed at 5:00am. After getting a taste of the size and scope of the commercial the day before, my nerves got the best of me overnight. I did fall asleep at some point in the wee hours of the morning, only to be jolted awake by a nightmare that I had missed my call time. Thanks, REM, I appreciate it.

The driver picked me up at 5:45am, and I was on my way to the shoot. First up, hair and makeup with Serena and Francesca. (Francesca is just Beyonce’s personal makeup artist. NO BIGGIE.)

As you can see, the sun was just coming up. (Hello across the way, Alex!) Serena looked over my hair and started to smooth out any slept-on action. (For those of you who asked in the last post, yes, my hair was blown out the day before and not washed again on the day of the shoot.) And this is why Serena gets paid the big bucks…perfectly smooth hair.

We had a super full day, starting with the famous Pantene hair swish. This made me tremendously happy because a) DUH, I was going to do the Pantene swish, and b) it would give me some time to acclimate to the set and crew before we filmed my speaking parts.

Now, I had received the call sheet the day before, so I knew that there would be approximately 80 people working at the shoot, but I can’t even adequately express to you all just how much time and effort and manpower is involved in shooting a national commercial. I would be lying to you if I said my adrenaline wasn’t pumping at 1,000 percent that morning. I was the “talent” (never thought I’d see THAT next to my name on a call sheet), and the pressure was on.

The sound stage was enormous.

I couldn’t have dreamed up a better set for “my bedroom.”

The details of the shoot were so intricate and beautiful. (Like I said, SO much effort and creativity put into every step.)

Then there were the people.

ALL OF THE PEOPLE. Who were watching my every move, thankyouverymuch. The director, the producers, the camera department, the lighting crew, grips, art department, A/V, the advertising execs, the client…like I said, NO PRESSURE.

(I loved every single moment, though. My parents have said it for decades…I live for pressure situations. I’m weird like that.)

The director of the shoot was Tryan George (seen here in the top hat), and the director of photography (standing behind) was Pieter Vermeer. You should totally check out the links of their work. Impressive stuff…

(Just between you and me, and since I am 99.99% percent sure I’ll never see him again, I’ll let you in on a little secret. Pieter was not so bad to look at…nope not at all, that Pieter. One hell of a scruffy looker, if you ask me.)

One thing I learned rather quickly in regards to shooting a commercial is that lots of people get all up in your personal space, but they don’t want to talk to you. This seemed a little odd at first (Hey! Are you trying to make out with me? No? Okay then…), but I quickly realized they just need to execute their job, whether it be apply more lip gloss, fix and errant strand of hair, or test the lighting. So don’t try to be polite and make chitchat, people. Zip it.

See? Not talking, just standing still while the nice man cups his hand next to my head. Trés professional.

Here I am on set, deep in thought.

(Deep in thought about PIETER. Kidding! Possibly.)

(Actually, I was thinking, “Am I really about to attempt the Pantene swish wearing the mangy cargo pants I rolled out of bed and threw on at 5:00am?”)

(The answer was yes.)

The time had come. It was swish time.

I’ll be back next week with a lot more of this.

Part Three here.


Let’s Talk Nutritional Supplements


At this point in my life, I don’t have much time for magazines. I used to subscribe to tons, but decided to cut back when stacks of unread magazines started to take over my bedside table. For the past year, I have subscribed to two magazines, US Weekly (What? It’s my Friday night mindless reading ritual and has been for years. I sense judgement…) and Martha Stewart Living. I read both cover-to-cover; well, I actually read US Weekly three-quarters of the way until it gets to all the television/music/movie reviews and 49 diet pill ads, but what I’m saying is I (mostly) enjoy them.

About a month ago, I got an email advertising a special on Martha Stewart’s magazine Whole Living. It was, like, 10 bucks for the entire year so I subscribed.

(See? No bedside stack!)

I just can’t get enough of this magazine. I read every printed word on every single page. It’s totally holistic wellness and beauty and food, but not over the top. Love it, and I’m pretty much on board with most of it, except I’ve noticed lots of advertising for vitamins and nutritional supplements. (I even saw one for a pill that supposedly boosts collagen production. What the what?) I don’t take any nutritional supplements regularly. Occasional zinc for colds, probiotics, and chia seeds in my smoothies are the only supplements I use, but not on a daily basis. However, I am intrigued by Omega-3 supplements in pill form and have heard a lot about sea buckthorn for skin, hair and nails.

Should I incorporate nutritional supplements into my daily regimen? Do you? If so, what do you take?


Odds and Ends


1. Everything about the woman in the above photo is perfection to me. Absolute perfection.

2. I completely forgot to announce the winner of the Jewelmint giveaway from a few weeks ago. Sorry, guys! The winner of the JewelMint jewelry is #41, Abi!

Congratulations, Abi. I’ll be contacting you shortly.

3. Speaking of giveaways, don’t forget to enter my $100 Gilt giveaway going on until Monday, March 12th.

4. I’d like to chalk it up to the crazy month I’m having, but man, I have REALLY dropped the ball in regards to working out the past few weeks. When I read this post by Linda, I couldn’t stop yelling “YES, EXACTLY!” at my computer. (I talk to my computer sometimes, don’t you?) Why is it so hard for us to consistently work out when we know how good working out makes us feel? Answer me that one.

5. The Vitamix lovefest continues, and yes, I know I owe you a post on why I decided to buy the Vitamix blender over the Blendtec. One day, one day, I PROMISE. In the meantime, please make Shutterbean’s raw chocolate milk. It is so delicious and so easy to make and completely dairy-free!

6. While you’re at it, make this homemade lip scrub, especially if you plan on wearing vibrant pink or red lipstick in the near future.

7. Have you seen the Photojojo camera phone lenses? Wide angle! Telephoto! FOR YOUR CAMERA PHONE. Genius.

8. 5 tough-love principles for making friends with other moms. #3 really hit home with me. I’m the mom that makes a beeline directly to my child’s class during pick up and drop off, and really need to make myself more available. What about you?

Happy weekend, everyone!

image credit: Vogue