If I divulge my fave new lip gloss, will you forgive the sporadic posting?


So sorry for the lack of posting over the past two weeks! We’re knee deep in a ton of non-internet stuff right now, but hopefully things will be back on track next week.

In the meantime, might I tell you about my newest lip gloss purchase?

NARS lip gloss in Risky Business. A beautiful shimmering pinkish berry. (It’s described as a “shimmering berry red,” but I don’t get any sort of red vibe from it.) Perfect for every day paired with Estee Lauder automatic lip pencil in Fig.

Also, it’s official. I can NOT deal with eye or lip pencils that I must sharpen myself, for I am Pencil Sharpening Challenged. Automatic all the way, ladies.


Knee Deep


Happy New Year! Uhhhh, we’re currently knee-deep in some house hunting biznass and it has completely CONSUMED our every thought.

Be back shortly!