30 Weeks – Belly Goes Pop!


I may be a late bloomer, but there’s no mistaking now that a little girl will be here soon. Let’s celebrate by eating a pint of Trader Joe’s Mint Chip Ice Cream!

(To all my fellow Peppermint Ice Cream lovers who live thousands of miles away from an actual Braum’s store, this Mint Chip ice cream from Trader Joe’s has an incredibly similar flavor. There aren’t actual peppermint pieces in the Mint Chip, but that wasn’t my favorite part of the Braum’s version anyway. It’s damn good, is all I’m sayin’.)

(Did I just write an entire paragraph about ice cream? How NOVEL, considering my current state.)


hair thursday makeover 85


Hannah has a hair dilemma.

I cut off about 10 inches of hair last year (Locks of Love), and I got it cut into the Audrey Tautou bob that you recommended for another woman with wavy hair. I really liked it, but I haven’t cut it at all in a year, and now it’s in that dreadful sort of in-between-styles sort of phase. I’m 19, and I just haven’t really found the right style for my hair yet. I’m really indecisive about my hair, so I’d love to hear any advice you have!

Hannah’s hair:

Dark blonde with natural golden tones
Never been colored
Normal condition, wavy and medium thickness
Wash-n-go on the weekdays, but loves to style on the weekends
Would love to accentuate her waves and give them staying power
Willing to try any length
Uses a little frizz serum in the summer or heat protectant when straightening it
Has tried using mousse and/or light gel to help hold the waves

I love the girls that want to embrace the curls. Let’s get to it.

First off, Hannah, at some point in your lustrous hair’s life, I would love to see this color on you.

Credit: © Steve Granitz/WireImage.com

Adding a little red would be incredible. HOWEVER, summer is coming up and if you didn’t know, RED FADES. I don’t think now is the time to do it, but definitely keep it in mind for the future. For now? Bask in your golden tresses, my dear!

As for the cut, take a look at these options.

I am loving Option #1. Here’s why. Hannah recently had her hair cut in a shorter bob and with summer coming up, I think a longer, sexy beachy wavy vibe is in order. Plus, she’s nineteen! Now, I could be wrong, but I am willing to bet that Hannah and I have very similar hair traits. One of those being that the longer my hair gets, the wavier it becomes. I think Hannah needs to trim the ends and add very light layering throughout to give her waves great bounce and definition.

Also, rocking a center part with her waves would give Hannah a totally different look. I can tell by her photo that she’s been wearing that part for quite awhile, so it might involve some new training, but a center part will really accent Hannah’s waves on both sides of her face and give her that summery, wavy vibe she is craving. Also, she should have her stylist layer around her face so that the long layers sweep over the outer corners of her forehead, like in Hayden’s photo.

Now, Option #2 is a great one as well. Hannah did say she liked her shorter bob from a year ago. However, instead of a center part, Hannah could cut longer sideswept bangs which would sweep across her forehead for a flirty look. My only beef is that her cowlick might not want to cooperate. Hmmm. Decisions.

As for making her waves the best they can be, Hannah definitely needs to try my Beachy Waves Tutorial. As for products, the David Babaii Wave Spray would work well, but I’m also partial to Pureology Real Curl Cream, Redken Soft Spin Curl-Enhancing Gel, Avon Advance Techniques Volumizing Mousse and Bumble and bumble Curl Conscious Creme . (Trust me, I’ve tried everything out there. I’m a Authentic Wave Expert!)

Tell Hannah what you think!


Who Needs Baby Gear When You Possess These Treasures?


Well, you guys are just full of great insight these days. (And D would like to thank the 12% of you who had his back on the marriage poll. heh) A huge thanks for all of the great advice last week regarding Wita’s sleeping arrangements for the first couple of months. Not only did you help me to make a purchase, but you actually changed my mind. (Which is next to impossible. Truly.) To be honest, I was all but french kissing the Cariboo Bassinet at the time I wrote that post. I was 98% sold on the product, regardless of cost, but figured I would post about my dilemma just for the hell of it.


However, we will return to that subject shortly.

This past weekend was spent cleaning and arranging our garage to make room for both of our cars. In the past, D (aka the “Mid Century Modern Hoarder“) has housed many of his goodies in the garage, thus leaving room for only one vehicle. This has secretly driven me batty, for I can’t stand clutter, stacks, or any shit lying around that is not being actively used.

Within days of moving to our new neighborhood, we found out that our Homeowners Association will not allow vehicles on the street. The only way you can keep a car in the street permanently is if you own three cars, at which point you must actually PHOTOGRAPH two cars in the garage before requesting a permit. Naturally, this news was rather disappointing to D, but for me? IT WAS THE BEST NEWS OF MY LIFE. D was being forced to clean out his “treasures!” HAHAHAHAA HALLELUJAH.

Although D had to do most of the rearranging and cleaning, don’t think for a second that I didn’t sit out there watching him like a hawk the entire time. “Are you trying to hide that box of CDs from 1991?”, “Do you really need 49 wooden frames?” and “Do you envision yourself actively using that 8-foot-long wooden Hungarian spatula in the immediate future?” were common questions coming out of my mouth over the course of the past 48 hours.

However! It got me thinking. Who needs a bunch of new baby gear when I can use some of D’s treasures instead?

Take this lovely basket.

Forget using a Bjorn, wrap or ring sling…just pop your tiny infant into this bad boy and call it a day!

Ooooh, so comfortable. Don’t worry if your newborn starts crying while stuffed in there, those are just tears of joy.

Got an early 20th century dough bowl lying around the house? Hell, WHO DOESN’T?

Helloooo! Perfect baby bed! Concerned about splinters? Just throw some bubble wrap in there and you’re good to go.

Look at the happiness exuding from Louise the Chicken! She loves her new baby bed!

As much as the dough bowl baby bed warmed my heart, I did end up buying the Arms Reach Mini Co-Sleeper due to some incredibly convincing comments and emails from you all. And once again, this purchase truly confirms what I’ve known all along. A parental tagline of sorts…


I’m dealing with it.


Spring Hair Trends — Bohemian Ballerina


Tippi Shorter, Avon Global Stylist Advisor, has worked with some of the top celebrity and fashion elite to create simple, girly spring styles that any woman could wear on the runway or a casual spring day. Whether you’re creating an updo for a wedding or simply want to give your locks a chic seasonal makeover, Tippi totally knows the tricks to creating this season’s top trends.

I’ll be featuring some of my favorite trends over the next few days!