Reason #2,253 Why I Love Her


Just like her mother, she appreciates a well-placed pocket.

Whoah. Where did my hand just go?

Not sure I like this at all.

Although, this could be a wonderful thing. Pockets certainly are functional. I could, you know, put stuff in there. Interesting. Yes, I do believe pockets are growing on me. I like pockets.

CHECK IT. My hand stays hidden, yet I can move it around! Genius! I LOVE POCKETS!

Oh pockets, where have you been all my life?


Lovely Lily


I’m not a huge fan of some of the celebrity ombre looks out there, but Lily Aldridge gets it just right. I love the variation of color without looking too “i’ve grown my roots out for the past 6 months.” Girl crush!


2010 Fall and Winter Hair Trends


Redken Creative Consultant Guido did a LOT of hair at the 2010 Fall/Winter shows this past month. “This season we looked at everything with a different point of view, and took different directions to update iconic styles—everything from ‘60s boho to ‘90s grunge.”

• A great blow-dry is the foundation for any style, including the feminine waves seen at Chloé. To create them, Guido applied velvet gelatine 07 cushioning blow-dry gel, set hair in pin curls, then brushed out the curls to create an airy, full-bodied shape.
• Inspired by French actresses of the 1950s and 60s, the hair at Nina Ricci was modernized with controlled, shaped volume. Key to getting the look: aerate 08 bodifying cream-mousse. Blow-dry into hair, then backcomb at the crown to create extra body. Finish by brushing hair away from the face—let it fall over the “bump” at the crown—and mist on forceful 23 super strength finishing spray.
• The unkempt, 60s-inspired volume at Roberto Cavalli worked perfectly with the collection’s boho influence. Guido relied on rootful 06 root lifting spray to add height to the silhouette, and created loose waves by wrapping sections around an iron.

• The disheveled, wet-look hairstyle at Alexander Wang featured a deep, dramatic side part. For a toned-down take on the look, mist hair with NEW wax blast 10 high-impact finishing spray-wax to enhance texture, part hair on the side, and mist on forceful 23 super strength finishing spray.
• A sexy center part? At Versace, nothing less would do. Guido applied velvet gelatine 07 cushioning blow-dry gel, then set hair in large rollers to create loose, screen-siren waves. Bellissima!
• The sleek ponytail seen at Calvin Klein epitomizes pulled-together glam. Create a deep side part, smooth on glass 01 smoothing serum for a high-shine finish, and secure into a low ponytail. Mist iron silk 07 ultra straightening spray on the tail and flat-iron for a sleek, glossy finish.

• Easy sophistication—“a French, 70s-movie feel”—was the order of the day at Marc Jacobs. Achieving the look couldn’t be simpler: Mist NEW wax blast 10 high-impact finishing spray-wax on dry hair and tousle. For an even more casual feel, borrow a trick from the runway and tuck a few strands into a collar or under a scarf.
• The look at Reed Krakoff’s debut collection was eclectic, and Guido created a nonchalant hairstyle to complement. “Sexy and beautiful” is how he described the look, which he created by misting wool shake 08 gel-slush texturizer on dry hair to bring out natural wave.
• The key to making the most of your hair’s natural assets? Make sure you’re using a haircare regimen appropriate for your hair type. To boost body, try Body Full. For frizz control, choose Smooth Down.

• The updo seen at Prada was a nod to “classic French hairdressing.” Guido used thickening lotion 06 body builder to prep models’ hair, then locked in their full-volume chignons with a generous amount of forceful 23 super-strength finishing spray.
• “At Yves Saint Laurent, we took a classic chignon and modernized it for the design house,” says Guido. How did he manage to give this traditional look a modern touch? Simple—by applying hardwear 16 super strong gel around the hairline to create a lacquer finish.
• The final touch for any sculpted updo: a shine-boosting hairspray. Backstage favorite quick dry 18 instant finishing spray will keep any updo in control with a firm, no-fuss finish.


Errands, Shopping, Swaddles, Missing Teeth and Ass-Kicking


Quite a massive posting lull last week, yes? My mom came to visit the kiddos for three days! Besides enjoying some mother/daughter time, do you know how thrilling it is to run errands with another adult in the car? Not only will your conversations include phrases other than “please don’t throw those raisins on the seat,” and “no really, LET’S PLAY THE QUIET GAME FOR REAL THIS TIME, ” but you can actually LEAVE the kids in the car with said adult while darting in and out of stores. No stroller folding/unfolding, waking up the baby, keeping the toddler in line, etc. GENIUS, I TELL YOU.  Anyone interested in hanging out with me in my car while I run errands during the day?


I’m completely obsessed with these damn Groupon-type websites as of late. $20 off of $40! Salon treatments for half off! Look, I’m saving so much money!

Except that I’m NOT because I wouldn’t be spending in the first place had I not known about these sites. Gah.

(However, $20 off of $40 at The Body Shop! Today only!)

(And $25 for $50 of kids’ merchandise at Shop Zoolu! PEER PRESSURE.)


Wita has been sleeping super long stretches at night since 6 weeks old. I can now tell you this without fearing the jinx because, well, she isn’t anymore. She enjoys going to sleep at 7pm (good!) and waking up at 4am (BAD). What we assumed was a growth spurt starting two weeks ago has either turned into the Longest Growth Spurt Known To Man, or most likely, her newfound ability to shimmy her way out of the swaddle. Our pediatrician recommended de-swaddling Wito around 4 months old (remember the crazed bird arm-flapping?) and wouldn’t you know? Wita will be four months old this week. Damn you, de-swaddling! Damn you for these horrendous circles under my eyes!


I can’t believe I forgot to tell you the details of our trip to Disneyland on the the hottest day in Orange County history. It was a little bit like hell on earth, and we all know how my body reacts to heat. Wita was reminiscent of a hot potato all jammed up in her stroller and Wito was dripping sweat the entire visit. However, believe it or not, the heat was not the star of the story. It turns out while I was nursing Wita at the Baby Center (a visit to the Baby Center is a MUST while visiting Disneyland with small children), Wito pulled out Dangler #2 from last year’s run-in with a steel baker’s rack. It went a little something like this.

leisurely walking through Fantasyland en route to ‘It’s a Small World’ ride

Wito: (nonchalantly) Here, daddy. Hold this.

Wito drops a bloody tooth into D’s palm

D: Uhhhhhhhhhh.

End scene.

Please to enjoy my bloody tooth hole!

Front teeth are really overrated.


I started a month-long bootcamp this morning. Two words. Running Drills.