10 Questions


1. Hitting the running trail again, and I’m dying to know what improvements have been made with Couch to 5k apps since I first completed it 4 years ago. Are there now ways to sync the program with your iPod while listening to your own music? Last time I did it, I was forced to listen to a podcast with shitty techno and creepy voiceovers. What’s the word, bird?

2. I need a new tinted moisturizer. I really like the one I use now (Cosmedicine Honest Face), but I’m wondering if something else out there might truly rock my world. (You know, since I turned 36 this past weekend. I am officially MID-TO-LATE THIRTIES. gahhhh age spots) I’m not a fan of Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, but am wondering about Tarte Smooth Operator, Josie Maran Tinted Moisturizer and the Philosophy one. Do tell.

3. I feel like I’m not spending quality time with Wito. It’s hard to get out with little miss Nappy McNapperson, so I’m desperate for things to do around the house with him that don’t involve iPhone apps or re-enacting scenes from Cars or REALLY LOUD NOISES. Any suggestions?

4. My blog is ugly and I’m currently dreaming up a little makeover. Any features that that you would like to see here? Would you still like me if I only wrote about lip gloss everyday? Tired mom = lip gloss blog fodder to the max.

5. Will the 4-month sleep regression please leave me the hell alone? And why the time change, Daylight Savings Master (aka Satan)?

6. Would you hate me if I injected botulism into my forehead? This gigantic wrinkle crevice between my brows is atrocious. (Chill, mom. I’m not going to get Botox. Although I dream about it on a weekly basis.)

7. Did you see my Battle of the Rollers on Hair Thursday? Steam vs. Heat!

8. Have you ever started to chug a glass of water, only to realize it is Ginger Ale/Sprite/Club Soda mid-swallow? RAUNCH.

9. I’ve made it halfway through Boot Camp! 5:30am, 3 times a week. It ain’t messing around, but guess who’s (barely) back in her pre-pregnancy jeans?

10. If you had to live in the same house as a Nick Jr. character, who would it be? I would choose Kai-Lan. She’s generally upbeat and helpful, her grandpa is hella wise, and she could teach me Chinese! (Moose and Zee, you are always welcome in the Whoorl Household too.)


Battle of the Rollers, Part Two – BaByliss Hairsetter


Battle of the Rollers part one here.

After trying the Caruso Hairsetter, I decided it was time to give the BaByliss Pro 30 Professional Hairsetter a spin. The BaByliss rollers are similar to what I’ve used in the past – heated rollers that create curl. This set includes 30 rollers: 6 small (3/4″), 8 medium (1″), 8 large (1 .25″), and 8 Jumbo (1.5″). I mainly used the jumbo size, but ran out and had to use the large on the bottom section of my hair. As for the unit itself, I liked how these rollers were double insulated – they fit down into the the casing, which helped to maintain temperature.

I rolled my hair in the same fashion as I did with the Caruso rollers. The one thing I noticed right off the bat is that I couldn’t take as much time rolling each individual section as I did with the Caruso. Holding these rollers for longer than a few seconds was uncomfortable due to the heat, so it made my rolled sections a little less perfect.

Notice the tissue on the right side. I forgot how hot rollers can burn your ears!

I left the rollers in until they cooled, removed, sprayed with a bit of hairspray and separated the curls in the same manner as the Caruso hairsetter review. Here was the result.

The curls were fairly similar to the Caruso, methinks. (Although the BaByliss rollers seemed to leave a little more frizz. You can see it on the left side of the above photo.)

To view my final verdict in the battle of the rollers, click here.  Oooh! Such Suspense!


Battle of the Rollers, Part One – Caruso Hairsetter


In case you haven’t noticed, big hair is everywhere. Fashion runways, magazine covers, you name it. It’s all about VOLUME this season. (Hallelujah, by the way. I’m ready to give my flat iron a rest.)

