Packing and a Hot Makeover


1. You all. I feel as though I will never stop unpacking. Whenever I tell myself that YES INDEED THAT DAY WILL COME, the angsty lyric “never ever ever ever, don’t you even think it” plays in a loop throughout my brain. (At the end of “Joe Lies.” In Say Anything! Duh.) Here is a snapshot of the one room I FEEL as though I’ve spent days on.

This is probably the most organized room in the house as of 2:46pm PST.

(Long ass sigh.)

2. Since I will undoubtedly be huffing cardboard for the remainder of the week, please enjoy a new video series entitled Gone Style’s Five Minute Makeover. (Then you can explain to me how I got so lucky as to work with Rebecca Woolf and Josie Maran because, well, DUDE.)


Gone Style: Five Minute Makeover!


Hey laaaadies! I’m joining forces with Rebecca Woolf and Josie Maran to bring you a new video series entitled Gone Style’s Five Minute Makeover. Check out the first episode!

(Want a head-to-toe makeover? Check out Rebecca’s post with all the details. More coming soon!)


On the Next Episode of Hoarders


While helping to empty out her husband’s storage unit, a wife makes the startling realization of just HOW MUCH mid-century furniture, accessories, objects and art he has been “collecting” over the past several years.

The perpetrator unloading the third of eleventy million cartloads.


Moving Right Along


We’re moving in 5 days.

This is the extent of my packing. Good progress, right?