House Hunters International


You guys, I’m so behind on this whole television thing…don’t get me started, really, BUT I just started watching House Hunters International last month and am a total addict junkie. Every night, I can’t wait until the kids are sleeping so D and I can hop in bed and watch several episodes back-to-back. Addict junkie, I say!

First off, I mean, it’s AMAZING AND LIFE-CHANGING. How I lived without it for 37 years, I’ll never know. Some cities are so much less expensive than I thought! Some cities are insanely more expensive than I thought! Some cities are amazingly beautiful, and some make me want to stab my eyes out with a fork! Most importantly, I could listen to Brits say the word “property” all the live long day. “This is such a lovely prah-pah-tea.” “We’re looking for a 3-bedroom prah-pah-tea.” Say it with me, PRAH-PAH-TEA.

Secondly, I have a life list. (I’ve never shared it here. Yes, I know one of the best things about a life list is to SHARE it with others here on the interwebs, but I am a wuss and I don’t want to, ya hear?) One of my life list goals is to move abroad for at least a year. I am really wanting this to happen within the next 5 years.

(This very moment, my mom is yelling upstairs to my dad, “Ron! She’s really lost it this time! She wants to move to EUROPE. Hell’s bells!”)

(She’s never used the term “hell’s bells” before, but let’s just go with it.)

So! Europe. Want to get there soon, while the children are young. Of course, there are some technicalities to work out, like JOBS and SCHOOLS and NOT KNOWING ANYONE and NOT SPEAKING THE LANGUAGE, but hell’s bells! We appreciate a nice challenge.

Tops on my list right now – Denmark, Switzerland, Netherlands. (All ridiculously expensive, right? I mean, good god, Geneva! $10,000/month for a decent apartment?) Spain, France, and Italy are up there, of course, but as you can see by my DVR, I have lots more research to do.

Are any of you all HHI junkies as well? Let’s embrace.

(My other favorite show, which I can’t believe I’m admitting to you, is STORAGE WARS. Yuup! Orange County in the house!)




Have you all heard of StyleMint? It’s the brainchild of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, featuring members-only access to their exclusively designed and styled Ts, with new styles to choose from every month. I LOVE this idea, as I am always in need of some new Ts. (All Ts for $29.99, no less!)

I took a quick style quiz on the website (I’m never really sure about style “quizzes,” but I must say it was dead on), and immediately ordered three. Fast forward a few days later, and a box of these beauties was waiting on my doorstep.

Isn’t the packaging just lovely?

I almost didn’t want to open them.


First up! The Charlton in white with red polka dots. This is the kind of tee I could wear almost every day –  love the elbow-length, as well as the sharkbite hem. Perfect with your favorite skinnies.

Next up, the Broadway in hibiscus stripe. Now, it’s no secret that my stripe obsession will never end, and this bright red stripe was welcomed by the local closet residents.

The last T I ordered was the Wilshire in white. The wide scoopneck is really feminine, and the slight roominess in the torso makes it equally easy to wear tucked or untucked.

The ruched sleeves are a fun touch too.

As for sizing, the Ts are definitely true to the StyleMint sizing chart. Even though my measurements fell under size 1, I originally ordered a size 2 in the Ts.  (I mean, hello, it’s MARY-KATE AND ASHLEY OLSEN. Teeny tiny people!) However, I did need to return for the size 1. My point is, stick with the chart, ladies!

I think you should try out a T or two. I’ve got a promo code good for 15% off your first T at StyleMint. (First time buyers only, valid until 1/31/12.) The promo code is WHOORLclick here to start shopping pronto. New year, new tees!


2012 Resolutions


Hello! Happy New Year! Did you stay up late last night? I was out cold by 9:30pm, mainly due to yesterday’s flight with a possessed toddler. I got a glorious night’s sleep, though, and if that isn’t a great way to start the new year, I don’t know what is!

So! Let’s talk resolutions, folks. A have a few this year.

1. No shopping until April 1st. Besides what’s in my Paypal account ($41 at the moment), I can not spend money on clothes, shoes, or accessories. It’s been 12 hours and I’m already twitching in the corner. I can’t really go into more detail right now or I might start sobbing.

2. Ridding myself of disingenuous and/or pot-stirring folks. I think some of you all might be dealing with these types. You know the kind of person whose attitude towards you or your loved ones fluctuates from one end of the spectrum to the other depending on whose company you are in? Fun and happy one day, cold and distant the next, all depending on who else is around? Is it not just the most tiresome and bizarro behavior ever? Yep. I’m kind of over it. Same goes for pot-stirrers- I just threw them in for good measure. Operation Happy Times starts now. Who’s in? Holla!

3. Beauty Resolutions. I’ve got a couple of beauty resolutions over here. Thanks to my first one, my hair currently looks like a shaggy dog.

2012, I’ve got a good feeling about you. Happy New Year, everyone!


2012 Beauty Resolutions


Happy New Year, everyone! I just returned from a week visiting my family, and I’m more than ready to take on 2012.

In terms of Hair Thursday, this is going to be a great year. I have some incredibly exciting news to share with you in the upcoming months, and I CAN’T WAIT. (Seriously, I’ve been sitting on my hands since September, and will be able to spill the beans soon. Hooray!)

In the meantime, though, I am focusing on three beauty resolutions for 2012.

1. Be nicer to my hair. I had some really fantastic hair days in 2011, but unfortunately, all of the blowouts and curling iron use has really taken its toll. My hair has been looking a little dull and dry lately, so I am resolving to go au natural as much as possible this year. Of course, that means embracing my natural (and lately quite lackluster) waves and laying off the heat tools once in awhile. ENJOY Luxury Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner, Aveda Be Curly, Oribe Supershine Cream, Nuxe Hair Oil, and Pantene Smoothing Balm are some of the products that will be in heavy rotation over the next few months.

2. Embrace bright lipstick. I fell in love with NARS Flamenco this year, but now I think it’s time to move into hot pink territory. I recently bought Dior Addict lipstick in Dior Kiss, which is a beautiful rosy pink recommended by Keiko Lynn, but I think I need to take it up a notch for date night. Maybe something like this? (Don’t click on Keiko Lynn’s makeup category unless you have at least a couple hours to kill. She’s amazing!)

3. Wear fragrance. I’ve written about this before, but I am forever on the hunt for the perfect fragrance. I’m pretty sure I’ll never find it, but in the meantime, with the invention of rollerballs, I can try all different types without making a big investment. 2012 will be all about smelling pretty!

There you go…my 2012 beauty resolutions. What are your beauty resolutions, if any? Are you looking to try out any new hair or beauty looks?