Janine Jarman, Will You Marry Me?


Sebastian Professional lead stylist Janine Jarman is one of my very favorite hairstylists in the world. I fell in love with her on Shear Genius last season and frequently daydream about sitting in her chair for a couple of hours. In true Janine fashion, she knocked it out of the park at the ELLE Style 360 fashion shows at the Metropolitan Pavilion on September 12-14. It’s not very often that I covet runway hair for my own; it’s usually a tad avant garde for my daily routine, but Janine’s styles for the Walter, Indashio, and Bebe shows left me wanting more more MORE.

Take a look at some of her gorgeous styles from the event!

Indashio Inspiration:

Welcoming the spring/summer ’11 season with fun splashes of bold color, Indashio’s collection brought out the inner artist through sexy silhouettes and fabrics with movement.

The Hair Look:

For big, voluminous hair with a matte finish and funky flair, Janine recommends taking the following steps:
1. Prep hair with Sebastian Professional Thickefy Foam then blow-dry with a round brush, keeping a middle part.
2. Section out hair from brow bone down, spraying each with Sebastian Professional Shine Define and, using a 1” curling iron, wrap-curl hair away from the face.
3. Section out the top mohawk sections of hair and set in large Velcro rollers going back.
4. After setting for about 10 minutes, take rollers down, flip head over and spray hair with a generous amount of Sebastian Professional Shaper Zero Gravity for unkempt, matte texture.
5. Back comb select pieces to add width and volume to the total look and piece out the ends for defined waves. Finish the look with another spritz of Sebastian Professional Shaper Zero Gravity.

Walter Inspiration:
The spring/summer ’11 collection featured pieces that gradually moved from daytime to evening to morning hues, with blues and dark grays running together and fading into lighter, softer colors. Select pieces evoked a subtle nautical influence, nodding to the sheen of the shore and the haze of the coastline.

The Hair Look:
The hair look for Walter complemented the collection without distracting from the multi-layered, built-up garments. Janine crafted a look that was clean, healthy and not overly contrived with a bit of airiness and natural movement.
1. Prep the hair with Sebastian Professional Potion 9 focusing on hydrating the ends for a clean polish.
2. Spray Sebastian Professional Volupt Spray from root to end for natural, touchably soft volume and blow-dry with a paddle brush.
3. Once completely dry, spritz a light amount of Sebastian Professional Trilliant for thermal protection and added shine and flat iron only the ends.
4. Part hair down the middle and then pin front sections of hair behind ears dropping hair over the ears a bit to cover the pins.

Bebe Inspiration:
Like a breath of fresh air, Bebe’s spring/summer ’11 collection called to mind a beachy Brigitte Bardot with a bright glow and creamy hues. The final look was not too literal, but rather healthy and youthful.

The Hair Look:
At Bebe’s spring/summer ’11 fashion show, Janine crafted coifs that were smooth and soft with waves and feathered fringe. Jarman suggests the following tips for recreating this runway look:
1. Run a palm full of Sebastian Professional Mousse Forte through strands from roots to ends. Cocktail with Sebastian Professional Potion 9 to hydrate dry damaged locks and give hair natural, light-weight shine.
2. Blow-dry with a round brush for added volume, applying Sebastian Professional Texturizer to fine hair if additional texture and volume is needed.
3. Set hair in sections with large Velcro rollers, keeping the middle part for a little bit of ‘70s style.
4. Spray with Sebastian Professional Shaper Zero Gravity for feather-light, brushable control and let hair set in rollers for about 15 minutes.
5. Take down rollers and shake out curls; smooth hair to midway and feather pieces away from the face.
6. Curl select pieces with a ¾” curling iron for more erratic texture.


Girls with Glasses


Dear Pumpkin,

A little birdie told me that you might be a little apprehensive about becoming bespectacled.

What? Say it isn’t so!

I know it may seem like a big change right now, but let me assure you that glasses are the coolest. And girls with glasses are the cutest!

And I’d be happy to give any naysayers a-talkin’ to…

Don’t I look intimidating? No? Of course not, because glasses are COOL and CUTE and SASSY and UNIQUE!

Just think. Glasses are the perfect accessory! You can pick the frames that match your super cool and stylish personality! Why, I even know people who wear glasses who don’t even need glasses to see! They just want to look cool and cute and sassy and unique too!

Am I right, my fellow girls with glasses? Show Pumpkin how great you look in YOUR glasses over here!

I can’t wait to see your new look, Pumpkin! You will rock those glasses!




Ombre Mania


I wasn’t sure when I last wrote about the ombre trend if it would last much longer. Still seems to be going strong, though. Take a look at some of the celebrities sporting this trend. What do you think of it?

Credit: © Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images c/o Daily Makeover


You Like Me! You Really Like Me!


I am so freaking excited to announce that Whoorl and Hair Thursday won Best Personal/Family Blog and Best Shopping/Beauty Blog at the Just Spotted Orange County Blog Awards Party last night! I was totally shocked…in fact, they had to call out ‘whoorl’ a few times before it registered in my post-partum, pea-sized brain. A huge THANKS to all of you who voted! You made my night! However, don’t worry; my short stint with a big head lasted all of 30 minutes. Shall I elaborate?

My fellow blogging compadres Tera and Christina invited me to grab a margarita after the awards party to which I responded with a bit of drool dribbling from the side of my mouth. (I guess that means yes.) On the way to the restaurant, I called D to tell him the news.

D: Hello?


D: That’s great! So great………um, Wito has diarrhea.

Me: Not so happy. Not so excited. Not so King of the World.

D: Sorry, sweets.

Me: Hrmph.

D assured me that everything was fine (p.s. – believe it or not, this is Wito’s very first gastrointestinal issue in his 4 years of living, so we are totally novices in the barf/diarrhea department) and to have a good time. So I enjoyed my dinner and Celebratory Margarita™ sans kids. It was quite relaxing, I must admit.

I returned home around 10pm to a quiet house and busted out a brief performance art-based “I’m a WINNER” jig around my living room before retiring to bed. This girl was ready to saw some happy logs! And that’s when Wita, my perfectly consistent 8:30pm to 6:30am angel of a sleeper, decided to wake up at 11pm. And 3:30am. And 6:30am.

I now sit here with a 4-year-old diarrhea patient who is begging me to drink milk (NOOOOOOOO) and a spaced-out 11-week-old who is 3 hours away from receiving her first round of immunizations.


(But you like me! You really like me! Thanks again, all!)