Figuring Things Out


Let’s pretend you are a therapist. I’m sitting down on the couch now.

I’m toying with the idea of consolidating back to one blog. Freelance work is hopping, the kiddos’ activities are increasing every month, and I just feel like running both Whoorl and Hair Thursday is too much. I’d love to be able to focus all of my efforts on one blog, you know?

Plus, writing about hair on an almost DAILY basis at Hair Thursday has become, well, harried. Sure, I still want to share hair inspiration or a product review or a makeover post, but why can’t I just do that here at whoorl? Remember the good ol’ days? MEMORIEEES, LIGHT THE CORNERS OF MY MIIIIIND)

Hmmm, maybe I’m just having a moment. Who knows. Do you have any thoughts on the matter?


Neutral Accessories (And a $100 Shopbop Gift Card Giveaway!)


When it comes to shoes and most accessories, I’m very partial to gold, tan and silver. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve rationalized buying yet another pair of gold sandals. (Goes with everything! Neutral, but with a twist! I JUST NEED THEM, OKAY???) In fact, I attempted putting together a quick photo shoot of my collections, but quickly started to realize I might need to join Neutral Accessories Anonymous. Maybe at a later date…

I’m a huge fan of the megawatt bright clothing we’re seeing all over the place, and what do you know? Neutral accessories pair beautifully. Here are some of my current favorites.

I’m really lusting after that Tory Burch clutch (clutch, wristlet, whatever) on the bottom right. Isn’t it the perfect date night bag? (For the record, I’m not a big fan of  large insignia on accessories, but there are some really nice Tory Burch hobos and Tory Burch totes that are a demure step back from the larger insignia she introduced years ago.)

Are you thinking you need to add a neutral or two to your collection? Well, you’re in luck! My friends over at Shopbop are offering one fabulous commenter a $100 gift certificate! (Don’t you love Shopbop? I love the store, I love the Shopbop Blog, I love it all.) And if neutrals aren’t your thing, no worries! You can use the gift certificate for whatever strikes your fancy. Just leave a comment here before Friday, May 20th at 6pm PST and you’ll be entered to win. (International readers are welcome to enter as well.)

Good luck!


Mother’s Day


With my beautiful, caring, generous mother in 1975.

Up until yesterday, I had absolutely no idea Mother’s Day was this weekend. How did it creep up so quickly this year?

Maybe this was keeping me preoccupied earlier in the week…

Tummy trouble for poor Wito. Very early on Wednesday morning, after a brutal couple of hours with the red bucket, he looked at me with his glassy eyes and said, “I know I’m a big boy and that I don’t do this anymore (it’s been months and months), but may I please suck my thumb?”

Oh, my heart.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing Mother’s Day weekend. I know I can’t wait to bask in the extra kisses and snuggles from the two little ones who have made the past five years truly delightful, red bucket and all.


Reunited (With Blogs) And It Feels So Gooood


I lost that loving feeling for blogs about a year or so ago. Man, I’ve been PINING for the good ol’ days (pre-Twitter/Facebook/13 email accounts/Instagram/Google Reader/Pinterest/iPhone apps/etc.), but let’s face it, the good ol’ days are gone. Nearly six years ago, when I wanted to write about something, I wrote it on this blog. When I wanted to read something, I read it on your blog. Most likely, we left comments and became friendternets. That was fun, wasn’t it? Simpler times, oh friendternets. Now, it’s random observations jammed into 140 characters and/or a sentence or two underneath an iPhone photo and/or Twitter parties and/or gahhhhhhh, I’m totally turning into a crabby old hag.

At first, I thought that Google Reader would help to simplify my time spent online by creating a one-stop shop blog reading platform. And it did for awhile, but over time, I would amass 300-600 unread blog posts, become totally overwhelmed, and click the lame ‘Mark All As Read’ button. When I DID have time to read posts, I couldn’t even remember what blog I was reading due to the generic, clinical-looking feed reader template. Whose blog is this? How did I find this blogger? Why am I reading this? What was the connection that drew me to this person in the first place?

I think Kristen put it best when she wrote:

See, reading blogs in Google Reader is efficient, but it’s a little cold.  You miss the full experience of seeing the post where it was meant to be.  It’s kind of like eating take-out instead of eating in the restaurant.  You miss the ambiance. It also makes it harder to comment.

Right on. Considering the overwhelming majority of blogs that I read are lifestyle/design blogs, I was doing myself such a disservice by reading posts without actually visiting the blog where it was meant to be read. Plus, what were the chances that I would click through to leave a comment? Slim to none. On the other hand, I don’t have enough time in the day to visit all the blogs I love, in hopes that a new post may or may not be up.

Okay, I’m going somewhere with this, I promise! Thanks to Kristen, she wrote a post entitled, “if you read blogs, you should read this,” and it included a tip about the Google Reader Next Button. (She also wrote a great post on awesome smoothie recipes for kids who despise veggies, aka WITO, and she’s the reason I bought a rice cooker. Kind of stalking her right now.)


Now, I can click a little button in my browser toolbar and it will take me directly to the next chronological blog post in my reader queue. At the actual website, where it was meant to be read. Wahoo!

Here’s an example (click photo to enlarge):

Here’s one of my favorite newish blogs, Triple Max Tons. Instead of reading Kirsten’s post on a generic feed reader page like before, I experience it on her darling website where I get to see her face, as well as all the links and info that she has provided to readers. (Like the fact that she has a Pinterest account. I wouldn’t have known that without visiting her blog.) After I’ve read her post, I click the Next button in my toolbar, and I’m off to the next chronological post in my queue. Shazam!

However, the best part is when I have read everything in my queue and see this page.


People, it’s like old school blog-hopping with with a side of modern convenience. I’m enjoying blogs again, I’m commenting again, and all’s well in the blogosphere. (Except for the fact that I just used the term “blogosphere.”)

Check out the Next Button. Set up a Google Reader account if you don’t have one. Then go here, and click on the Goodies tab. It’s under “Put Reader in a Bookmark.” I think you might like it. Now I’m off to dream up a new whoorl design, as this one is gathering cobwebs.