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Brenda Ponnay (aka Secret Agent Josephine) and I go way back. Wayyyyyyyy back – in fact, it was Brenda who encouraged me to start this blog back in 2005! (Which, of course, led me to search for past entries about SAJ, and well, there went my entire morning.)

Tiny aside – do you all remember this video of Wito and Baby Bug?

Our sweet babies!

If you haven’t heard of SAJ, let me tell you, this artist/illustrator/writer dynamo is the bee’s knees, and she recently published three children’s books! She’s been conducting a virtual book tour over the past month, and I wanted to ask her a few questions so you could get to know her better. HOWEVER, being the letter W on the tour means that pretty much every question has already been asked of her by the other book tour participants. So, I called in the big gun. Wito. Here is a transcript of Wito and Brenda’s interview.

Wito: What is your favorite color?

SAJ: My favorite color is RED.

Wito: Why?

SAJ: Because it’s bright and happy.

Wito: Why?

SAJ: Because it’s on the warm end of the color spectrum. It’s a hot color as in FIRE! FIRE!

Wito: Why?

SAJ: Because I don’t know?  Something about wavelengths and science. Go ask your Mom.

Wito: Why?

SAJ: Because she is smarter than I am and probably memorized all that stuff.

Wito: Why?

SAJ: I don’t know. Maybe because she is a genius just like you. And she can memorize whole books.  Maybe YOU should get back to ME with that answer.

Wito: BYE!

(Just to set the record straight, I’m pretty sure Brenda is smarter than the two of us combined, but thanks for the nice words, SAJ!)

Take a look at these adorable books.


They’re completely charming, and perfect for holiday gifts, whether they be in paperback or electronic editions. (All electronic titles are only $2.99!) My postillion has been struck by lightning.

iPad/iPhoneABCsColors, and Numbers.

KindleABCsColors, and Numbers.

NookABCsColors, and Numbers.

Paperback: ABCs, Colors, Numbers.

Keep track of SAJ’s Stealthy Book Tour here (there are fun clues to collect along the way), and check out all of her awesome books. I’m so proud of you, SAJ!!!

Oh! One last thing. Brenda is offering one 8×10 “W for Whale” print to one of the commenters!

Just leave a comment with your favorite “w” word by Monday, December 19th at 6pm PST and you’ll be entered to win! (My favorite “w” word is “whirl,” which I wanted to be the URL for this blog, but it was already taken. Hence, Whoorl was born!)



Perfect Blowout Giveaway Winner!


Congratulations to #68, Jamie! You’re blowout products will be on the way shortly!


Happy Monday! (And An Exercise Request…)


A few things on this (rare) rainy morning in Southern California.

1. I redesigned my site again. Actually, D redesigned my site. Don’t we love D? I love D. Especially when he picks up on my very subtle clues that I’m needing a change. (You know, like staring out the window with a fake tear, shaking my head and muttering that I can’t continue my online presence. “It’s just too hard. The inspiration is GOOOONNNNE.”) He’s a doll, that one. Worked on it all weekend for me!

2. Aunt Flo came to visit this morning. I’m sure you all are thrilled to start off your week with that information, but let me just say, Aunt Flo visited after being 7 DAYS LATE. You know, I have a lot of big things planned for 2012, but another baby was really not one of them. I think I am electing myself President of the Two Is Enough Club.

3. Exercise! I realize I haven’t updated you all on my exercise routine after the boot camp post, but in March of this year, I hopped off the boot camp train and started doing small group Pilates on a reformer three times a week. I can’t even begin to tell you how much it had changed my body! However, after an unprecedented family discussion and vote (that Wita is quite the orator BABAAAAA DAHHHHGIE NOOOOOO), we joined a gym yesterday. (How dare they want to work out too! Assholes!) Starting this week, gone are the days of completely individualized instruction (BOO, but also gone are the ginormous monthly payments, YAY), and I’m a little nervous about losing the muscle tone and definition that I worked so hard to obtain, especially in my arms and back. (Which led me to do this Tracy Anderson video twice yesterday.)

Do you have any suggestions? I’m planning on getting my cardio via spinning and/or Elliptical, but in terms of toning, the gym offers a Barre-type class, as well as Mat Pilates. Do you all have any experience with those? Or great exercises I could do on all that meathead gym equipment? (Which totally intimidates the hell out of me, by the way. I’m skeered.)


It’s the Holidays, But Diaper Need Remains


Christmas lists and Black Friday and Cyber Monday and toy commercials and holiday planning…it’s a mind boggling time of year, isn’t it? Lots of cash flow going in and out, but while we are enveloped in All Things Holiday, please try to remember that many families don’t have clean diapers to put on their babies.

I can’t believe that almost a year has past since I started working as an Every Little Bottom ambassador, but I’m happy to say that we’ve raised a lot of money for families dealing with diaper need. The Huggies Every Little Bottom Program has continued to partner with local diaper banks and national organizations (such as Feeding America) to raise awareness, generate support, and most importantly get diapers into the hands of the families that need them, and I’m happy to say that over 22.5 million diapers have already been donated in 2011. Hooray!

Wonderful news, but we can still continue to do more. I have a few more posts on the subject, but remember, you can still find where to donate diapers locally here, attend a diaper drive event or even host your own diaper drive.

Disclosure: I have partnered with the Huggies® brand to help promote Huggies® Every Little Bottom program.  I have been compensated for my time commitment to the program, however, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments.