American Apparel Leggings


Before diving into my infant legging spiel, I must tell you that Groupon is doing $25 for $50 worth of merchandise at American Apparel today. What’s that you say? Need to know what you should buy there? Oh! Let me tell you!

So. I am all about little leggings for Wita, but have had the hardest time finding pairs that are:

1. Good colors

2. Solid (as in NO PATTERNS)

3. Without trims involving lace, bows, teddy bears or some shit

Hello, American Apparel! Check out these perfect little numbers.

That’s right. Cute and simple leggings. End of story. (Buy them.)

No kids? Oh well, let me introduce you to this little ditty.

Chambray shirt dress! Although, seriously, WHO OVER THE AGE OF THIRTY IS GOING TO WEAR THIS AS A DRESS??? The thought of me picking Wito up from school in this getup (especially the sheer socks and pumps!) makes me convulse with laughter. And fear. But! Pair this shirt with the Gap skinny cords and some cute ballet flats, annnnd we’ve got a winner.

So, let’s do the math. Buy the Groupon for $25 which gives you $50 bucks at AA and purchase the shirt for $62. So, you are really only paying $37 total for the shirt! (OR 4 pairs of leggings for the price of 2!) Good God, am I a mathematician or what??

(Please prepare yourself for a I Think I’m in Love onslaught over the next month. Holiday shopping gets me in a tizzy.)


Roller Giveaway Winners! (And the Tangled Premiere!)


Whoah! How is it already Tuesday? Oh, I KNOW. I’m a little off because I spent Sunday night at the Tangled premiere as a guest of the Pantene team! I was whisked off to LA early in the afternoon on Sunday and proceeded to spend the day with Pantene celebrity stylist, Danilo, and his team of amazing hair and makeup gurus. (I totally had a Bridgette Bardot moment. Big hair, smoky eyes…I can’t wait to show you.) A proper post will be on its way shortly, but in the meantime, here’s a crappy photo of the red carpet via my iPhone.

(Much better photos to come!)

Enough about that, let’s talk about the winners of the Caruso and Babyliss hairsetters!

The winner of the Caruso Steam Hairsetter is:

#57, Emily!

Annnnd the winner of the Babyliss Hairsetter is:

#31, Christina! (Even though she liked the Caruso better. AND called them “Carson.” Guessing that was an auto-correct issue, and speaking of, have you seen the Damn You, Auto Correct site? HILARIOUS.)

Congratulations, ladies!


Gap Always Skinny Cords


Oh, you guys. I love everything about Gap right now. (By the way, I know it’s “Gap,” but it is so hard not to refer to it as “The Gap.” Wasn’t it called “The Gap” at some point? Am I making this up?) Regardless, there is a 90% probability that each and every daily outfit that I bust out includes something from Gap.

My newest love? These skinny cords. They are PERFECT. Comfy, not too tight, and good for the derriere. I bought the flint gray color yesterday and am going back for the black this afternoon. Especially with the Wednesday/Thursday deals they have been doing this month. Have you received those coupons from the store? Basically, you can get 40% off (45% with a Gap card) on one regularly priced item in the store every Wednesday and Thursday of the month. So, those skinny cords were 32 bones! DUDE! I’m telling you, these Gap peeps are some smarties because even I, Internet Shopper Supreme, will shut my laptop, get off my ass and go into the store for that kind of discount.

Love love love the skinny cords. Love. Do it. (FYI – I went up one size in the cords compared to the denim skinnies. Food for thought.)


The Battle of the Rollers Winner Is…



The Caruso Steam Hairsetter!

*cue trumpet fanfare*

Let me break it down for you. There are 5 reasons why I chose the Caruso Steam Hairsetter over the Babyliss Hot Rollers (or any hot roller, for that matter…)

1. No Heat – no heat means no heat damage. No breakage, no brittle ends, just HEALTHIER HAIR.

2. Easier to use – Since the rollers aren’t piping hot, you can take a little extra time perfecting your roll. I found myself hastily rolling my hair while using the hot rollers because my fingertips felt like hell on earth in the process. With the steam rollers, you can take your time smoothing the hair and being careful not to leave any strands of hair out.

3. Curls last longer – Many of you asked about the lasting quality of the curls and have to say the Caruso curls lasted well into day 2. Now, the volume was definitely turned down on the second day, but my hair still had the wave pattern from the rollers. The Babyliss hot rollers on the second day? Nada. No waves left at all.

4. Takes up less space – When using the Caruso hairsetter, you only need counter space for the steam unit itself, which is much smaller than a traditional hot roller set. Perfect for traveling and smaller bathrooms.

5. Cost – The Caruso rollers are significantly less than the Babyliss! ($40 vs. $60)

You can’t get much better than that, peeps. Am I right?

I also wanted to address some of your questions from the comments.

Do you need salt for the steam rollers? No.

Do the clips make kinks in the hair? Not in my hair, but I can see how they could in super fine hair.

Do the Caruso rollers come in more than one size? Yes, the set comes with 4 sizes. Small, Medium, Large and Jumbo. I use the Jumbo rollers for my hair.

Did you use a product beforehand? Yes, I used Kerastase Nectar Thermique, which is the heat protectant cream I use before blowdrying. However, you could use serums, gels, mousses or whatever your personal hair type needs before rolling.

What did you mean in regards to using the Caruso rollers in the middle of your hair shaft? Here’s a quick video demonstration.

Let me know if you have any other questions about the rollers! I will be happy to answer whatever I can in the comments.