Calling All Hair Color Virgins!


Aside from my brush with HotHeads extensions used as highlights, my hair has been as pure as the driven snow for quite some time. Although, let’s be honest, I definitely throw around the idea of changing it up once in awhile. Which got me thinking…how many hair color virgins are out there? Do you currently color your hair?

Poll time!

If you are a hair color virgin and are ready to make a change, Redken just launched the Redken Haircolor Virgin Campaign, exclusively on Redken’s Facebook page where you can enter for the chance to “lose it” with Redken and receive their first Redken haircolor service with Tracey Cunningham, Redken Creative Consultant for Color and Colorist to Cameron Diaz, Emma Stone, and Emily Blunt among others.

How It Works:

Beginning August 1, you can upload a photo of yourselves to the “Redken Haircolor Virgin” tab on Redken’s Facebook page. Facebook users will have until September 30 to vote for their favorite Redken Haircolor Virgin.  The winner will receive a three-day trip to Los Angeles and a haircolor makeover with Redken Celebrity Colorist Tracey Cunningham, and ten first-prize winners who will be awarded a $250 gift card to be used at their local Redken Salon.

A fun little contest, right? Let me know if you upload a photo so I can vote for you!


Happy Birthday, Wito!


The more things change,

the more they stay the same.

Happy 5th birthday, Wito. You’re my guy.

(First thing that came out of his mouth this morning. “I’m five now! Look, my pajamas have gotten smaller! I need new ones.”)


BlogHer Dancing Tips from a Pro(fessed Idiot)


Blogging about blogging is truly not my forte, so although I’m a 3-year veteran of BlogHer (2007, 2008, 2009, holla!), I won’t attempt dispensing much advice in regards to attending this week’s conference. (If you want to read a fantastic post on what to expect, though, please read Kristen’s recent one.)

However, for all you newbies and veterans alike, I am here to walk you through one of the paramount issues surrounding blogging conference parties, The Dancing. Specifically, moves you might best leave for the seasoned professionals, like yours truly. Here’s a little ditty I wrote three years ago, after returning from BlogHer in San Francisco.

(Also, I will be in San Diego Saturday evening, ready and willing to perform tutorials of the following steps for those interested.)

So You Think You Can Dance – BlogHer Edition

Originally posted on July 25, 2008

I had such a fantastic time at BlogHer. In a teeny nutshell, I was just so thrilled to be surrounded by smart, hilarious and well-rounded women instead of wiping dookie booty all day. (Can I get an AMEN?)

I think my personal high (LOW! LOW!) point of the weekend had to be “dancing” at the Mighty Haus launch party. Now, one would think that upon being invited to a party hosted by the lovely Maggie Mason, you would keep a certain air of composure about yourself as you navigate through the space and guests. And I did that…for about the first hour or so.

It’s just that people started to dance. And I really didn’t WANT to dance, but bodies were filing onto the dance floor and my adrenaline started pumping, and well, you’ll see.

Lucky for you, after noticing some photos on Flickr (thanks to Greeblemonkey and Mrs. Flinger), I can recreate this atrocity for your viewing pleasure with a mere five photos.

Photo #1:


There I am, making my way onto the dance floor. You can smell the determination in the air, can’t you?

Photo #2:


Here is my trademark warm-up maneuver. I like to walk around the floor, clapping my hands next to my ear, much like the Paso Doble. Look how Heather is rendered helpless by my matador-like movement. There is no denying it, she wants me.

Photo #3:


After the blood starts pumping, I launch into a contemporary performance art piece that Mia Michaels might as well have choreographed herself. Now, to the untrained eye, it seems I’m attempting the Charleston, but check out the back of my shirt. See how it’s airborne? This could only mean I’m at the tail end of David Lee Roth-type jumping maneuver. Leslie and Alana are AMAZED by my dancing prowess.

Photo #4:


Seriously, I have no idea.

Photo #5:


The pièce de résistance. My beloved Sprinkler maneuver. Let’s chat about this photo for a second.

1. Take notice of my face color. No, not reddish purple from embarrassment, but from INTENSITY. The Sprinkler is no joke, people.

2. I wonder, am I actually singing AND dancing at the same time? Or is it more of a guttural grunt, much like Serena Williams playing tennis?

3. My shirt buttons are literally holding on for dear life. Like I said, such is the Intensity of The Sprinkler.

4. The crotch of my pants is halfway down to my knees. This can only mean that the Van Halen jumps have loosened my pants considerably.

5. Will you marvel at my hand form? Mary Murphy would have nothing but praise for my lines.

All in all, I’m wondering about SYTYCD’s age limit for auditions because I am SO THERE NEXT YEAR.