Ariat Boot Winner!


Sorry I disappeared for the week, but I was making major personal hair decisions over here.

Without further ado, the winner of the Ariat boots is #14, Carolyn!

Congratulations, Carolyn!

And remember, Langstons is offering 20% off all orders over $100 with the coupon code whoorl until Sunday, December 12th. I think you should just go ahead and by yourselves an early Christmas present. You deserve it, right?


My New Look


Here it is! I took the plunge and went collarbone length. This is the new cut air-dried with my natural wave. (And some help from Pureology Nourishing Nectar Sculpting Gel. I love this new product, and I don’t even have colored hair! Wavy girls, get thee some ASAP!!)

Now, I won’t lie. I was shakin’ in my boots last night.

Tera starting cutting the back, and when she stepped away for a second, I took a photo of the floor behind me.

I may or may not have had a small “moment” at that point.

I know, I know. It’s just hair! But I’ve had really long hair for a REALLY LONG time, so it’s become somewhat of a security blanket for me.

Goodbye, security blanket! After cutting, drying, flat-ironing and texturizing, I left the salon with a fresh look.

It’s going to take a little while to get used to (so long, topknot), but I love that I can wear it both straight and wavy for a completely different vibe. Hooray for new hair!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Let’s Talk About My Impending Hairstyle AGAIN


Uh, I feel a little self indulgent updating you on what photo I plan to use as inspiration for my hair appointment, but THIS IS A HAIR BLOG, RIGHT?

So. After giving it much thought from reading the comments and your emails, I’ve decided that a just-hitting-the-shoulder cut would just piss me off. It would get stuck in my collar, would be way too poufy and just bleeecccccch on me. I LOVE Anne Hathaway’s hair in these photos, but that’s just not my reality.

But! I still want to continue growing my bangs out, and I just found some photos of Rose Byrne that I adore.

What do you think?

1. I’ll definitely still be taking some length off, but it will still be long enough to steer clear of the dreaded flip.

2. My natural wave is very similar to the 2nd photo, which will be how I wear it 75% of time.

3. The side part suits my cowlick much better than a middle part.

Geez, are you sick of me yet? Because I’m completely sick of myself. Alright, let’s do this!


Inspiration for Tomorrow’s Salon Visit!


After much hemming and hawing, I think it’s time to take some length off. The collarbone-length cuts are jumping out at me, although with my chin-length bangs, the look wouldn’t be as uniform as some of these photos. Excited to take some of the weight off, though!

Feel free to throw any other ideas into the ring! My appointment is tomorrow evening!