The Perfect Bob


This almost makes me want to chop my hair off again. Almost.

Photo via Refinery 29.


The Perfect Bob


This almost makes me want to chop my hair off again. Almost.

Photo via Refinery 29.


Odds and Ends


1. Alright, ladies. It seems from the tweets and emails and comments I’ve received, many of you will be rocking these pants soon. Since they were on final sale, I said a little prayer that they look smashing on all of you. (They will! I know they will!) I think I have some more of those 1 item/several look-type posts bouncing around in my brain. Adding to the to-do list!

2. Hair Thursday. Here’s the deal. I’m going back to the old days with the Hair Thursday stuff. Anything written about hair will be posted here, as well as the Hair Thursday site. (So what I’m saying is that if you subscribe to the whoorl feed, there is no reason to subscribe to the HT feed. Saving you from extra RSS clutter. You’re welcome.)

I’m not promising lots and lots of posts, but I am going to do an old school HT makeover once in awhile. I had a cathartic moment last week and deleted every single makeover request saved in my inbox. We’re starting fresh, people. If you would like to be considered, please send me a photo (NOT A TINY ONE WHERE I CAN’T SEE YOUR HAIR) and answer these questions. Simple as that.

3. I published two posts this summer about my ongoing tattoo removal at Hair Thursday. If you are interested in following me on this looong journey, the first post and video is here and the second post is here. I am also doing laser hair removal on my underarms, and the results are freaking fantastic. I seriously can’t believe I waited this long. Would that be a post you are interested in reading over here?

4. This week’s Babble post is looking for ways to help Wito improve his fine motor skill development. If you have any tried or true tips, I would love to hear them!

5. My bearded boyfriend Ray is playing at The Greek tomorrow night, and I am literally counting the minutes. The last time I saw him, I was pregnant with Wita, sitting second row center and taking crappy photos with my iPhone.

So close I can almost touch your beard.

This weekend, I’m most definitely not pregnant and sitting nowhere near the front row, but I can’t wait to hear his voice again. Anyone seen him on this tour yet? I’m dying.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Sayonara Butterfly Tattoo: Part Two


(Part one with before photo here.)

So, yeah. I kind of disappeared over the summer in regards to the tattoo removal, but I’m back with an update!

I have now officially had three treatments on my tattoo, and I can see some fading, although it is definitely a slow process. I was told it would take around 10-12 treatments, so I’m hoping for complete removal by next summer. (Isn’t it crazy? A hasty 30-minute decision 20 years ago takes over a year to remove?? Ugh.)

Here are the progress photos so far.

The overall treatment takes less than 5 minutes, is mildly painful (I use numbing cream and ice beforehand), and takes about 1 week for the skin to heal after the laser treatment.

Although, this photo is kind of painful looking, no?

That’s what it looks like for about a week after treatment. Ouch.

Here’s my tattoo removal self portrait. Fancy, huh? Proof that I can still operate and aim my camera while being sabotaged with lasers. Can’t be THAT painful, right?

Don’t forget the groovy protective eyewear I get to sport!

My next appointment is in about a month or so, so I’ll be back with an update. ALSO! I’ve been doing laser hair removal on my underarms, and let me just say, I love it. No long, drawn out waiting periods on that front. I’ve had 3 treatments on my underarms, and I only need to shave about once a week. (I previously needed to shave every day.) It is THE AWESOME, people. I can’t believe how fast the hair has been eliminated!

If you’re looking for a little laser love, check out South Coast Med Spa’s awesome deals on laser tattoo removal and laser hair removal. Tell ‘em I sent ya, and maybe I’ll see you there!