Mother’s Day Boutique Benefitting The Maddie James Foundation


A lovely Mother’s Day boutique will be held on May 7th in San Clemente at Maddie’s old preschool, Early Explorations. ALL proceeds from the vendor sales will go directly to The Maddie James Foundation.

If you are in the area, please check out this great event!


Hotheads Extensions are RAD


I totally forgot to tell you all that I put in a few Hotheads extensions into my hair a couple of months ago.

I know what you’re thinking – Sarah just can’t live without long hair, but actually, I didn’t use the extensions for length. I used them for HIGHLIGHTS. How awesome is that idea? I had been toying around with the idea of an ombre look, so we placed a few lighter colors throughout to create an ombre effect (darker at the top with lighter ends) without permanently lightening my ends.

If you aren’t into coloring and/or highlighting your hair, extensions could be the way to go! Check out the beautiful highlights the extensions created in my brunette hair.

Tera used a mixture of dark blonde and light brown pieces to create that awesome color variation.

I put together a super quick video showing part of the experience for you all!


Navy and White Stripes


Oh navy and white striped top
I wear one of you nonstop
So cute with skinnies,
flats or a mini
A bright scarf helps you to pop

Oh navy and white striped top
My love for you won’t stop
A couple are fine
But I’ve crossed the line
I shouldn’t be allowed to shop


Sayonara, Butterfly Tattoo! Part One


See that faded pastel, sad-looking butterfly tattoo on my back? Yep, I’m getting rid of it FOR GOOD.

Thanks to the lovely folks over at South Coast Med Spa, my butterfly tattoo will be a faint memory in the near future. If you feel so inclined, you can get the scoop on this tattoo, as well as all the gory details of my laser removal session earlier this week. (You should watch, if only to witness my sweet laserproof glasses. Oh, and I only used profanity once! Baby steps.)

Also, if you’re looking for a little laser love, check out South Coast Med Spa’s awesome deals on laser tattoo removal and laser hair removal. Tell ’em I sent ya, and maybe I’ll see you there!