Gone Style: Katya’s Five Minute Makeover


I am having such a fun time creating these videos with Rebecca and Josie. Enjoy the second installment!!

Interested in getting Gone Styled? Email Rebecca at gonestylemakeover (at) gmail (dot) com and we’ll hook it up!




This photo is a perfect capture of the majority of my past week. Unfortunately, after a full investigation, our new home is riddled with mold and therefore, unlivable for our standards.

We are currently staying 30 minutes south of our old neighborhood with my cousin who has generously opened his home to our family, and my days have consisted of multiple trips back and forth between towns in an attempt to keep Wito’s school and playdate schedule intact. My car and my very pregnant belly have become quite close.

Newsflash. Not having a home is the pits. I miss my bed, I miss my routine, I miss my neighborhood and I miss not feeling completely reliant on others for a roof over my head.

Hopefully we will find a new and wonderful home very soon. Onward ho!