I decided it was time to revisit my high school ways and bust out the rollers. I fondly remember the days of driving to school with 39 rollers in my hair, as I was the Hot Roller Master. However, that was, ahem, quite awhile ago. What changes have come about in regards to rollers? What kind of rollers are considered the best? I decided it was time to figure it all out, so I tried two best-selling sets, the Caruso Steam Hairsetter and the BaByliss Pro 30 Professional Hairsetter.

Let’s chat about the Caruso Steam Hairsetter today, shall we? I am loving on this super easy-to-use hairsetter. Just fill a little water into the reservoir (shown below), let the water heat up, place individual rollers on the stand for 5-10 seconds and roll into your hair.

Now, I have to say right off the bat when reading reviews about this product, a few people mentioned that they “just didn’t have the time to wait for the curlers to be steamed.” You all, that is pretty much the most ridiculous statement ever. It takes 5-7 seconds to steam an individual roller, which is less time than it takes to prep a section of your hair to be rolled. A helpful tip – place the roller on the stand, then section off and smooth the hair. When you are finished with prepping the section, the roller will be properly steamed.

Take small sections of hair and roll onto the roller. (Bonus – steam rollers aren’t wicked hot like ceramic rollers, so you don’t have to worry about burning your fingertips!) If you have layered hair, one of the best features of a sponge roller is that you can start in the middle of the hair shaft and roll around, instead of starting at the very ends. This was super helpful for me because nothing is worse than trying to roll your hair while shorter pieces are falling off the roller.

Continue rolling all the way to the scalp and clip the holder into place.

Once all the rollers are placed, leave them in for however long you want. I prefer to put on my makeup and catch up on very important US Weekly reading while waiting, which is give or take 10-20 minutes.

After the allotted time, carefully remove rollers without pulling on the hair. Here’s what the hair looks like directly after. I usually let a couple minutes pass before touching, and then I prefer to flip over, spray a little bit of hairspray and then run my fingers through the curls to separate and smooth.

Voilá! Bouncy, healthy curls that last and last. And remember since these are steam rollers, you don’t need to worry about the effects of heat styling. Truly loving this hairsetter, you guys.

The big question – will the Babyliss Hairsetter be able to hold its own against the Caruso? Click here for the Babyliss post!


hair thursday makeover 91


Meet Danielle.

Danielle’s hair:

Naturally black
Normal condition
Thick and wavy, but can be straightened easily
Willing to spend about 15 minutes styling
Would like to wear it wavy once in awhile
Ready to chop it (woohoooooo!)

From Danielle’s email:

I want easy, but still fun and with a bit of an edge. I don’t want the classic “mom do”….a plain short bob with no fun in it. If it’s not long, then I need it to be different in another way, not just average. My biggest fear with cutting my hair is giving up ‘day 2 hair’…love that I can run a brush through it and go.

Miss Danielle, it’s time to chop chop! Here’s my take on the situation – Danielle’s hair itself is quite pretty, but it really has taken over. Her face is on the small side, so the amount and length of her current hair is really weighing her overall look down.

I love that Danielle is willing to go shorter, as well as being open to a slightly edgier look. Let’s take a look at the options.

(Not this color, of course. Keep that beautifully dark hair dark!)

Option #1 is a great shoulder-length cut that would accent Danielle’s face shape and petite frame. The layered ends give it a nice movement, and would be perfect for wearing wavy. I noticed that Danielle’s hairline naturally parts in the middle, so this look would be super easy for her to achieve.

Option #2 is an edgier bob that would give her the shorter look she wants, but without the dreaded “mom bob” effect. The whole vibe of this style is messy and not perfect, so Danielle could rock the wavy/bedhead look. (Which would be perfect for 2nd day hair!) I also think this length would accent her face shape and long neck beautifully. However, the key to this look is to have her stylist highly texturize the hair. If the hair isn’t properly texturized and thinned out, she will be dealing with bell-shaped hair. Gasp!

What do you all think? Should Danielle go for it with Option #2 or play it a little safer with Option #1? Either way, taking off several inches of her hair will give her the fresh new look she is hoping to achieve. Tell Danielle what you think!