Wito, 8 weeks.

Wita, 8 weeks.


My Thoughts on Infant Hair Accessories


From what I gather, some people don’t take too well to their offspring being identified as the opposite sex. I happen to think most infants look rather unisex, so this issue has never bothered me personally. Why, just a couple of weeks ago, a lady referred to Wito as a girl. HE IS FOUR. (What can I say? He’s purdy.) However, it seems that the baby-girl-being-called-a-boy thing is a much more prominent point of contention.

This must be why so many parents put horrific bow-type headbands on newborn girls. Look at meeee! I’m a girl! SEE MY PINK FLUFFY BOW??? Here’s what I’m thinking. If you don’t possess hair, you probably don’t need a hair accessory. Additionally, if a hair accessory needs to be attached with tape or velcro, you might want to reevaluate your decision-making process. Here, let me help you!

A headband to hold hair back and/or accentuate a hairstyle? GOOD.

A headband to cut off blood supply to a 3-month-old’s bald noggin? BAD.

(I feel strongly on the matter.)

(And don’t get me started on shooting stainless steel studs through a baby girl’s ears. GAH.)


The Greatest Gift


When we were preparing for Wito’s arrival, my very generous parents wanted to buy us something special for the baby. We decided on a lovely green Bugaboo which, although falling out of favor during Wito’s 3rd and 4th years for the much lighter Maclaren Volo, has made a huge resurgence with #2, Wita. Frankly, I can’t live without the Bugaboo/Graco car seat adapter bizness, considering Wita logs molto hours napping while being toted around the city.

Several times during this last pregnancy, my mom would ask (to no avail) what we would like for Wita’s gift. You know how it goes with subsequent children…you pretty much have everything you need…don’t have room for more stuff…blahdeedah. I couldn’t think of anything. When Wita was born, by our own account, we were still giftless.

Enter my parents’ most genius gift idea yet. They hired Wito’s former nanny (from when I was still working as a pharmaceutical sales rep) to work for me for 4 hours every day for 2 weeks. 4 hours! Every day! For 2 weeks! It was bliss. Bliss, I tell you! Mainly, her job was to keep Wito occupied while my little one continued her quest for The Longest Nursing Bender Ever.

(She’s still on that quest.)

(Seriously. She likes to nurse. Like All The Time. Wito was a huge eater; let me remind you that the boy nearly doubled his birth weight from 6lbs, 11oz to 11lbs, 15oz IN 6 WEEKS, but he was an efficient one. 5 minutes on each side, over and out. Dunzo. This little girl likes to eat a little, sleep a little, eat a little, sleep a little and her favorite daily activity, flicking my nipple in and out of her mouth at an extremely rapid rate. And as benign/tantalizing/interesting as that might sound to non-experienced breastfeeders, it is not any of those adjectives. Try MOTHEREFFING PAINFUL.)

Enough with the nipple talk. (My father is thanking Jesus right now.) The nanny! Well, it was wonderful. She helped with errands and Wito’s activities while I dealt with the precious leech. She even watched over the baby while I paid very close attention to the incredibly buff water polo players, er, I mean Wito, during his swimming lessons at the local high school.

Sad to say that her final day was last Friday and I’m on my own. This turn of events probably explains why my son is entering Hour 2 of Meteor and The Monster Trucks games on my computer and Wita is still in her car seat on the kitchen floor from the errands I ran over two hours ago. (Oh, relax. She’s sleeping in there. I mean, last time I checked she was.)

Thank you, mom and dad. You are the greatest. (And now you know what to get me for every remaining birthday and Christmas gift until the kids are in college.)


Avon Lotus Shield Video Review


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As for the video, please excuse my slight sleep deprivation. (But I put makeup on for the first time in weeks! Bravo, self!)

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