37 Weeks — The Name Remains a Mystery!


*While many of you guessed the middle name correctly, I must say that no one guessed MO’s first name in the comments, on Twitter or in the emails I received. BWAHAHAAAAA, it is a mystery of epic proportions! I HOLD THE POWER.

*My back labor has eased up substantially, which is good and bad. Good? Well, obviously, I feel better. Bad? Why in the hell did I pack my hospital bag? I mean, the baby is Never Going to ARRIIIIIIIIIVE. Let’s all feel sorry for me right now.

*We had a 37-week ultrasound yesterday and for a brief, fleeting moment, MO pulled her hands out of her mouth to show us her little profile. Wito was in the room with us and yelled, “It’s the Baby Bean show!!” (We also call her Baby Bean around the house. Whoorlita, MO, Baby Bean…we welcome confusion.) Here she is:

Annnnnd, hands back in mouth.

*I am having these massive energy spurts at 11pm while everyone else snoozes in our dark house. Last night, I poked around Wito’s room for a good 15 minutes while he slept until I realized I was being sort of creepy.

*We are in the thick of June Gloom out here, which is only making my antsy mood worse. Can’t sleep! Baby will never come! Restless legs! The world is ending!

Tell me something good. I am seriously funkafied right now.




1. That whole tweaking my back thing? Well well well. Turns out it’s back labor and I have one well-deserving word in regards to that. FUCK.

2. It seems buying shoes that I won’t be able to wear for several months is the only remedy currently working for me. Hence, these.

(Thanks to Alice for the heads up.)

Couldn’t decide between the red stripe and navy stripe, but navy won over when I considered my regular TOMS are red. See! I am still capable of rational decision-making, even when the shooting pains in my lower back make me involuntarily jerk, gasp and weep!

3. Speaking of Alice, she is also quite a fan of Anthony Bourdain. (Can’t wait to read Medium Raw.) I adore his writing, so if you click on any link today, please click this one. I’m telling you, if you have a child who watches the Noggin Channel, this blog post of his will have you rolling on the floor. Bourdain wrote it last summer, but I am sure to revisit it once or twice a month. Genius.

4. You know how you tie a scarf by making a loop and pulling the ends through? And how sometimes it leaves a large clump that doesn’t lay flat across your chest? Check out this alternate way of tying that leaves the scarf hanging completely flat. Again, GENIUS.

5. Did I mention that I love scarves and wear them daily? I will be telling you more about this borderline obsession when I put together my All-Encompassing Maternity Wear post. It’s everything you need to look stylish and put together throughout the lovely gestational period. (And it really doesn’t involve too much!)

6. Finally, I will leave you with some Gilt purchases for little Whoorlita. (Whose official first and second initials are MO. Anyone care to take a guess? No one has nailed it yet!)

Seriously, ladies. If you aren’t shopping for your little ones on Gilt yet, YOU CRAZY.

All Egg by Susan Lazar


Hi! I’m a Cripple!


Leaving the OB’s office this morning, I somehow tweaked my lower back while climbing into the car. (1 cm dilated, 50% effaced!)

I then proceeded to go grocery shopping. Because I’m smart.

When the Very Helpful Grocery Bagger asked me eleventy billion times if I would like assistance to my car, I declined over and over again. Because I’m smart.

As you can guess, I aggravated my back somethin’ FIERCE while loading my car with said groceries. My back is not happy and I pretty much can’t move.

Since mainlining painkillers (or even Ibuprofen) isn’t in the cards for me, any sage advice for lower back pain relief?

Oh and guess what? I’m 9 months pregnant!

(Taken this past weekend or as I like to call it, the Pre-Crippled Days. Oh, to stand without wincing….)