Reagan Goes Red!


Do you all read Hairdresser on Fire? Reagan is a hair goddess who creates some of the greatest tutorials EVER. (Seriously, I will SO rock this braided look when my hair gets a tad bit longer.)

Reagan just decided to venture into red territory and it looks amazing, don’t you think? Major girl crush over here.




Sunshine. Rain. Love. Loss. Family. Army Crawl. Trophies. Babble. Stripes. Wine. Blooms. Bonding. Highlights. Party shoes. Smiles. Guffaws. Tears.

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My Favorite Lip Glosses for Spring


Spring is here! (Although I hear horrible rumors that it is snowing in some parts of the country today. That’s downright nasty.)

As I type this post, it’s a perfect 74 degrees with sunny, blue skies in my neck of the woods. This gorgeous weather can only mean one thing – it’s time to update my daily makeup look with some fresh pink and coral lip glosses. The three glosses shown above have become my holy grail during the last month, and two of them can be bought at the drugstore! LOVE IT.

Have you all tried Sally Hansen Diamond 12 Hr. Lip Treatments? Seriously, stop what you are doing and get thee to a drugstore STAT. These glosses are sublime. The colors last all day, yet they aren’t sticky in the least. I’m having a hard time shelling out the big bucks for my Chanel and NARS stand-bys after trying these glosses. (psst – thank you to Karen for bringing these lovelies into my life. When it comes to cosmetics, what Karen says goes.) Flawless is a gorgeous pinkish coral, and Baguette is a sheer, shimmering fuchsia. Try ’em, you’ll like ’em. (People! They are only $6 a pop! What’s to lose?)

My other current favorite is Josie Maran Natural Volume Lip Gloss in Brilliance. A sheer, shimmering light pink, this shade is perfect for every day wear, especially if you are running out the door without much of anything else on your face. Totally natural and fresh looking. My only beef with this gloss is that the brush has become totally splayed after only a week or two. What’s up with that? However, I’m willing to look past it since the color is so gorgeous.

What about you? What are some of your favorite lip glosses for sunny, spring-like weather?


My Diaper Bag (+ Clava Giveaway!)


Let’s take a look at my unconventional diaper bag by Clava today, shall we?

Except that, yeah, I don’t carry it that way since I’m juggling a super squirmy 9-month-old. I usually wear it like this:

(Top: Lands End, Trouser Jeans: Gap, Charm Necklace: John Wind, City Flats: Gap, Sunglasses, Ray-Ban.)

However, unlike the above photo, there is a 78% chance that 1) my hair is in a ponytail, 2) my stretched-out sunglasses are falling off my face as I bend over to pick up some random teething toy that Wita has pelted at a stranger, and 3) I’m yelling at Wito to SLOW DOWN as he flails wildly into pedestrian traffic. Otherwise, yep, that’s me. Me and my diaper bag. Calm, cool and collected.

Here’s my thing about diaper bags. I really don’t like them. There just a little too diaper-y for me – in looks and in function. I’ve found that the ones I’ve owned in the past have had really large openings and been very roomy on the inside, which is great for most (I guess?), but I just found myself constantly digging around in my bag while the contents get all jumbled.

When Clava contacted me about trying out a bag from their Carina Collection, I immediately knew that I wanted the Carina Zipper Tote. When I told them that I wanted to use it as a diaper bag, I’m pretty sure they considered me a FOOL, as I noticed they quickly emailed links to other bags from the line that might be more suitable for that particular function. I mean, the Zipper Tote was designed for circling the globe in style! A perfectly chic laptop/work bag!

However, my mind was made up. I was going to rock that Zipper Tote as a diaper bag, dammit. Just watch me, world!

And guess what? I love my Carina Zipper Tote as a diaper bag. Check it.

(click photo for larger image)

It fits everything I need without it looking all sausage-stuffed from the outside AND the large inside pockets keep everything from getting jumbled AND the coated cotton canvas outer material can be wiped down easily AND the interior material is waterproof (sippy cup disasters averted!) AND when I no longer need to carry a diaper bag, this puppy will still be used for years and years as an awesome tote AND the best part? It doesn’t look like a diaper bag! HOLLA.

I think you should have a Carina Tote too. (Don’t worry, I won’t force you at gunpoint to use it as a diaper bag, I promise.)

Leave a comment on this post telling me which bag from the Carina Collection is your favorite, and you will be entered to win a Carina Zipper Tote of your color choice. Get crackin’, folks! Contest ends Friday, April 1st at 6pm PST. Good luck!