Homeless No Longer


I’m happy to report for my 600th whoorl post that we have a home. Hooray!

Not only do we have a home, but we have unpacked all but 9 remaining cardboard boxes. (Which D is working on this very minute.) Our new place couldn’t be any more different than the mid-60s post-and-beam, but you know what? We’re okay with that.

I’m especially okay with the fact that I now have a walk-in closet with enough room to hang all of my necklaces and scarves.

It’s the little things, folks.


Lovely Locks — Demi Moore


I just received my new C Magazine in the mail yesterday and this cover photo of Demi Moore totally knocked the wind out of me.

Look at the woman.

SERIOUSLY, LOOK AT THAT WOMAN. She’s 46, for God’s sake! Gorgeous.

I’m totally going to track her down on Twitter and find out all of her hair secrets. The world must know!

(So, uh, hey. I know the makeovers have been few and far between lately, but the past month has been a doozy. Promise to catch up in April!)


Pick Jan’s Next Hairstyle!


You remember Jan, right?

If you didn’t check out Hair Junky’s website the first time around, Jan is styling her hair differently every day in March before she chops it off at the end of the month. She has rocked all sorts of styles so far, but here’s your chance to tell her what she should do next. Awww yeah, that’s right…Hair Thursday readers will get their say.

So! Here are three potential hairstyles for Jan picked by yours truly. Take a gander and vote on which one you think Jan should bust out next week. (Voting closes on this Friday the 26th at 6pm PST.)

#1 – Victory Rolls

#2 – The wavy faux bob updo

#3 – Bohemian braids with loose waves

So, what do you think?


Oh! How could I forget? Rachelle at Hair Junky is giving away a Hai Stylemate Ionic Travel Dryer. Hop on over to her website and enter to win one of those bad boys pronto!


Update — Caroline’s Bridal Hair


I am SO THRILLED to receive Caroline’s update from last year’s bridal hair post.

(If you are walking down the aisle soon, this post from last year has tons of hair options!)

Caroline’s before photos:

After considering the options, I decided that this hairstyle would be perfect for her taste and style.

And here is Caroline’s wedding day look.

From Caroline’s email:

Hi Sarah,
Here are a few photos from my wedding.  I followed your advice and people loved my hair.  I am sorry that it has taken me MONTHS to get these to you.  The best excuse I can come up with is I’m now nine months pregnant (12 days from my due date) and things have been a wee bit busy around here.  My next suggestion for a post? The best styles for post-partum.  Or am I kidding myself and need to succumb to the daily pony tail?  Seriously though, I’d love to hear how you handled your hair in the early days with your son and any coping strategies you can offer.
Congratulations on your pregnancy and keep up the great work on Hair Thursday,

Thanks, Caroline! I honestly don’t think that you could have looked any more lovely. Congratulations on your pregnancy and I’ll be addressing the whole “postpartum mom hair” issue here on Hair Thursday very soon.