Tucker for Target at Gilt


See these blouses?

I can’t control the drool coming out of my mouth when I see Tucker blouses. Unfortunately, they cost a trillion dollars ($264) and I can’t rationalize purchasing one.

Turns out Tucker is the newest designer to join forces with Target! This could be HUGE, people.

That’s not all! Gilt (my very very very favorite shopping website in the whole wide world but you already know that since I never stop writing about it) is having a Tucker preview sale (as well as John Derian and Mulberry) this Friday at 9am PST. It could be the greatest sale ever.

You should check it out. Here’s a free invite to Gilt if you aren’t already a member.

(Come to think of it, DON’T check it out. More stuff for me to buy.)


Yo, Breastfeeding Runners! I’m Perplexed!


Feel free to answer one or many of these questions.

1. How do you hold those suckers down? Suckers…Heh.

2. What kind of sports bra works best? Do you double up?

3. Do you wear breast pads? (Obviously you need to wear breast pads, right?)

4. Do you feed/pump right before a run?

5. Any wisdom you feel you need to share?

As you can see, I need answers. I’m about to construct a running bra made of overnight maxi pads and industrial duct tape.



Gap Gift Card Winner!


Congratulations to #123, Heather!

Your Gap Jeans gift card will be on the way shortly!!


The Perfect Hair For Your Face Shape


Face Shape Quiz

Is your hair styled in the most flattering way possible for your face shape? Do you know what shape your face is? Take this simple, four question quiz to find out if your face is square like Jennifer Aniston’s, heart-shaped like Rihanna’s, oval like Beyonce’s or round like Cameron Diaz’s.

Then, learn which cuts and styles to avoid depending on your face shape and hair type and get special tips to highlight your best features.

Take the quiz now!